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Most recent client reviews
  • On 09 December 2023, S1962 consulted Pippa Jo
    Thank you as always Pippa Jo. Very reassuring with a clear insight

  • On 07 December 2023, Ageless Rebel consulted Allan
    Thank you again, Allan, for all of your explanations and reassurances. I just had to tell you about the second hawk. You always help me see things the way they should be and everything will take its course. I will keep you updated. Judy

  • On 07 December 2023, Circle11138068 consulted Pippa Jo
    Thank you Pippa - very reassuring reading.

  • On 04 December 2023, A1960 consulted Allan
    I have just had one of the most incredible and best reading from Allan. I am blown away on how accurate and precise he is. He gave me confirmation that I would only know right from the start. Allan is a down-to-earth person and does not dress anything up. He says it as it is. Thank you Allan. You are an angel!

  • On 04 December 2023, g*** consulted Allan
    Thanks for the reading Allan. I hope you haven't, with your bag of duck food, sank a few Mallards?

  • On 02 December 2023, Circle11150728 consulted Allan
    Sorry the call ended as we were chatting. You always manage to make me feel better about things. Thank you my dear friend xxx

  • On 30 November 2023, KK consulted Allan
    I agree, this was meant to be this evening and thank you. A very different style which resonated well with me and the animals from the Spirit world were spot on. So very true on so many fronts which you could never have guessed. You also put my mind at ease on a personal matter that you understood so well. Thank you Allan, I will remember this Reading for a long time and do what I can with the advice you have given x

  • On 29 November 2023, S1969 consulted Pippa Jo
    Thank you. Spot on!

  • On 29 November 2023, Circle11150728 consulted Allan
    I’m never disappointed with my readings. You’re amazing my friend. Your abilities are sky high xxx

  • On 26 November 2023, Stream26670 consulted Allan
    Excellent and I hope all comes to fruition vv soon. ????

  • On 24 November 2023, Annacacia20 consulted Allan
    Thank you once again for the reassurance you always give. The thought of my own Christmas Carol/Scrooge story makes me very happy. It will be a massive change around as currently Mr Scrooge is telling me that I can not have security and if something should happen to him I will be homeless. He can not forgive or forget my past mistakes. So I await with interest. You are the kindest, most helpful reader on here and I thank you with all my heart xx

  • On 18 November 2023, Suzanne consulted Allan
    Thank you Allan you have calmed my storm tonight. You are so gifted. You bring calm and clarity. Thank you so much ❤️

  • On 17 November 2023, Circle11171448 consulted Pippa Jo
    Thank you for a lovely consultation

  • On 16 November 2023, Circle11150728 consulted Allan
    Got through everything I needed to know in True Allan style. The man is my hero xxx

  • On 13 November 2023, Circle11150728 consulted Allan
    It’s been a number of weeks but I enjoyed another catch up with you Allan. There is no words for how much you have helped me with your gift. I believe in dragons and their protection. Full speed ahead from here on xxx

  • On 13 November 2023, Jetfuel27 consulted Allan
    Allan has been reading for me for a while, and I love them. Allan is always on point, tells it like it is, and importantly, so far, his predictions have come true. Can't wait to see how things continue to unfold. Thanks Allan

  • On 13 November 2023, g*** consulted Allan
    Sorry if I seemed a little rude at the end of the reading Allan. You have been very helpful to me and I am very grateful for that. I will wait for desired outcome but don't see that happening soon. Thanks again!

  • On 13 November 2023, Sam consulted Allan
    Thank you for the kind words. You made me feel so much better

  • On 13 November 2023, Johnny consulted Pippa Jo
    Pippa has been reading for me for some time now and I find her readings very encouraging and full of positivity. Lovely reading as always ! Thank you Pippa.

  • On 12 November 2023, g*** consulted Allan
    Sorry my credit ran out Allan. Thanks again! I will keep the topic on the only thing that matters from now on. Thanks for the reassurance and support in regards to my special someone.

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