How do I choose between the various types of Tarot

How do I choose between the various types of Tarot

Tarot is a divinatory method derived from cartomancy. Tarot specialists reuse the cards and the basic principles of tarot for clairvoyance. The world of the tarot deck is vast and varied. Marseilles Tarot, Mademoiselle Lenormand deck, or Belline oracle... it's not easy to find your way around. Here is how you choose from the various types of Tarot.

Tarot decks and their use in clairvoyance

Originally, Tarot was a deck of cards devoid of magic and spiritual dimension. In the 18th century, famous fortune tellers theorised divinatory techniques, including the method of tarology. Tarot cards then became the clairvoyance tools par excellence that occultist Etteilla always recommended.

The tarot deck consists of 78 cards. Twenty-two of them are called major arcana. Tarot cards with Latin signs are the oldest forms of the deck. Even today, drawing Tarot cards is the most common divinatory practice. Moreover, learning divination through Tarot decks is accessible to beginners. To learn to decipher your future, nothing beats the magic of Tarot.

Discover and choose the type of tarot deck suited to your expectations

There are numerous intricacies of tarot cards. Variants are specially devised to serve the field of guidance. The important thing is to choose your method according to the expected messages. Tarot remains a very useful tool for personal development. Here is an overview of the types of Tarot cards: from the classic deck to the most specialised oracles.

Marseilles Tarot, the world's most famous guidance method

The Marseilles Tarot is undoubtedly the most famous divination deck. It contains 78 cards with symbols that deliver messages. In clairvoyance, the cards known as major arcana are widely used. The cards are inspired by Judeo-Christian symbolism and depict key episodes in the life of the believer. The Advisor will naturally draw the major arcana before refining their predictions with the minor cards.

The Egyptian Tarot, a combination of divinatory practices

The Egyptian Tarot combines principles of visualisation, astrology, and even numerology. The cards are divided into positive, negative, and neutral. Each card is inscribed with a symbol inspired by the iconography of ancient Egypt. In this deck, some cards stand out. The Isis card, associated with love, urges you to open your heart without restraint. The Thoth card encourages the person to trust their intuition. The Bastet card is full of life energy.

Tarot decks and oracles: choosing among the variants

Rider-Waite-Smith, Mademoiselle Lenormand deck, or Belline oracle: there are numerous variants of Tarot. However, it is important to distinguish between oracles and Tarot draws. There are no major or minor cards in the oracles. There is complete freedom to interpret the messages. Beginners can learn the practice of divinatory oracle with the fairy Tarot book. Doreen Virtue explains how to interpret the various spreads to read your future.

The Tarot deck has many variations, some of which are designed specifically for clairvoyance. This popular divination technique is becoming increasingly popular with beginners. You should learn more about the various types of Tarot before making your choice.

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