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Client reviews (354)

« Genuine, clear, precise and to the point. Fast typer too. »
  • Joanne
    On 15 September 2023

    Genuine, clear, precise and to the point. Fast typer too.

  • Juliawwo
    On 02 September 2023

    Wow Seth really tuned in and is a great reader! Very empathetic as well. Blessings! Julia x

  • Joanne
    On 02 September 2023

    Excellent reader. I am very impressed with the quality of my reading.

  • Circle11194678
    On 19 August 2023

    Always amazing

  • M1981
    On 11 August 2023

    Brilliant! Picks up on things very well and the reading is always in great detail! Highly recommend! Thank you Seth

  • CP
    On 09 August 2023

    The first thing to say about Seth is that he is Spot On! He tunes in fast, describes the traits of ppl he is talking about to a t and makes you gasp at the accuracy of some of the things he says. Prepare to be amazed in a great way!

  • Circle11621158
    On 27 July 2023

    Warm & compassionate reader - spot on too. Thanks so much Seth

  • V
    On 22 July 2023

    Fantastic. Lots of answers and lots of info. No hesitation in getting to the answer and very clear! Everything that he said checked out to what i know! Great reader

  • Circle12492178
    On 22 July 2023

    Seth seemed to be spot on!!

  • Circle11194678
    On 20 July 2023

    Seth is always amazing in his readings. Very detailed, very precise and very quick to type

  • Vicky
    On 01 July 2023

    Excellent. Clear and detailed answers to your question. He always addresses your questions and never drifts off onto a random topic as some other readers do. Lots of insight and compassion. Things he picks up on in relation to what I know are always 100% spot on. Fantastic reader. Thank you

  • Stream23115
    On 25 June 2023

    Picked up very quickly without me giving any information. Straightforward and quick to respond. Thank you Seth

  • Circle12002718
    On 24 June 2023

    Always spot on and gives good guidance

  • Circle12514248
    On 17 June 2023

    Seth R is a brilliant reader! Very accurate on the readings without knowing the situation. Thanks Seth R very much appreciated ?

  • Circle12514248
    On 16 June 2023

    Great reader, will highly recommend!!!

  • Circle11812828
    On 20 May 2023

    Amazing and quick to respond. X

  • Circle11812828
    On 12 May 2023


  • Logans
    On 30 April 2023


  • Circle11414778a
    On 17 April 2023

    Amazing reading with detailed information and he looked in to lots of things and gave me the right information and everything to help me as much as he could .Thank you so much for great reading .He truly got a gift .I recommend this reader strongly

  • Circle11194828
    On 07 April 2023

    Seth is always spot on, so friendly and his predictions always come to fruition.

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