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„To be honest I don't think I could have come through many emotional times without Lisa's guidance. I would highly recommend her 100 times over.”

Shirley from Maghera

„I can tell you that by following Helen's guidance about a man I recently met I feel uplifted and much more positive.”

Kate from Oxford

„The reading was almost like a therapy session, it was in-depth & insightful.”

Vicky from London

Professional Numerology Readers and Readings

Numerology is the study of the hidden meanings of numbers and how they influence our lives. We all have numbers that relate to our personality and paths in life. Numerology has been used for thousands of years to reveal the secrets of success, happiness, love, and wealth that lie hidden in our inner-selves and to indicate the paths we should take in life.

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Reader: Holly C
Holly C
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Do you need guidance or reassurance? I will use my unique psychic abilities to help empower you to take back control and live a more joyful and fulfilled life.
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Reader: Michelle K
Michelle K
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Did you know your energy stores all your information! I can connect to your energy and help you understand what is blocking you from your happy ever after!
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Reader: Amethyst L
Amethyst L
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Working with my Spirit Guides, I will use Clairvoyance and Tarot, to help you with any Love, Relationships, Career, or Family Issues, giving loving guidance.
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Reader: Mansha
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Are you wondering what lies ahead with your partner, what work and other areas have in store for you? Connect with me via call or chat to find out.
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Reader: Rashme
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I am a Clairsentient Psychic with a deep connection with Tarot cards and your energies. I can help you through your difficult times in love, family and career.
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Reader: Pamela L
Pamela L
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I am a sensitive Empath, who is a finely tuned Psychic Medium and I will provide clear, concise and personally relevant communication from spirit.
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Professional Numerology Readers and Readings 

Most people have a favourite number. Some choose this based on a birthday or notable date in their lives, others like how the number sounds or is written. Other people choose their favourite number because it is steeped in luck already: such as the lucky number eight in Chinese culture.

But numerology suggests that these numbers we find ourselves surrounded by - the number eight, 11:11 – can help us determine more about our lives and our futures. The idea behind numerology suggests that there is a predestined aspect to the universe which can be broken down into a set of numbers. As everything is based on numbers, numerology can help us consolidate everything about our lives and discover the numerical elements that comprise it – which could then be used to determine what we should do in the future.

How Does Numerology Work?

Numerology can also be used in everyday life. A numerology reading can assign a person their lucky number, which can then be used to influence their lives. It is said that by harnessing the power of the number inherently lucky to a person, they will be able to fully actualize their full potential. So, a numerology reading could end up resulting in a number which is then incorporated into everyday life.

For instance, when choosing a wedding date, couples who follow numerology may choose a date that can bring about luck and a long-lasting union. Others aim to give birth on a certain date (which is considerably harder to plan), while some may even use their numerology numbers to create a ‘lucky time’ at which they use to do things – such as sending important emails or texts or making important announcements.

What is a Numerology Reading?

A numerology reading is simply a way for a professional numerologist or reader to help give you guidance in life based on how numerology affects you. You can have a numerology reading online, through video chat, or on the phone.

Included in the numerology reading will often be a numerology chart reading, looking at the period cycles by which the early, middle and late stages of your life will be defined. Understanding how your numbers pertain to you will help you achieve your full potential in each of these stages.

Some people opt for a numerology daily reading, which could help give guidance on smaller issues that affect everyday life. Much like horoscopes and tarot readings, a numerology daily reading could be used to answer questions relating to your love life, career, friendships, or even smaller issues such as buying a car or booking a holiday.

Use a free numerology reading with a competent numerologist to calculate the numbers of your birth date and name, who will explore your four personal numbers. They will give you instruction and inform you of the opportunities that will come up in your life so that you can confront them and use them to your benefit and favour.

What is a Numerology Number?

Each person has two number values, a number that is derived from their birth date and a number that is assigned to the letters in their name. The latter is called name numerology. Both numbers can be calculated with a numerology calculator. With these two numbers, numerology helps you learn who you are, why you are here and the lessons you can learn in life. A numerologist will add your value numbers in various combinations with a numerology calculator to establish your key numbers.

The number also gives clues as to what we should be doing and can even inform situations – such as our love lives, careers, and family dynamics. Your number will tell you what kind of person you are and what you should be doing with life to accentuate your innate characteristics as determined by the number that reflects you.

It is the interpretation of these key numbers that will result in a description of your own personal characteristics. In following the patterns of monthly and yearly cycles of growth, numerology can assist you when planning your future and to take a more active role in your life. "Tell me your name, and I'll tell you who you are", is an old saying. But there is some truth to it: our name is no accident, it reveals so much about us, including our disposition and our role in life.

How Do Our Names Affect Our Numerology Number?

Every letter in our name has an underlying numerical value that can be worked out using a numerology calculator, which can be found on the internet for a free numerology reading or even better, a numerologist, who will be able to give you an in-depth reading.

