Customer Frequently Asked Questions

What is TheCircle?

TheCircle is an online live advice platform where users are able to browse through multiple selections of spiritual Advisors.

With a wide range of specialties, TheCircle Advisors propose their services (psychic readings, financial outlook, love and relationships, tarot readings, life questions, spiritual readings, psychic mediums, etc.) to users by phone or chat

How can I register and benefit from the first free consultation?

To have your first free consultation, simply click on the “Registration” button and enter the required data.

Registration is necessary in order to enter your data (e.g., telephone number), which will enable you to use the service.

Once you have completed your registration, you will be offered a bonus of £5

To make your first free consultation, choose one of our available Advisors and click on the “Free Call” button.

After confirming, you will immediately receive a call to the phone number you entered during registration.

Registration and the call are completely free of charge.

Your telephone number remains confidential.

Consultation stops automatically when your welcome bonus runs out.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us on 0808 168 6337or by email

[email protected]

Are there any fixed cost or subscription?

No! You only pay for the consultations that you have. Your first five minute phone consultation is free.

All other TheCircle services (e.g., weekly Horoscope) are free

What do I do if I have forgotten my login information?

By clicking on “Lost your password”, you will receive an email to reset your password

How much does a consultation cost?

The first five-minute phone consultation is free.

Each Advisor has their own tariff per minute shown on their profile.

£0.30/minute extra fee for calls on mobile phone.

You can benefit from a special tariff of £0.99 for your first paying consultation and 50% bonus on your first top-up (£20+10, £30+15, £50+25)

For example, if you top up £20, you will have a £10 bonus to enjoy a 30-minute consultation by phone or chat

How Can I have a paid consultation

You can top up your TheCircle account by fixed amounts: £35, £50, £100.

Calls interrupts when your credit runs out.

You can alternatively launch your consultation by pay-per-use. A preauthorization of £99 may be asked by your card

How can I rate an Advisor?

You can rate an Advisor trough “My Consultations” in your TheCircle account

You can leave a review for any 9-minute paying consultation you had and even for you first 5-minute free consultation within 30 days.

How can I receive the weekly TheCircle Horoscope?

On “Manage my emails” in your account you can decide which emails (Horoscope, Promotions, personal message from your Advisors, etc.) you would like to receive from TheCircle

How can I manage TheCircle emails?

On “Manage my emails” in your account you can opt in or opt out of any email from TheCircle (Horoscope, Promotions, personal message from your Advisors, etc.)

You can also contact us on 0808 168 6337or by email [email protected]

Shall I receive advertisements on my phone/email?

You will only receive free communications from TheCircle, like weekly horoscope or promotions.

On “Manage my emails” in your account you can opt in or opt out of any email from TheCircle (Horoscope, Promotions, personal message from your Advisors, etc.)

You can also contact us on 0808 168 6337or by email [email protected]


Who can see my personal information?

All your data on TheCircle remains confidential.

No personal data (name, email, phone, etc.) is shared with other sites or companies or social networks (e.g. Facebook).

The only data Advisors can see is your nickname and date of birth you entered during registration

Who are the Advisors?

TheCircle Advisors are a selected number of individual experts in a wide range of specialties (psychic readings, financial outlook, love and relationships, tarot readings, life questions, spiritual readings, psychic mediums, etc.), proposing their services by phone or chat consultation

Who can become an Advisor?

Anyone with psychic capabilities or a natural gift, a good professional experience and human touch can apply to become an Advisor

How can I unsubscribe from TheCircle?

You can unsubscribe from TheCircle on “Cancellation” in your TheCircle account

You can also contact us on 0808 168 6337or by email [email protected]

I cannot find reply to my question

From any question, you can contact us on 0808 168 6337or by email [email protected]

Most recent client reviews
  • On 25 September 2023, Johnny consulted Pippa Jo
    Pippa has been reading for me for some years now now and just been able to catch up with Pippa and such a Lovely and positive reading. Thank you Pippa and all the very best to you. x

  • On 24 September 2023, I1952 consulted Pippa Jo
    Always quick, insightful and clear. Thank you Pippa

  • On 21 September 2023, Eileen consulted Elaine R
    I have chatted with Elaine R many times over the year and have found her to be excellent. I am keeping my fingers crossed that her prediction comes true. Thanks again. X

  • On 21 September 2023, Circle11983418 consulted Allan
    Thank you Allan, I just needed to to tell me that it will be ok. Thank you x

  • On 20 September 2023, Circle11150728 consulted Allan
    Sonething I needed to see came into fruition today. Of course Alan has said it and stuck to his feelings on it. Amazing skills. Tick ✅ it feels pretty good from where I’m standing to. Going forward next lol xxx

  • On 20 September 2023, G**** consulted Allan
    Thanks again Allan. It has been at times a bumpy ride. You help me regain calm. I hope things change for the better soon. Thanks again!

  • On 20 September 2023, Circle11150728 consulted Allan
    You’ve stood by my side for many years. You’ve given me so much support through the challenges. Always my rock. I have you and the Dragons by my side xxx

  • On 17 September 2023, S1966 consulted Allan
    Briliant as always, Thank you for everything xx

  • On 17 September 2023, Circle12522068 consulted Pippa Jo
    Pippa Jo has a very kind & calming approach to readings. She helped me greatly and I will definitely be reaching out again! Thank you Pippa Jo! ????

  • On 17 September 2023, Heather consulted Pippa Jo
    Thank you; it has been an emotionally intense period . It has felt so weird, intense at times. Thank you for explaining the planetary activities contributing to everything etc.Uplifting, reassuring reading. Considerate and kind. Much appreciated. X

  • On 14 September 2023, Circle11150728 consulted Allan
    You are my angel and support here on earth. Sounds corny but true. You are there with a helping voice and hug as I feel you holding me up. Things have been chaotic truly crazy with so many things negative to juggle but I sing “I Love my life “ as no one and nothing is going to ruin that. I gave the best teacher and the best support. I thank your guides and dragons for guarding me always xxx

  • On 13 September 2023, Annacacia20 consulted Allan
    Lovely to hear from you. I do have covid. Its 7.10pm and he hasnt said a word except Im going to bed!! And he has gone. He said Im on the settee so I least its a quiet evening. He hasnt rung his Mum either which he normally does at 7pm every night. So no arguing but no communication. Thank you, you help me so much xx

  • On 13 September 2023, Circle11621158 consulted Lianne H
    Lianne was wonderful, straight to the point, with her predictions resonating. I look forward to connecting again. Thanks so much, Lianne

  • On 13 September 2023, Circle11368498 consulted Lianne H
    Amazing reading, very accurate. I look forward to the predictions

  • On 07 September 2023, Circle11150728 consulted Allan
    Thank you. Thank you so much. For everything you do for me. For the guidance and support. I am always so grateful xxx

  • On 03 September 2023, Jill1251 consulted Pippa Jo
    Well...I wasn't expecting that! Wow! Pippa Jo was quick and precise and I've never ever had this level of detail before! Thanks so very much: you've changed my world today????

  • On 03 September 2023, Kaylesf90 consulted Lianne H
    Thankyou for our session. I feel like what was spoken about was very relevant, and look forward to coming back and chatting about this. Thankyou. Blessings to you xx

  • On 02 September 2023, Circle11414778 consulted Lianne H
    Every one on her tells different things .And this is the story of my life Had to leave as I am just wasting money .

  • On 02 September 2023, Circle11621158 consulted Pippa Jo
    Always wonderful & a real pleasure to speak with

  • On 30 August 2023, Daisychain consulted Allan
    Alan is lovely and patient as ever. Thank you as always xx

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