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I am a Psychic Life Coach, I will help you to get back on track and find balance in your life again to enable you to feel more fulfilled and improve your relationships.


I specialise in Love & Relationships, Family & Home, Career and Psychic Life Coaching.


I have been consulting on TheCircle since February 2022 and have been consulting as a Psychic Life guide for the last seven years.


Clairvoyant and Spirit Guides.


Tarot Cards and Pendulum.


I have faith and love in our divine mission and blessings.


I'm a very creative person, playing multiple musical instruments, as well as being a painter, film maker and writer. I'm also very interested in yoga bodywork.

Client reviews : 14   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Ursol was on point. He wasted no time in obtaining the issue. I will definitely consult with Ursol again. »
    • Maureen01
      On 10 August 2022

      Ursol was on point. He wasted no time in obtaining the issue. I will definitely consult with Ursol again.

    • Circle_12502188
      On 06 August 2022

      He reassured me and was very encouraging to act on my feelings and this will give positive results. I’m definitely calling him back xx

    • Circle_12049118
      On 10 June 2022

      And was confirmed as such by Ursol. He told me he didn’t need to ask spirit then went on to lecture me about why I was putting up with certain behaviours. If I wanted counselling I’d of asked a counsellor. A reading is supposed to be non judgemental and is supposed to look at deeper meanings is it not? I was really quite upset after putting the phone down. If I didn’t feel like rubbish before, I did afterwards.

    • stream_3383
      On 19 May 2022

      Lovely reading and reader. Everything offered was relevent and true, plus I appreciated a reminder to stay in the positive. Thank you.

    • Circle_11961898
      On 25 April 2022

      Caring and empathetic reader who tuned in accurately and didn't make unreal predictions. Thank you!

    • Circle_12139738
      On 09 April 2022

      Ursol is a very good reader, and his predictions have been in line with other top readers. A very kind, empathic man, and gives you the truth of what he picks up and sees. Everything he said about the POI and the situation was correct, and I can recommend a reading with confidence that you too will be as happy with your reading as I was with mine. Thank you Ursol.

    • Circle_11612018
      On 30 March 2022

      Thanks Ursol hope the reading comes true. will be in touch as things develop

    • Circle_12139738
      On 20 March 2022

      Ursol honed in quickly, and gave amazingly accurate information yesterday in everything he said about the poi. He was in line with many other top readers in his predictions. A very kind and caring man who tells you the truth as he sees it, and I can recommend a reading with him as I was very happy with mine. Many thanks to you Ursol xxxxxx

    • stream_8902
      On 18 March 2022

      First time reading with Ursol tonight, and wow what an amazing reader tuned in straightaway. Very caring and emphatic, and connected in an amazing way. Thank you for a great reading Ursol.

    • Circle_11369428
      On 09 March 2022

      Very positive reading, I recommend this reader

    • Circle_11312148
      On 08 March 2022

      My first reading with Ursol made me feel relaxed. He was spot on re the person involved and helped clarify what I wanted. I will speak to him again.

    • stream_10629
      On 25 February 2022

      Ursol is wonderful reader. So caring and compassionate. Ursol has a lot of empathy. I immediately felt at ease with my situation. Thank you.

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