Experts in the clairvoyant free consultation from TheCircle

In a free clairvoyant consultation you get the opportunity to find out what life has in store for you.
Because clairvoyance is a phenomenon with which an otherwise hidden view into the future becomes possible.

In a clairvoyant consultation, those seeking advice receive answers to questions about love, partnership, family or job and finances. The experienced clairvoyants from TheCircle have a lot of experience and with their answers they offer solutions to a wide range of problems. In a first free clairvoyant consultation, the possibilities of spiritual life coaching can be tested without obligation and without risk.

Clairvoyance: Making contact with the spiritual world

People have always wanted to know what awaits them in the future. This applies to all cultures on earth. Accordingly, many and different practices have emerged in the different ages. In pre-Christian times, for example, prophecy about oil, the so-called lecamancy, was practiced and oneiromancy was used to try to interpret warning dreams. It was only much later that the crystal ball was used as a tool for looking into what was otherwise hidden. Regardless of the method, clairvoyance is a way of making contact with spiritual worlds and thereby getting answers to questions.

What is clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is the ability to receive messages from the spiritual world. These visions not only concern the future, but can also refer to the present or the past. It requires a special experience and a strong connection to the spiritual side. This is the only way clairvoyants can work out the relevant details from this information and make them available as answers to those seeking advice.

Clairvoyants as important predictors of the future

In the history of mankind there have been many famous clairvoyants who, as futurists, made astonishing statements about the future. These included the fortune teller Baba Wanga, Joan of Arc and Nostradamus. These and other personalities became particularly well known because they could foretell devastating and great events. In addition, there are many more experts in this field who have spiritual abilities. They offer clairvoyance free of charge online or on the phone and can interpret the future for those seeking advice. Basically, the gift should lie in every human being. However, this special sensitivity must be trained. This requires a high degree of empathy and trust in one's own abilities. But this is often lost nowadays. Many people only want to stick to what they can hold and see for themselves. Clairvoyants have not lost contact with the spiritual world and know through experience how to use their skills in a targeted manner to receive messages.

How does counsellor clairvoyance work?

Clairvoyant people are able to receive images and visions of the future by focusing on universal energies. Because in the spiritual realm we assume that the universe has all the answers. It takes psychics who have the ability to recognize these messages and put them in the right context. Accordingly, it can prove difficult for laypeople in this field to interpret the messages. The experienced clairvoyants from TheCircle have the necessary experience. They also have a high degree of empathy to correctly classify and interpret the messages they receive within the Psychic consultation.

Clairvoyant advice with tools

In a free talk about clairvoyance, the professional advisors usually use tools.
These serve to intensify the skills. These tools include, for example:

  • glass balls
  • runes
  • pendulum
  • fortune telling cards

For example, Tarot cards, gypsy cards or Lenormand cards are suitable for reading cards. These and other aids can serve as a medium in the clairvoyant free talk. They are elements between the spiritual world and the clairvoyant advisor. The messages from this world become visible through this medium. On the other hand, these means make it easier to illustrate the answers and messages to those seeking advice. This makes it easier for them to understand the messages and use them in their own lives as part of clairvoyant counselling.

Clairvoyance is also possible without aids. A clairvoyant consultation can also take place without aids. In order to establish a connection to the spiritual world, they merely touch the hands of the person seeking advice or alternatively an object. However, unaided clairvoyance does not necessarily require physical contact. Just by looking at a photo or hearing the voice, some counsellors are able to receive answers for those seeking advice. Free clairvoyance on the phone can therefore also take place without aids.

What questions can clairvoyants answer for me?

As part of a clairvoyant consultation, TheCircle customers receive answers to their questions. These are often questions about topics such as love and partnership, finances or you want to know how things are going professionally:

In addition to questions about specific life topics, many use clairvoyance online for free to find out whether the future holds happiness or sorrow. They want to know what challenges they face and what they still have to overcome in life. Thus, the free talk in clairvoyance is often used for life advice.

How do professional clairvoyants help me in counselling?

In the first clairvoyant free consultation, those seeking advice can ask their questions and are guided through the entire consultation by the professional advisor.

Free clairvoyance on the phone is available as well as via chat. In both cases, those seeking advice can be sure that the free clairvoyance talk will take place in a protected environment. This creates the necessary basis for confidential questions.
The first clairvoyant free consultation serves to get to know each other and gives those seeking advice the opportunity to try out this type of life coaching without obligation. By registering, TheCircle customers do not take any risks. Because no subscription is taken out, which does not automatically result in additional costs. The costs for subsequent consultations are displayed for each consultant.

Free phone call or clairvoyance online chat

Many people seeking advice opt for clairvoyance over the phone for a free call. The consultant can be selected for this purpose.
In a face-to-face conversation on the phone, it is particularly easy for them to ask personal questions. After an initial free call, the experts are happy to see further in further discussions. These are billed per minute.

Many TheCircle consultants are not only available to customers for free clairvoyance on the phone, but also online via chat. This gives them the opportunity to ask the questions on the go. The process in the chat can be compared to that of a telephone consultation. Questions can also be asked freely in the chat and inquiries are possible. After a first free conversation in clairvoyance via chat, billing takes place per minute, as with telephone advice.

What are the advantages of consulting with TheCircle?

The spiritual advisors at TheCircle have a lot of experience in clairvoyance. They are familiar with the signs of the spiritual world. Therefore, they know how to interpret the images and symbols that are revealed to them in clairvoyant counselling.

TheCircle customers can freely choose an expert for the clairvoyant free call. The expert directory is freely accessible and offers insights into the skills of the respective consultant. Reviews from other customers make it easier to choose.
New customers benefit from a clairvoyant free call
New customers of TheCircle can use a clairvoyant free call for the first consultation.

This will be made available to you after a non-binding registration. You can take advantage of the free call-in clairvoyance by telephone. Alternatively, there is the possibility of using the consultation on clairvoyance online free of charge. The first consultation is limited to 15 minutes by phone and online chat. This limitation gives new customers the security that no costs will arise the first time they contact them.

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