Even in the 12th century the practice of numerology in Kabbalistic circles was available, in that letters were deciphered as numbers — name numerology and birth dates were calculated from the holy texts and the hidden meanings of the texts were revealed.

Today many artists, for example, feel that their name does not suit their professional purpose and so at some point in their career they choose a new name for themselves, not only due to anonymity but because they think their new name better reflects their artistic personality. "Nomen est Omen" — the Latin for "your name is a sign" and plays an influential role in reflecting your job, personality, and destiny.

How Can Numerology Help Choose a Baby Name?

Numerology may be our destiny, but there is a way that we can influence it. When naming their children, some parents use numerology to define a name based on when the child is born. Many people use baby name numerology.

For instance, certain letters are considered stronger than others: such as K and V. K reflects high achievement and some aspect of being in the limelight, while V is powerful and suggests that the person with the name may inspire others. We can see this play out with people such as the Kardashians – who all have names with double Ks. For inspirational Vs, we look to Queen Victoria or Vincent Van Gogh.

But not all letters have positive numerical correlations. The letter D, for example, is considered an omen as it corresponds to the Chinese number four, which sounds like ‘death’. D is especially inauspicious when paired with E, I, or IS.

Experts suggest that a change of name could impact our numerology. Indeed, the name chosen by parents initially gives some determinism to our lives. But birth dates cannot be chosen, so at least 50% of our numerology number comes from the universe itself.

Which Numbers Exist Within Numerology?

Certain numbers when having a numerology chart reading are more important than others and you may find these cropping up in your numerology daily reading. Numerology doesn't just look to discover what your numbers are, but to find out what you can do to use them to achieve more in life and make sure you're on the right path.

The eventual number you will discover in your numerology reading will be based on your name and birth date and will be a single digit. Unless this number is one of the three numbers that make up the triangle of enlightenment. The triangle of enlightenment refers to 11, 22, and 33. Discovering from your numerology chart reading that your chart possesses one of these ‘master’ numbers can help give an indication of how you could achieve your full potential going forwards.

Having a Numerology Reading

Many people may think ‘I want to know my future by numerology.’ Understanding our destinies is a powerful motivator behind those who undertake a numerology reading. But some people may simply want a numerology reading for a specific event or important day. Others may feel like a number is following them around and may wish to find out what its significance could be. When having an in-depth numerology daily reading or simply having a one-off numerology chart reading, it’s important to understand how it may work – and how it can be done online.

How Does a Numerology Reading Work?

Numerologists can conduct a numerology chart reading based on key information you give them online or over the phone. This can be a single reading, or you can have a numerology daily reading for more intricate advice on specific issues in your life. The pricing will vary depending on which reader you choose and what kind of reading you may be having – introductory offers often apply, such as 29p per minute for the first 10 minutes here at TheCircle.

A numerology reading online works much like one in person as you give the necessary information to your reader so that they can then determine if you are on the right path in life. As numerology is based on a blueprint, the numerologist can ensure that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. You simply have to give some details about yourself and your life and – like any other kind of psychic reading – your reader will provide you with answers based on this.

Many numerology readers are also skilled in other areas, so are well-versed in picking up spiritual clues and divining wisdom. For example, LucieOri specialises in cartomancy, tarot, and astrology, as well as numerology. These extra gifts can help a reader see how your numbers affect your life as a whole and when used in conjunction with other factors, such as your star sign.

What Methods Can You Expect?

During a numerology reading online, your reader will ask questions and provide answers in the medium you most prefer. This could be over the phone, video chat, or simply through typing. Many people opt to use their phones while others choose their PCs.

For a numerology daily reading, you may want a more casual way of communicating or one which allows you more time to reply. Numerologists work based on information – your birth date and name – as well as facts about your life. So, you should expect to provide some basic information that they can use it to determine if you are on the right path.

For questions about career and love life, you could expect to provide a bit more information on these areas. Ultimately every reading is a safe and trusted place with a professional spiritual reader who can help you find solutions to issues you may have.


Is the reading beneficial for me?

To even begin asking the question about having a numerology reading, you must already feel that the reading may be beneficial to you. A numerology chart reading can uncover many details about our lives and can help us gain perspective. A numerology reading is unique to each person and can help put up back on the right track in life. For anyone wanting some extra guidance or to know they are doing the right thing, a numerology reading would be beneficial. You may have tried other forms of spiritual communication and feel like a numerology reading online could complement them.

How often should you hear a reading?

There is no set limit to how often you should hear a numerology reading or have a numerology reading online. Some people opt for a numerology daily reading to help give them guidance throughout their day, while others may simply have one numerology chart reading to find out which number is significant to them. For those who need specific guidance, a numerology daily reading may be more prudent.

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