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My Spiritual Mantra…. You only have control over your present and your future, you cannot control the past. Spirit will not make your choices for you, they will only guide you through your choices.Be open to the messages that my guide may deliver, we will be honest and all messages will be delivered with respect, please therefore be respectful in return.
I am a natural Energy Reader and use Tarot as a tool. With my Guide, Carole, we will link with energy to assist you with the clarity that you seek.
Love & Relationships, Family & Home, Career
My Gifts include:
Natural Empath, Energy Reader, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Occasional Automatic Writing
Spiritual Development, Family, Nature, Cultures


I come from a long line of natural experienced “women of knowing". I have known my guide since child, we have a truthful and bonded connection where I trust her implicitly.


I will be available to take consultations on:
18th June 1800 to 2000
19th June 1800 to 2000
20th June 1800 to 2000
21st June 1600 to 1800
23rd June 1500 to 1600

Client reviews : 176   -   Average rating : 4.9
« So accurate thank you. My favourite reader. »
    • Circle12100878
      On 29 May 2024

      So accurate thank you. My favourite reader.

    • A1968
      On 20 May 2024

      Ciao! Have been getting advice from Star Clair for years now. I forgot that she had mentioned a big acting job around end of April…. Well close enough on the first week of May I got a worldwide TV campaign job! She said to relax and stop overthinking about an issue with my garage and it worked out close enough again just as you said !! Thank you Star Clair and Carol for allowing me to drive you crazy!! ???? A.

    • Vi
      On 16 May 2024

      Have had some great readings with Star Clair and Carol, and will most definitely call again :)

    • G1970
      On 11 May 2024

      Star Claire is a star reader!

    • Juliaw
      On 14 May 2024

      Thank you so much Star Clair & Carol! You picked up such a lot in 10 minutes. You really are both stars. Let’s hope it comes true & guy communicates more in a few weeks! Love & light. Julia xx

    • Sd
      On 08 May 2024

      I was lucky to connect with her today as she is always busy. Star Clair and her guide Carol were very quick to give the information and guidance. It was a very good connection as I was able to validate what she was picking up. Very friendly and kind reader. my questions were answered and I am very happy to have the reading with Carol and Star Clair today. If you can get hold of her, you will not be disappointed. Thanks again.

    • K
      On 06 May 2024

      Absolutely amazing thank you both so much for everything, I know you said a 5 well today we had a very long calm chat things feel better I know we have a road ahead but it feels better I’m not sure if this will continue or the start of the 5 or maybe not related at all it doesn’t feel like the pinnacle 5 lol we shall see I’ll update you soon xx

    • Circle12100878
      On 01 May 2024

      Very helpful and lifted my soul. Thank you. Xx

    • Tr
      On 01 May 2024

      Still no word from him no return think it’s time to give up and move on think he may of moved on

    • Dee Dee
      On 30 April 2024

      I had a reading with star and Carol over a week ago they gave me a date to watch it unfold and wow how accurate they were ! Thank you ladies it meant alot .

    • Circle12100878
      On 26 April 2024

      Lovely reading...thank you.

    • Amy
      On 09 April 2024

      Fabulous as always! The person from the past did come in as predicted and Star Clair was able to tell me about an inside joke that nobody else knows about… gave me a good giggle lol. I always follow the guidance given and it’s never steered me wrong. Would definitely recommend. Thank you x

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