What is cartomancy?

What is cartomancy?

What is cartomancy? In the course of a lifetime, a person may need to consult a medium. These professionals usually practice their art with the help of a divination tool such as Tarot cards. Making predictions based on card draws is called cartomancy. When this reading of the future uses Tarot cards, it is called tarology. To get answers, contacting a tarot reader is recommended.

The origins of cartomancy in the UK: the art of interpreting cards

Cartomancy is not a very old divinatory art. Divinatory practices using decks of cards had their golden age in the 18th century. Today, a person who wants to know their future is turning more to the field of tarology.

Cartomancy, a divinatory art

Cartomancy is a very popular divinatory art in the Western world. Its practice developed during the Enlightenment. To predict the future, specialists use three types of decks of cards. Ordinary decks, decks devised for clairvoyance, and Tarot cards.

Reading the future in tarot cards

Tarot arrived in France in 1781 through a Freemason: Antoine Gebelin. The man had a passion for Egyptian hieroglyphics, which he seemed to find in the images of this deck. Tarology became a variant of cartomancy. The interpretation of card draws was theorised by famous readers such as Etteilla in 1760.

The practice of a cartomancy session

Each Tarot card has a particular meaning. Colours, symbols, and order of appearance influence the prediction. Each card is placed face up on the table in a specific arrangement. The fortune teller then interprets the spread. The left hand chooses the cards always from the left and leaves nothing to chance.

Today, it is possible to call upon an online consultant. The Tarot cards are virtual, but the session takes place like a traditional consultation. A person can approach an Advisor to find out about their future or an aspect of their personality.

The various practices of cartomancy

There are several variants of cartomancy, such as tarology. In the 18th century, the Marseilles Tarot was born, followed by the Belline oracle and the Mademoiselle Lenormand deck.

The field of tarology with the Marseilles Tarot

The Marseilles Tarot has its origins in 15th century Italy. It consists of a series of coloured allegorical Latin cards. This deck influenced the creation of the Besancon Tarot and the Belgian Tarots decks. The arcana of the Marseilles Tarot cards are the most important cards. The figures of Justice, the Fool, and Temperance are well known.

Getting answers with the Belline oracle

The Belline oracle was created in the 20th century by reader Marcel Belline. His very famous predictions can be found in Le Nouvel Observateur and Le Figaro. This deck is designed to serve the art of clairvoyance. The answer obtained from the interpretation of a card is called an oracle. Each card has a main design and a planet symbol.

The Marie-Anne Lenormand decks of cards

In the Age of Enlightenment,Marie-Anne-Adelaide de Lenormand was interested in divination. This bookseller trained with a fortune teller before opening her clairvoyance studio. She saw numerous important people there for consultations throughout her life. She used two decks of cards for her pulls: one with 54 cards and the other with 32.

Cartomancy is a very popular clairvoyance technique today. It is possible to learn how to interpret draws yourself, but contacting a professional is recommended. Online or in person, the Advisor's sessions are always useful.

The world of divinatory arts is so vast that it is not easy to find your way around. To help you choose a practice, check out these other topics:

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