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When reading I use tarot cards and oracle cubes and often draw upon crystal energy and my own personal spirit guides in order to make a clear connection with my callers.  I am able to give guidance on career & relationships and can often connect with an individual’s past life in order to bring clarity to current situations.

My main expertise is the ability to give a caller guidance on issues concerning self-worth, self-realisation, and letting go of negative thought patterns and behaviour. 

My purpose is to find a positive solution or answer to a caller’s predicament so that they feel inspired to take beneficial action forward.

If it is positive encouragement you want then I am your girl.


I have been reading for the younger and older generation for over 20 years and am a psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Empath, and Medium. I am a qualified NLP practitioner, and Reiki Master, and have a diploma in Hypnotherapy and certificates in Art T


Wednesday 3rd April 2.00pm
Thursday 4th April 7.30am - 16.30pm
Friday April 5th 8.00am - 5.00pm
Saturday TBC
Sunday TBC
Monday 8.00am - 5.00pm

Client reviews : 386   -   Average rating : 4.7
« Thank you! what an amazing reading! »
    • Stream10732
      On 10 April 2024

      Thank you! what an amazing reading!

      Response from Sara P on 11 April 2024
      you are welcome Stream10732 looking forward to hearing how everything is going..
    • Juliaw
      On 10 April 2024

      Very nice lady & in tune. Let’s hope it improves soon. x

      Response from Sara P on 11 April 2024
      Thank you for the lovely feedback, it was lovely to chat. Keep the faith all will be ok x
    • Circle11159478
      On 29 March 2024

      Sara P you are so on point with your reading for me, since announcing my return to work after months being off, I’ve just been told there are a lot of changes in my workplace and on other things you told me too. Thank you so much x

      Response from Sara P on 11 April 2024
      You are welcome Circle11159478 it was great speaking to you. Looking forward to connecting again. Good luck with everything x
    • K1980
      On 24 March 2024

      She was reasuring but obviously time will tell if things do indeed improve

      Response from Sara P on 11 April 2024
      K1980 timing is always divine. Things are changing everyday so hang on in there and stay focussed on your self love routine x
    • Stream1253
      On 23 February 2024

      Thank you Sara for a very informative reading, it was really helpful. Sorry it was cut short. I will definitely have a longer reading next time.

      Response from Sara P on 04 March 2024
      You are welcome stream1253 lovely chatting. Look forward to doing it again x
    • A1968
      On 21 February 2024

      Always bubbly always giggling … a breath of fresh air when you’re feeling confused and a little off centre. Sara links with her cubes and cards and is simply amazing with the detail and validations she delivers. I’ve been having readings with Sara now since 2021 and always go back for a fix of her energy and guidance. Beautiful lady. Xx

      Response from Sara P on 21 February 2024
      Thank you my lovely your feedback is always so positive and always appreciated. Many blessings to you xx
    • San
      On 09 February 2024

      Sara has helped me understand so much about my journey. I love speaking to her as I get so much clarity to what and why I am feeling the way I am. Thank you so much Sara x

      Response from Sara P on 10 February 2024
      San you are such a joy to chat to and always open to the guidance given. I am so proud of you for the courage and bravery you have had to make your life the best it can be. Like everything it is a process and can take time to receive the results we are looking for and it takes strength and patience. Blessings to you and look forward to hearing the next step. Sara x
    • Jobee
      On 08 February 2024

      Very good and very reassuring

      Response from Sara P on 08 February 2024
      You are welcome Jobee look forward to chatting again x
    • San
      On 07 February 2024

      Thank you for all your guidance x

      Response from Sara P on 07 February 2024
      Always welcome San, trust yourself now and continue to move forwards sending lots of blessings xx
    • Kirsty
      On 06 February 2024

      Sara was great and straight to the point. Very helpful! Thanks so much!!

      Response from Sara P on 07 February 2024
      Bless you thank you Kirsty I, glad I was helpful to you . Look forward to hearing from you again x
    • A1968
      On 04 February 2024

      I’m running out of things to say about Sara. I mean you can never run out of good things to say about her, because she’s simply amazing, but with each review I need to find something new to say because she deserves the recognition. . She’s a HUGE light. She’s funny, has an infectious laugh, nothing is too much trouble and she’s so empathetic. But hugely importantly she’s is very connected to spirit and the messages she relays back. Over the years of speaking to her she has always been spot on. Sometimes we have a wait a while and things might get seen in reverse order, but they are always there, and predictions come to fruition. We may not always like the outcome, but Sara is so positive and always has a way of making me laugh. I will always be back xx

      Response from Sara P on 05 February 2024
      Thank you A1968 what a lovely surprise to read such a. Wonderful review. Always love talking to you and sending lots of blessings xx
    • Liv
      On 30 January 2024

      Had an amazing chat with Sara today who gave me lots of guidance in life! And got what was going on in my life as soon as I started chatting with her! Highly recommend thank you Sara!

      Response from Sara P on 05 February 2024
      You are welcome Liv . It was great chatting and thank you for the recommendation x

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