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Gold Dawn

Romany Clairvoyant Medium. With a clear understanding of all problems

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Silver Sara M

Conversing with my guides will bring you clarity and direction when you need it.

Welcome price £0.00/min £1.65/min £0.99/min

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Gold Lianne

I am a gifted, empathic Clairvoyant Medium. Let me inspire you on your journey.

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Whichever area of your life is getting you down or confusing you, I can help.

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5 Number of calls2412

Insights, Clarity, Empathetic, Understanding, and ongoing guidance

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Top Sabrina

I am an honest, sincere and non-judgemental medium and clairvoyant.

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Gold Joyce

Find peace of mind. I will bring you comfort. And hope for better times

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Gold Eileen Bloom

Is your love life getting you down? Let me cut through the chaos for you!

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Star Wendy O

I am a caring and empathetic Psychic, Clairvoyant Medium let me help you today

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Star Josie

I focus with compassion and understanding, to highlight your positive choices.

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Top Margaret M

I am a Medium, I also use Tarot and Natal Astrology. I am here for you.

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I'll answer specific questions and connect to the spirit world

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Silver Andrew H

Via Chat Only, I connect with your energy and Spirit for a detailed reading.

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Gold Anne Rose

I will bring clear insight through Clairvoyance, Tarot and Clairsentience.

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Silver Lianne H

I will help you to build self-esteem and help get you back on the right path.

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Silver Poppy B

Borrow my spirit guides! They will help you..

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Silver Cambiel

I'm a Clairvoyant Medium, Tarot Reader & Astrologer, working with spirit for you

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Shaman and 7th Generation Psychic Healer to help you with accurate predictions

Welcome price £0.00/min £1.92/min £0.99/min

19 Number of calls121

All you need is the power of love, the right guidance and self motivation

Welcome price £0.00/min £1.66/min £0.99/min
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Silver Diane

I am a psychic Tarot and Angel card reader specialising in love and career.

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Do you feel loved and accepted? Tarot, shells or stones are my tools.

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Most recent client reviews
  • On 18 September 2022, Circle_12512358 consulted Amy C
    Amy is legit she can read life path readings something I haven't done my self not sure if she can channel voya ntly or what but yeah if your after a life path reading which also does show future tense events then go to Amy C, she's fast, genuine and I highly recommend.

  • On 06 August 2022, roosters2win consulted Amy C
    This was my first reading with Amy and she was excellent

  • On 06 January 2022, stream_8902 consulted Amy C
    Good and insightful reading with Amy the other evening. Fascinating insight to relationship issues, with her astrological expertise. Thank you Amy, most enlightening.

  • On 06 January 2022, Circle_12212068 consulted Amy C
    She was very direct

  • On 30 December 2021, Circle_12303378 consulted Amy C
    Amy was fantastic she was very helpful and calming and made me realize alot of things I didn't know about I am very grateful to have found her today. She has put my mind to ease can't wait for another reading from her again x

  • On 24 December 2021, Circle_12420508 consulted Amy C
    Was great to begin with, then didn’t really answer my question. Left feeling more confused.

  • On 10 December 2021, logans consulted Amy C

  • On 25 October 2021, Circle_12346818 consulted Amy C
    Would use again just wonderful

  • On 13 October 2021, Circle_12011598 consulted Amy C
    Insightful and supportive!

  • On 01 October 2021, KatieA consulted Amy C
    Super reading looking forward to the predictions coming true, thank you!

  • On 26 September 2021, gwtattifhwaasb consulted Amy C
    Not very hopeful but feel prepared now

  • On 24 September 2021, Circle_11753978 consulted Amy C
    Always precise! Great reading! I always choose Amy! Thankyou so much for todays info on the coming months! xo

  • On 01 September 2021, Circle_12059038 consulted Amy C
    Took too long and went way of track with what I wanted to know Not happy Waste of money

  • On 29 August 2021, Circle_11591888 consulted Amy C
    Amy always provides good insights

  • On 17 July 2021, Circle_12297768 consulted Amy C

  • On 05 July 2021, logans consulted Amy C

  • On 23 May 2021, Circle_12168378 consulted Amy C
    So accurate and so easy to cat to

  • On 04 April 2021, Circle_12215068 consulted Amy C
    This was amazing! She was calm and helpful and allowed me to see focus

  • On 15 February 2021, Circle_12196488 consulted Amy C
    Very good

  • On 25 January 2021, Circle_12184478 consulted Amy C
    Ok shehd

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