What's the difference between a Clairvoyant and a Psychic?

What's the difference between a Clairvoyant and a Psychic?

What is the difference between a clairvoyant and a psychic? In the UK, clairvoyance is a very popular divinatory practice. There are multiple variants of this art, such as numerology, mediumship, and cartomancy. Online psychic reading or psychics reading by phone is also very popular with the public. Before deciding to call on a psychic or a Tarot specialist, it is best to understand the differences.

Psychics predict the future and interpret messages from the occult world

Psychic reading is a divinatory art with many variations. Psychics have the ability to predict the future, but also to perceive information about a person. This consultant generally needs a tool for their predictions: crystal ball, pendulum, Tarot cards.

The goal of a consultation with a Psychic

Anyone who wants to know about their future can call on a psychic. This professional has the ability to interpret occult messages to make predictions. Use of a divination tool for the consultation is required. It may be a crystal ball or Tarot cards. In the UK, clairvoyance has long been considered sorcery. Today, it is part of the occult sciences, and the figure of the Advisor is no longer demonised.

The various types of Psychics and their areas of divination

There are multiple areas of activity of psychic reading, several areas of activity, each with its own speciality. Horoscopes are often established by an astrology professional. Tarology uses Tarot cards to make predictions. Chiromancy uses the lifelines in the palm of a person's hand. Numerology is a divination technique to interpret numbers.

The difference between a psychic and clairvoyance

It is common to confuse a psychic's work with a clairvoyant's work. The two arts differ in their methods of divination. Psychics use a tool to interpret signs. Clairvoyants do not need a tool and receive images or flashes in their head. These occult messages are often sent to them by the spirits of the deceased.

Psychic: a specialist in interpreting card spreads

This consultant practices they art of reading with the help of tarot cards. They are also called a Tarot Advisor when they use Tarot cards as their main tool. Cartomancy takes many forms, such as the Marseilles Tarot and the Belline oracle. It is also possible to call upon the services of an online Tarot Advisor.

Cartomancy, a divinatory practice derived from clairvoyance

It is an art form derived from clairvoyance. Cartomancy deals exclusively with playing cards. They are laid out on the table after being carefully selected by the practitioner. The term clairvoyance means divination, while cartomancy refers to cards.

Tarot reader, a specialist in interpreting Tarot card pulls

Cartomancy also has its ramifications. Tarology is a part of this and refers to the method of interpretation of Tarot card pulls. Various techniques have been developed: the Marseilles Tarot, the Belline order, and the Mademoiselle Lenormand deck.

The world of divinatory techniques is vast. Clairvoyance is very popular in the UK and divided into multiple areas of expertise. Of these, cartomancy is one of the most popular techniques. Online or by phone, the consultant will know how to interpret occult messages. It is common to confuse psychics with clairvoyants. While psychics rely on an object to predict the future, clairvoyants do without them to communicate with spirits.

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