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I have been offering detailed and insightful readings for many years, based on a combination of animal, spirit, mythological, goddess and traditional tarot. I am here to help people make conscious choices and offer hope, where things may sometimes look difficult. I am a compassionate and down to earth listener and advisor, with over 20 years experience in the holistic sphere. I have also written courses for holistic providers in finding peace, zen yoga, mindfulness & meditation, connecting with your higher self, and neuro-linguistic programming. It's all about empowering people to open their minds and improve lives. You are beautiful, you are bountiful, you are loved.

Call me today so you can take the next step towards deeper happiness.


Over 20 years guiding people to healthier, happier lives. Author of numerous self-help courses, yoga elder, mindfulness and NLP coach. PhD candidate in animal and nature connections, Primatologist (MSc), Also a degree holder in Psychology and Social Neuro


Mon 6am-8am & 11am-4pm
Tues 7am-1pm
Thurs 11am-4pm & 8-10pm
Fri 6am-8am
Sat 11am-3pm

Client reviews : 8   -   Average rating : 5
« Lovely clear and empowering guidance. »
    • Kate
      On 02 September 2023

      Lovely clear and empowering guidance.

      Response from Summer on 02 September 2023
      Thanks for choosing me to chat with today - have a beautiful day x
    • Tommccool
      On 30 August 2023

      Summer provided a very good description of my current situation without asking questions. She gave detailed predictions, overall excellent reading..

      Response from Summer on 30 August 2023
      Thank you, a pleasure to tune into the energies and plans. You have lovely life connections.
    • R1981
      On 29 August 2023

      Summer is lovely and reassuring.

      Response from Summer on 29 August 2023
      Thank you so much x
    • Circle11621158
      On 22 August 2023

      Summer was so great, her reading was short, sharp & sweet, highly recommended

      Response from Summer on 22 August 2023
      Thank you! Look forward to chatting again and seeing the development! X
    • Marielo
      On 22 August 2023

      Fab- Fast , accurate , no unnecessary bla bla or cheap counselling. Super helpful . Predictions made . :)

      Response from Summer on 22 August 2023
      Thank you! So lovely to connect with you - look forward to your bright future!
    • Leah
      On 18 August 2023

      Honestly the best. And accurate. Predictions come true. Thank you so much you’re an angel x

      Response from Summer on 18 August 2023
      Thank you, just a joy to converse with, what a beautiful soul!
    • Circle11591888
      On 05 August 2023

      It was a good reading, she is a fast typer which helps given the increased prices

      Response from Summer on 05 August 2023
      Thank you, glad to help you with some answers.
    • Circle11921938
      On 05 August 2023

      Sweet & practical.

      Response from Summer on 05 August 2023
      Thank you so much. Blessings x

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