Past lives: explore your past through psychic readings and tarot

Past lives: explore your past through psychic readings and tarot

When we consult a professional psychic or tarot reader, it is often to predict our future and get insights into our professional, romantic, personal, or family life. However, the past has a direct influence on the present and the future. It is the source of the emotional baggage we all carry and upon which we have built ourselves. So, what about past lives? What role does the past before our current incarnation play? Does it also influence our life?

All the answers to your questions about reincarnation are here!

Karmic astrology or delving into our past lives. If you often wonder who you are, where you come from, and what lies beyond the human being you embody, then the study of past lives should fascinate you! Speaking of past lives implies reincarnation, but what does that exactly mean? Reincarnation is the belief that our soul goes through multiple lives, incarnating each time in a new body and identity for the purpose of spiritual evolution. It means that before experiencing your current life, your soul has already come to fully realise itself in a life mission that served its learning and evolution through experience. Like a karmic inheritance, all the incarnations of your soul impact your current life, often without you even realising it. Karmic astrology allows you to look at the experiences you go through from a different perspective, to elevate yourself, and to attain a higher level of consciousness. In addition to the questions you ask your psychic or tarot reader, ask them to explore your past lives together and rediscover yourself.

Are you ready to find out who you were in your previous lives?

Why turn to psychic readings to discover your past lives? How does tarot help explore past lives? What are the benefits of karmic astrology? While some may be curious to uncover the truth about their past lives, the endeavour takes on real significance when pursued for spiritual growth. Indeed, working on past lives through tarot or clairvoyance allows for better self-understanding and self-discovery.

When your life path seems blocked, when you don't understand the experiences you've had, when you feel stagnant or when the need arises, exploring past lives is a path to consider. It is through discovering the meaning of previous lives that we establish a connection with our current incarnation, a powerful means to progress and enhance well-being. Almost like an awakening, we can interpret things from a different perspective and evolve more easily.

In the company of a tarot reader or psychic, revisit your past and benefit from the numerous advantages of karmic astrology, including:

·     Strengthening spirituality

·     Reconnecting with your soul

·     Understanding your life mission

·     Explaining soul blockages

·     Breaking free from toxic relationship patterns

·     Understanding unexplained distress

·     Identifying the challenges of your present incarnation

·     Integrating lessons from the soul's memory

So, are you more inclined towards online psychic readings or tarot card readings?

Drawing tarot cards offers an opportunity to better embrace your current incarnation through an understanding of your past lives. Whether it's to overcome a blockage or gain a different perspective on your life path, the Tarot provides valuable insights.

Let the cards speak and benefit from a quality interpretation during an online consultation to discover your karmic memories. It's possible on TheCircle, the leading platform for online psychic readings. Free yourself from the chains of the past and illuminate your future now with one of the best tarot readers!

Exploring past lives through psychic readings

While it is commonly believed that psychic readings can only predict the future, they possess the ability to perceive things beyond the constraints of time and space. Yes, psychic professionals can guide you not only in seeing the future but also in delving into the past.

Through the mediumship abilities of psychics, explore your past lives and perceive your present in a new light by identifying the obstacles that hinder your fulfilment. Embark on your journey into the past by taking advantage of a free online psychic consultation over the phone!

Why have a past life reading on TheCircle?

How can you explore your past lives through psychic readings or tarot? Start a chat or a phone consultation with a professional online psychic and embark on this journey through time right away.

Whether psychics, mediums, or tarot readers, each consultation is conducted by genuine professionals who adhere to ethical principles. Quickly and easily accessible, all astrology professionals accompany you on your life path to enhance your karma.

From professional prospects to romantic future, family destiny, or personal predictions, the exploration of your past lives is just a click away!

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