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As a Medium, I work closely with my Spirit Guides I will channel the evidence for you, I specialise in getting messages from your Spirit Guides and from your loved ones in Spirit.

I specialise in Love & Relationships, twin flames and career direction.

I've been consulting on TheCircle since 2004. I have over 30 years of experience working professionally.

I channel messages for you using Spirit Guides and also as a Medium and my Clairvoyance.

clairvoyant, clairsentient, medium, angel readings, dream interpretation, crystal ball and tarot.

You are a child of the universe, no less than the stars and trees. You have a right to be here.

I love nothing better than spending time with my grandchildren and also knitting and sewing when I have the time.


Friday 12.-1.30 pm

Client reviews : 655   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Very accurate on current events. Unsure about future predictions as they never appear to be accurate with most of the psychic readings on here.  »
    • Afia
      On 29 March 2024

      Very accurate on current events. Unsure about future predictions as they never appear to be accurate with most of the psychic readings on here.

    • Circle11138068
      On 25 March 2024

      Thank you for a positive reading - will look out for the job.

    • Jill1251
      On 17 March 2024

      Thanks for that :) Looks like some interesting times ahead!

    • Stream7031
      On 15 March 2024

      So it’s back to Sweden I will keep you posted. I’m going to look so good that even if he doesn’t want to look my way he won’t be able to help himself. I will be unforgettable. This Viking Is going to have to work for his dinner. Just you wait and see

    • A1968
      On 14 March 2024

      There are many talented and accurate psychics at the Circle and Serenity still remains one of the best. She’s so quick to connect and really gives such clarity to the situation. The information just flows and always so correct. Many validations again today. Thank you Serenity. I will always be back. Xxx

    • Circle11836198
      On 04 March 2024

      My love angel guide auntie so accurate, the only person I connect with 100 percent. We discuss a Silly matter that means a lot to me.I am very grateful to her as without her advice I would have handled some situations much differently. I have learnt a lot about patience during this time. Thank you xxx

    • A1970
      On 26 February 2024

      Trust Serenity words. She pours her heart and gifts in the reading she does.

    • A1970
      On 26 February 2024

      Serenity has been reading for me for nearly 20 years… and is the outmost accurate you could wish for. A very candid soul that has amazing gifts. Thank you- for guiding me through the storms of life. five stars are not enough for Serenity!

    • Stream14556
      On 20 February 2024

      Absolutely fab as always! Thank you Serenity. Lots of Love.

    • Circle11313478
      On 20 February 2024

      Excellent as ever Serenity, I feel you know my Mum as well has I did. Be in touch

    • Circle11186918
      On 20 February 2024

      Brilliant insights into two very different areas of my life. Thank you, Serenity for mentioning the word "bored" it brought back memories. Many thanks.

    • Lily
      On 17 February 2024

      Fantastic reading! So many things made sense to me and I was so happy with the message overall. Serenity is amazing! Will definitely be coming back!

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