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Given my family background of Romany Gypsy heritage, I'm able to utilise my natural born gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairesentience and Mediumship in order to predict, sense and channel into universal energies. This includes opening the gateway of communication to the Spirit world in order to bring further insight of the bigger picture around you via my divination tool of the Tarot. Given my experience, my cards are honest and not only do they reflect your soul journey, they inspire me to bring love and light where needed most.
Love & Relationships, Family & Home, Life Coaching
I am a natural born empath and my Spirit Guides have been my teachers for over 25 years
Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Mediumship and conversing with My own guides and the clients.
Divination Tools used : Tarot Cards, Pendulum
You are a diamond
 It is time for you to shine
Your opinion matters
You are a magnet for Love
Self love is a natural state of being
You are wanted and Loved
Meditation, Music , Dance, Yoga and Reading


I have been a natural born empath , healer, and psychic medium for the last 30 years with a vast amount of life experience. My many years of dedication has brought me the vital enlightenment needed in order to allow me to access the harnessing of my power


26th September : My sincere apologies I'm afraid I've had to cancel this evenings availability due to my Daughter being very poorly so must Prioritise her needs, will update my next availability Asap and thankyou for your understanding Love Sara x

Client reviews : 338   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Spot on as usual! Tuning into the current situation and giving prediction that I’m confident in, as previous ones and timings have come to pass. Thank you Sara Xxxx and sorry we got cut off Xxx »
    • Akelly
      On 24 September 2023

      Spot on as usual! Tuning into the current situation and giving prediction that I’m confident in, as previous ones and timings have come to pass. Thank you Sara Xxxx and sorry we got cut off Xxx

    • Huong
      On 21 September 2023

      Hi Sara, I feel like I should update you. I am OK eventually after 10 months of all the downs and confusion and hope. I deserve better with my inner peace as you tried to work me out and help me…. You are such a sweetheart. I owed you for all your support and kindness. I hope you are well, happy and be safe always xxx

      Response from Sara M on 22 September 2023
      Hi Huong, Thank you for your update I'm so happy you've taken my advice including that of what your heart is craving nutrition-wise, and as you start to put these new-found theories into the best practice, you'll truly begin to feel such a positive shift within your life which will be ever more empowering as you start to venture forwards embracing all that you truly deserve and more. And always here to support your needs, sweet soul you truly are a joy to work with too. Love Sara X
    • Stream4616
      On 21 September 2023

      I’ve been having readings with Sara now for the last couple of months, regarding a work issue. She kept telling me things will sort itself out and work will be fine. I trust her but until it happened, I was still stressing and anxious. Last week I got a call from my new boss,and my work has stayed the same and it’s a big weight of my shoulders. I’m much happier and Sara was spot on again. I totally believe in her and trust her completely, she is such a lovely person and I totally believe in her x

      Response from Sara M on 22 September 2023
      Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback, and your trust in me I value so highly. I also truly respect and fully understand that seeing is believing based on predictions during intuitive readings, and I'm so pleased all came to fruition based on the importance of your stability as knew very well how anxious you were back there and was only a temporary storm in a teacup as predicted. Onwards and upwards now and truly enjoy working with you as always beautiful ray of light so shine on you will, looking forward to reconnecting with you again when suits you. Love Sara x
    • Circle16star
      On 21 September 2023

      Thank you for connecting for me today, feeling very positive ???? ✨️

      Response from Sara M on 22 September 2023
      So pleased you found your reading positive along with the outcome thank you for your 5-star review. Love Sara x
    • Circle11301228
      On 17 September 2023

      Lovely reading with Sara. Cheered me up and encouraged me to have some faith and think positive.

      Response from Sara M on 22 September 2023
      Thank you for your 5-star review and so pleased you felt the positive benefits from your reading moving forward and long may this continue. Love Sara x
    • Pete
      On 16 September 2023

      Amazing accuracy and a thoroughly good reading - lovely to talk to

      Response from Sara M on 22 September 2023
      Sending gratitude your way Pete and so greatful for your 5-star review, and so pleased our connection was a quality one reinforcing your thoughts shared a joy to have worked with you too, and I wish you and yours well. Love Sara x
    • Circle11218018
      On 15 September 2023

      Sara's support and predictions helped me in the past and she has helped me a lot today as well. thank you Sara

      Response from Sara M on 22 September 2023
      What a lovely 5-star review thank you so much and so pleased you enjoyed your past and present readings and your feeling much better within yourself which makes my work as a psychic so worthwhile. Love Sara x
    • R1981
      On 14 September 2023

      Talking to Sara has a weird effect on me. Even if her predictions will be different than others. They will be accurate, soothing and give me peace. She has a magical impact on me. She's a life source n I love her

    • Liam
      On 13 September 2023

      Many thanks Sara for the very uplifting reading as always. Very accurate and specific details and very insightful. Hope to chat again soon!

      Response from Sara M on 14 September 2023
      Thank you so much for your kind and insightful review and so pleased you enjoyed your reading and I look forward to reconnecting with you in the future. Love Sara x
    • Marielo
      On 10 September 2023

      Faaaaabulous reading as always .I adore those calls with Sara. Precious. Kind, intelligent and empathic , those conversations are filled with accurate insights and predictions over and over again. Merci ✨ - as always.

    • Circle11254158
      On 03 September 2023

      Beautiful reading with Sara. What a gorgeous soul she is. Would highly recommended. Will catch up with you soon and let you know how I'm getting on. Lots of love Jan xx

      Response from Sara M on 04 September 2023
      Thank you so much for your lovely review and recommendation I am so pleased you felt so comfortable in my presence as your reader as we connected so well based on your outcomes. And yes please would really appreciate your updates and any future support I can offer you in the future :-) Love Sara X
    • H812
      On 04 September 2023

      Thank you so much for your thoughts Sara. It’s always so pleasant to talk to you with all of your genuineness, clear insights and direction. You are beautiful at heart X

      Response from Sara M on 04 September 2023
      Have really appreciated your feedback Huong, and really enjoyed working with you knowing that clarity won through and your now feeling those benefits as you start to put all the good into practice. Love Sara X

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