The natal chart, an essential tool in astrology divination

The calculation of the natal chart is one of the most appreciated techniques in divination. It is unique for each man or woman and will never change. The natal chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment of a person's birth. To accurately establish the natal chart, several factors need to be taken into account. Astrologers are the most competent in this matter. Nowadays, it is possible to learn how to interpret one's own natal chart with the help of books.

What is a natal chart in the field of astrology?

Knowing one's natal chart can be very useful in order to better understand one's personality. In divination, astrology is an appreciated field by both psychics and recipients. The positions of the planets, zodiac signs, and influences of the houses are criteria to be considered.

The natal chart: an astrological tool for self-discovery

At the moment of an individual's birth, the planets, stars, and other celestial bodies have a defined position. It is through the study of these elements that an astrologer can establish a natal chart. By interpreting the different signs, they shed light on an astrological theme. This theme is unique and specific to each man or woman. To obtain this celestial snapshot, one needs to know their date of birth, as well as the exact time and place with precision. The zodiac sign only serves to determine the horoscope at a given moment. The natal chart provides enduring information about a person's personality.

The role of the astrologer in interpreting the natal chart

An astrologer is a professional in divination who specializes in the study of celestial bodies. Since ancient times, humans have admired the sky and studied every aspect of it. Astrological signs have been established based on the position of the stars and the date of birth. The study of this single sign is not sufficient to describe all facets of a personality. Numerous aspects come into play and provide essential information. In astrology, a Psychic is capable of associating planets, celestial bodies, and stars to deduce the exact nature of an individual.

Why calculate one's natal chart?

This study is not solely intended to predict the future. It is more of a tool for personal development that sometimes influences life choices. To better understand one's character and give oneself every chance of success, the natal chart is ideal. This personalised celestial map can shed light on the recipient's skills and flaws to be corrected.

How to interpret one's natal chart?

To interpret one's natal chart, it is best to consult an astrologer. This esoteric science requires in-depth astrological knowledge. The natal chart consists of 8 planets, the sun, the moon, 12 houses, and 12 zodiac signs.

Elements and themes essential for calculating the natal chart

Astrologers meticulously study the celestial bodies and planets. To make predictions and give advice, it is important to know several criteria. Each star, as well as each planet, carries symbolic meanings. Being passionate is necessary to decipher the solar system.

The 12 houses symbolising different aspects of life

The 12 houses or ascendants correspond to different aspects of life. They are influenced by the person's zodiac sign. The first 6 houses concern practical matters such as family, health, or money. For example, the fifth house represents children. The second house provides indications about the relationship with material possessions. The remaining 6 houses pertain to concepts such as rebirth, spiritual journeys, or secrets.

The positions of the planets, the moon, and the stars

The positions of the planets also play a crucial role in establishing the natal chart. The study of the sun and the moon is also of great importance. There are eight planets in the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Their names correspond to those of Roman gods. Venus often represents femininity as it is associated with the goddess of love, while Mars represents masculinity as the symbolic planet of the god of war.

The 12 zodiac signs

It is useful to know one's zodiac sign, positioned on the circle of the zodiac signs. Monthly or daily horoscopes are determined by astrologers based on the symbolism of each sign. The signs are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

The best way to calculate one's natal chart, step by step

To have a complete reading, certain aspects need to be considered. It is necessary to know the exact date, place, and time of birth. Then, one needs to find their zodiac sign on the zodiac circle. Understanding the meaning of that specific sign is imperative as it determines a part of the personality. This sign corresponds to an ascendant or house. Once the ascendant is identified, one must find the planets in the circle and their positions at the time of birth.

Knowing one's natal chart is a good way to learn more about one's personality. Based on the positions of the planets, the location, and the date of birth, the astrologer reconstructs the celestial map. More than just a horoscope, the natal chart is a life guide for men and women. To establish it, it is possible to seek the services of online astrologers.

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