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A reading with me will be motivational; I am very direct, empathetic, and empowering. I will put your mind at ease with my channelled readings to help you create your best life.


I specialise in Love & Relationships, Family, Career, Past Lives and Mediumship.


I have been consulting on TheCircle since 2020 but have helped people through divination and connecting with high spirits all my life and have been working professionally helping people through my spiritual gifts for over 10 years. .


As a Clairvoyant, Psychic, Shaman and Medium I work with the Angels and Spirit Guides.


Mediumship and psychic abilities, Remote viewing, Angels , Guides,Crystals, Sound and Light Language and Tibetan Bowls. T


I am abundant and abundance is my birth right.


I love being surrounded by nature and tuning into the natural rhythm of the divine.


Professional Retreat Shaman Healer
Professional Psychic and Medium
Professional Tarot reader
Over 10 years


Usually between 6am and 11am / 7pm-1am but can request me at anytime

Client reviews : 403   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Thanks Soulstar, we covered a lot, i really get a lot from your insight and guidance xxx »
    • Circle11808718
      On 27 May 2024

      Thanks Soulstar, we covered a lot, i really get a lot from your insight and guidance xxx

      Response from Soulstar on 03 June 2024
      Thank you so much beautiful! I appreciate you alot! Sending you love
    • Circle11150728
      On 14 May 2024

      Thank you for the wonderful reading. So much given with I believe true guidance. Bless you my dear soul sister xxx

      Response from Soulstar on 03 June 2024
      Amazing to connect with you darling , sending you massive hugs and so much love,remember you are already on the right path xxx
    • San
      On 14 May 2024

      Sorry I got cut off but thank you for a wonderful reading xx

      Response from Soulstar on 03 June 2024
      Thank you darling! Take care of you and look forward to speaking with you soon xx
    • Circle11150728
      On 09 May 2024

      Always a 5 star reading from lovely Soulstar. Thank you for what you get in my behalf. Thank you for the guidance . Bless you my soul sister xxx

    • Shane
      On 06 May 2024

      I love you Soulstar. You're great xxx

    • Tr
      On 02 May 2024

      Absolutely amazing lovely lady fast typist and voice notes

    • Daisy
      On 29 April 2024

      You are amazing. So much respect for this reader ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Circle11150728
      On 26 April 2024

      So good to chat to you this morning. I asked a lot of questions and you answered everything and gave me guidance to help me going forward. I will do what you suggested with so much love back to you xxx

    • Circle11150728
      On 23 April 2024

      Such an informative reading as always. Your five star soul star xxx

      Response from Soulstar on 26 April 2024
      Thank you beautiful! Thank you for trusting in me to channel for you , keep up with your focus on you and where you are headed, its all falling into place for you ;)
    • Stacey
      On 05 April 2024

      Very thorough content via chat.. I’ll do as you suggested & hope your predictions come true x

      Response from Soulstar on 22 April 2024
      Sending you extra loving energy and support yes :) keep it up you are on your way to receiving everything you are praying for! hugs xx
    • Circle11347818
      On 04 April 2024

      GOSH!!! Thank you for resetting me ????I have become so bogged down. Amazing reading and voice clips……..your soul is beautiful ????????????

      Response from Soulstar on 22 April 2024
      Its ok darling , give yourself grace and appreciation :) sometimes we go through ebbs and flows but you are still on your path regardless ! you can trust your process, thank you for trusting in me, i believe in you !!
    • Circle11283758
      On 29 March 2024

      Thank you soo much for your guidance and the clarity. Such good advice too. Really hope the predictions come true! Xxx

      Response from Soulstar on 22 April 2024
      Thank you so much beautiful for trusting in me to channel for you ! I see you have more blessings opening up to you in the next 9days so keep on doing things to help your mind and body relax so you can stay in receiving mode more , dont fall for the anxiety , you don't have to keep giving your energy away to your thoughts, your thoughts DO NOT OWN YOU , so call back your power to you!! :)

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