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✨ I connect to Spirit and work with personally created & channelled message decks, charms, colour and tarot where necessary

✨ I often channel songs, poetry and buried shadow thoughts in readings

✨ And…..because you clicked into my profile, here’s an affirmation to repeat as a thank you:

Love, great health, joy, abundance& peace are my absolute inheritance
I receive them openly,
In & on all planes of existence
I trust it to be done now
And so it is

✨ One of my biggest strength is Integrity in all things I do & in my being - I’d be honoured to guide you in understanding and seeing situations from an objective and higher perspective


✨ I have had a strong connection to Spirit from a young age

✨ Love letters from your person

✨ Reiki, Energy Grounding & Cleansing

✨ Inner Child Healing


✨ Please use the alarm bell to alert you when I’m next online…unfortunately, I am unable to give a set day/time

Client reviews : 43   -   Average rating : 5
« Sorry I didn't get to say thank you before we got cut off. Thank you for the amazing reading. I look forward to see how things unfold.  »
    • A1978
      On 27 May 2023

      Sorry I didn't get to say thank you before we got cut off. Thank you for the amazing reading. I look forward to see how things unfold.

    • Circle11652198
      On 26 May 2023

      Amazing, so accurate and reassuring. You picked up on everything I called about. Thankyou so much for your time, I appreciate it x

    • Lou
      On 26 May 2023

      Wonderfully gifted. Thank you

    • M1954
      On 19 March 2023

      Brilliant and bang on with all aspects of my life . Highly recommended.

    • Circle11938798
      On 07 March 2023

      Amazing. Just amazing. So much information in one go, a lot to take in. Very annoyed with myself for not realising that I’d run out of credit as I lost connection mid reading; will be returning soon to hear the rest.

    • Circle_12049118
      On 10 January 2023

      Sweety’s predictions from earlier on in the year had started to manifest so I rang for an updated look at the situation. I didn’t need to ask my questions because Sweety answered them before I said anything other than my name and dob! Everything said coincided with the changes in my situation that Sweety did not know about. I really value reading with sweety as they are jam packed full of information and her timelines are pretty accurate :) thank you

    • Circle_11621158
      On 21 October 2022

      The reading started with information just flowing through, so extraordinary, with questions then answered & information again flowing through. Amazing! And so great to speak with - thanks so much Sweety

    • Circle_11782858
      On 18 October 2022

      Wow! What can I say apart from just feeling so very blessed to have connected with Sweety on a few occasions now. Everytime she just blows me away with her incredible connection to spirit and the abundant downloads of information. Spot on accurate and laser sharp details about my situation. Thank you Sweety for your help and insights, so grateful to you.

    • Circle_12501648
      On 05 October 2022

      I just wanted to say a massive thank you! Tonight was one of the best readings I’ve had! You picked up on my situation so well without me having to say anything. Your gift is absolutely amazing. I’ll definitely book longer next time. You came across really lovely too! Thanks again. Hopefully speak to you again soon!”

    • Circle_11611768
      On 03 October 2022

      Had the first reading with Sweety. She is definitely a gifted real psychic and she gave some information that were correct. But I did not feel the same way as other people are reviewing on here. I guess it's a lot to do with the energy between reader and caller, so maybe I simply collaborate better with other readers. Regardless, it was a good experience and I thank her for her time and valuable reading.

    • Circle_12139738
      On 03 October 2022

      I can't add to all the superlatives like, wow, amazing, blown away, unbelievable etc. as this is exactly how I found this truly incredible reading I had with Sweety. It was as if she got into the mind of the POI, and described him and the situation in minute detail. I was simply gob smacked! Thank you SO much dear Sweety for sharing your incredible gift. I will let you know how tings work out as per your predictions. I am extremely happy xxxxxxx

    • stream_3469
      On 30 September 2022

      I've had many many readings over the last 19 years and Sweety puts the majority of those to shame. She is a cut above the rest. Remarkable lady with her unique delivery and genuine connection with tbe spirit world..

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