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.Availability: There are changes to my availability due to things out of my control. I will still log on when I can inbetween regular hours but my main days from now on will be Wednesday 4.30pm till 8.30pm - Thursday 1.30pm till 4.30pm then 5.30pm till 8.30pm and Saturday 1.30pm to 4.30pm then 5.30pm till 8.30pm

See below at the bottom of the page for any changes to my availability.

I start with laying tarot cards out because it helps me link in and start the reading quickly. Then as the reading progresses my guides will give information and sometimes spirit from the clients side also come in with a message but I cannot guarantee a direct spirit connection.

I can lay cards around questions if you want a specific thing looked at. Timings are something that cannot be looked at accurately because people are subject to free will and I will not promise that something will happen for a specific date but I will look around the situation to see what shows up.

I am a natural born empath which means I can tune into your energy to link in on a more personal level. I work with the moon and can send that Luna energy over to you with the help of my unique channelled symbols that link into spirit and the moon to let me know what you need. I have written my symbols onto cards and use them in the reading as well to help communicate with spirit.

It is important to me that when the reading is ended the client feels empowered and can see that they do have the strength to make any changes needed. I do like to be truthful and with chat it can sometimes come across in the wrong way, but I will always try to deliver the messages from the reading in the best way that I can.

A request from me:

Love & Relationships, Career, Dream Interpretation. Specific questions.

I have worked alongside Spirit all my life and it has naturally become my profession. It has been my full time job for many years.

Clairvoyant, Psychic,, Spirit Guides

Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Pendulum, Crystals

Allow yourself to be Spirit lead and try not to judge, everyone has their own path to walk

I enjoy working with spirit and being out in nature. I am in the process of writing a book and I produce a blog. I make faerie inspired sculptures. I am making my own oracle cards and I use the hand drawn ones in my readings for the circle. I paint and draw and am currently working with mixed media to produce my symbols from my oracle cards onto pictures.


I have worked alongside Spirit all my life and it has naturally become my profession. It has been my full time job for many years.


Sunday 21st - Monday 22nd - I will be back available at 3.30am on Monday morning. I will put a new rota up for the week also later in the day.

Client reviews : 1241   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Just wonderful, gave a lot of detail Thk u so much. Pray I make it to the other side »
    • N1964
      On 20 July 2024

      Just wonderful, gave a lot of detail Thk u so much. Pray I make it to the other side

    • mikalarouse
      On 19 July 2024

      I just had a reading with Suzi and I’ve got to say she is the best reader on here. She was honest and helped me clarify a situation and put my mind at ease. Thanks Suzi xx

    • Jessica
      On 08 July 2024

      Thank you! Good as always

    • Whit
      On 07 July 2024

      Amazing! Would definitely recommend! Very detailed. Answers all questions. Leaves no stone unturned. I will keep you posted on POI ;) x

    • Dreya
      On 27 June 2024

      Been chatting to Suzi for a few years now. She doesn't sugar coat or feed me what I want to hear, which is great, as when she is positive that feels genuine and encouraging. Suzi is a great go-to when I've got a question that needs an immediate answer, she's honest, direct, and gives sage advice. Thanks again!

    • Crystal
      On 24 May 2024

      Unfortunately nothing she said was true. Especially with what I know of my situation. It’s slightly dangerous being that inaccurate, because if I was fragile and naive, her reading would’ve made me spiral. Luckily I know my situation enough to not easily believe anything that is far fetched.

    • Circle12390728
      On 10 May 2024

      Thank you so much for the reading.My network had some issues.But thank you for providing the guidance I was looking for. Totally indebted!

    • Circle11138068
      On 07 May 2024

      Lovely reading, very helpful.

    • Circle12100408
      On 28 April 2024

      Amazing as always xx

    • R2w
      On 28 April 2024

      Thanks so much Suzi. You were right. I did get help from the people you said and it all came true.

    • Stream1425
      On 21 April 2024

      Awesome as always. Things played out as she said.... thank you again Suzi x

    • Circle11609008
      On 20 April 2024

      Always accurate and really nice, but honest too x

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