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I specialise in relationships and resolving issues surrounding relationships. I use my clairvoyance and channel information from my spirit guide to provide counselling into all aspects of your life, which enables me to really connect. Above all and most importantly, I like to leave you feeling positive and empowered and on a really good note. I have experience in the counselling field and have empathy and understanding with people in a range of difficult and challenging situations, helping them to resolve their issues.

I specialise in Love & Relationships

I have been reading professionally for over 30 years.
Gifts: Psychic, Clairvoyant, Dreams, Spirit Guides, Angels, Spirituality

Natural Psychic, Crystal Ball & Source Connection

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change - Dr Wayne Dyer

I enjoy meditation and nature.


I am a gifted Psychic and I work with my Spirit Guides and Angels with over 30 years experience


Availability daily: hours as above x

Client reviews : 300   -   Average rating : 4.2
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    • Ori
      On 11 April 2024

      wonderful reading

      Response from Tamika on 11 April 2024
      thank you Ines, such a pleasure to read for you today, love & light, Tamika X
    • Sian
      On 06 April 2024

      Amazing reading. She made it so easy and was extremely informative. Would highly recommend her and her accuracy was astounding. Thanks so much.

      Response from Tamika on 06 April 2024
      You are so welcome Sian, I am happy to have been able to guide you, with Love & Light, Tamika X
    • Sal
      On 20 March 2024

      Great reading made me feel at ease was able to give me guidance and clarity on issues I had

      Response from Tamika on 20 March 2024
      thank you Sally, I am so pleased that I could help, Love & Light, Tamika X
    • Ola
      On 15 March 2024

      More advice than psychic reading and it’s like trying to force answers. Not worth the price.

      Response from Tamika on 13 March 2024
      having done many many readings for you and always with guidance and support this is the first that you mention this, I will continue as always to send positive energy your way my love.. have a blessed day, Tamika X
    • Elliemarie2205
      On 27 February 2024

      on point on point this woman is amazing made me tear up i had to top up again im now skint haha :D worth it she was that good i had to hear more more and more she needs to be on TV

      Response from Tamika on 27 February 2024
      Ellie it was a pleasure to read for both you and your Mam, I am so happy to have been able to guide you both and bring you the insightful information that you both wanted and needed, I felt as if I was also taking a trip down memory lane to your childhood at one point too.. until next time, with love & light, Tamika X
    • Shane
      On 27 February 2024

      Brilliant reading from this lovely lady. Thankyou Tamika for all the hope you gave me Xx

      Response from Tamika on 27 February 2024
      Shane it is my pleasure and I look forward to hearing the progression going forward, with Love & Light, Tamika X
    • Suzy
      On 23 February 2024

      It was great reading. Thank you very much Tamika.

      Response from Tamika on 23 February 2024
      Suzy thank you, it was my absolute pleasure, I await to hear back some positive outcomes for you now.. with love & light, Tamika X
    • Circle11875678
      On 15 January 2024

      Very good help me alot shame i ran out of credit. Lol

      Response from Tamika on 16 January 2024
      Hi Alison, I am pleased I have managed to help guide you, and have sent you a free reading with me as a gesture of goodwill, Tamika X
    • Scotcher
      On 12 January 2024


      Response from Tamika on 12 January 2024
      Hi Carina, it was a pleasure to read for you today and I am pleased that you were happy with the outcome of your reading, even though it was only for a promotional 4 minutes, wishing you love & light, Tamika X
    • Juliet
      On 10 January 2024

      Super lovely

      Response from Tamika on 10 January 2024
      Thank you Julieta, it was such a pleasure to read for you, should you need any further insight, please know I am here for you with Love & Light, Tamika X
    • M1972
      On 09 January 2024

      Slightly disappointed

      Response from Tamika on 09 January 2024
      Hello new client. You had only 4 minutes promotional time with me and I touched on something vital for you as in your upcoming house which you agreed with, in this space of time and without any specific area requested I answered your most important area for you.. Should you wish to continue I had already left you a message stating my hours of availability at the Circle. I thank you for the 5 Stars Love & Light, Tamika X
    • Jewles
      On 06 January 2024

      Not much of a reading

      Response from Tamika on 06 January 2024
      Hello new client, your reading with me was a promotional offer that only lasted 4 minutes, I offered insight into the area that you had asked for, after I asked you which specific area you wanted me to touch on in such a small space of time, you had agreed with what I had picked up also and have given me 5 stars rating to which I thank you for. Should you wish to have a further indepth reading as I had immediately offered after this reading I am more than happy to continue for you. with Love & Light, Tamika X

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