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My style is direct, uplifting and empowering. Wondering what's going on with a partner or love connection? Need an uplift or guidance on how to approach a situation? Get in touch and let's figure it out.
Love & Relationships
I have been connected to vibes and energies my whole life. I finally began to make sense of this and started to read professionally within the last few years.
Clairsentient, Intuitive
Tarot, oracle and energy cards.
The best way to predict the future... create it!
I teach Yoga and love to practice Yoga. I love cooking, animals, nature, boats, beaches, sunsets and spending time with my lovely family, boyfriend and friends!

Client reviews : 219   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Remarkable reading. The reader tuned into relationships and tuned into a guy that I'm very fond of. Very accurate and down to earth. Keep up the good work . Best wishes. Jas x »
    • stream_1259
      On 03 April 2022

      Remarkable reading. The reader tuned into relationships and tuned into a guy that I'm very fond of. Very accurate and down to earth. Keep up the good work . Best wishes. Jas x

    • logans
      On 02 April 2022


    • Circle_12428158
      On 09 December 2021

      Sophie was spot on, and even managed to get an insight into what I do for work without me saying. Amazing.

    • Circle_12399718
      On 02 December 2021

      It cut off before i could say thank you! Excellent reading - full of detail and picked up on some stuff i didn't even mention. Very good and lots of compassion. Thank you <3

    • abbujan
      On 01 December 2021

      Didn't believe her at the time but it happened.

    • Circle_11357228
      On 30 November 2021

      Sophia is incredible she tunes in super accurately and really provides genuine insight. She’s a lovely lovely person and is full of love and support. Her readings have always been accurate and empowering. I love Sophia to bits and would highly recommend. She’s one of the best readers I’ve ever come across. Incredible! Love you lots Sophia xxxxxx

    • Circle_11982698
      On 30 November 2021

      Much clearer now - just what I needed right now

    • rangana
      On 27 November 2021

      Accurate, professional. outstanding.

    • Circle_11137148
      On 17 November 2021

      Sophia is amazing, she can really enter into people's feelings and insides very deeply. A super star reading!! Thank you!!xxx

    • Circle_11267038
      On 07 November 2021

      Amazing! Read my POI and saw how his current feelings are, intentions and where future predictions. Thank you for your sincerity ❤️

    • Circle_11413288
      On 07 November 2021

      Lovely, kind and so spot on! Love speaking to Sophia, though I had to cut it short as on a budget - sorry my lovely! To all who read this review - don’t be too put off by the cost; Sophia tunes in within seconds and gives so much detail and read pois to a T! Genuinely worth every penny. Love and light xxx

    • Circle_11297798
      On 07 November 2021

      Really lovely Reader, first time and using chat too - its quite pricey for 30mins but I felt reassured, it was like she really picked up on the POI, and sensed his character and helped me see a different perspective from my more fear-based one. Thank you!!

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