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In need of guidance in some areas of your life? I can provide you with practical advice on making the best of whatever your current life situation is using my knowledge of the Tarot. I often like to break situations down into short targeted questions and my readings involve a combination of my interpretation of Tarot symbolism, combined with my own intuition and any psychic insights that come through. I may also pull oracle cards alongside the Tarot for further confirmation of messages received.

I read on all areas (other than health, financial or legal matters as this is not permitted). I am most experienced on reading regarding matters of the heart and find I can pick up on the feelings and emotions of others towards my client.

I like my readings to be an empowering tool that can help you explore your options. When it comes to the future, I find Tarot is excellent at giving the most likely turn of events for the path we are currently on. If we dislike what we see, then we have been given a heads up and know that it is time to take some different action in order to avoid this event as best we can. Exploring alternative routes we may wish to take in life can be one of the most valuable gifts of a reading.

To clients who are open to it, I am also happy to discuss or recommend certain spiritual practices you can inject into your life alongside all of your mundane/physical efforts to benefit your circumstances.


I have been studying and reading Tarot since the late 90's. I started reading professionally part time around 2004, and have been a full time professional Tarot reader since 2016.

Client reviews : 332   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Really cool reader. Always comes up with lots of impressive detail in his answers »
    • Circle11194678
      On 27 March 2023

      Really cool reader. Always comes up with lots of impressive detail in his answers

    • Logans
      On 19 March 2023

      Excellent reading with validations too

    • Circle11194678
      On 16 March 2023

      Really one of the best readers on the internet. So full of detail and writes quickly too. The precision is amazing and most of what he has told me has come to pass.

    • Circle_11137148
      On 18 February 2023

      He was short, dry with his answers, without giving details and validations.

    • Circle_11621158
      On 31 January 2023

      Thanks so much Seth

    • circle_11194828
      On 28 January 2023

      Amazing reader, accurate and empathic. A go to reader for accuracy and the truth. 5 star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    • logans
      On 08 January 2023


    • logans
      On 04 January 2023


    • Circle_11267038
      On 31 December 2022

      Honesty and sincere with answering questions. With empathy gives you truthful answers and POI characteristics resonated and made sense.

    • logans
      On 17 December 2022


    • logans
      On 11 December 2022


    • Circle_11175018
      On 07 December 2022

      Seth was really honest and to the point. Highly recommended.

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