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I can help you find your true life purpose using my natural abilities. You can be sure of a non judgemental, caring and compassionate consultation that will leave you feeling empowered.


I specialise in Love & Relationships and Family & Home.


I’ve been consulting on TheCircle since November 2020 and I have over 13 years of experience reading professionally but my connection with my Spirit Guides has been with me all of my life.


Clairvoyant, Clairaudience, Clairsentient, Dreams.


I use a Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards and colour.


I believe and therefore anything is possible. I believe positive energy can uplift any situation.


Helping others find peace is my hobby.

Client reviews : 14   -   Average rating : 4.3
« A blessed reading. Thank you »
    • Circle_12512358
      On 15 August 2022

      Doesn't know the difference between twin flame and soulmates unless you've met your twin flame you won't know the difference so the advice I got wasn't right. Your twin flame actually feels like your missing a mirror as in your actual self even without the inner work. It's a shared frequency and not a similar frequncy. Feel I couldn't get info I needed I'll seek twin flame expert next time.

    • kaveri56
      On 12 August 2022

      When ai asked for clarity, again vague, followed by vague. Disappointed as lacked detail.

    • Circle_11368498
      On 03 August 2022

      Very comforting, open, straightforward and good predictions.

    • rangana
      On 30 July 2022

      So so

    • Circle_12167828
      On 18 May 2022

      A blessed reading. Thank you

    • Circle_12049118
      On 17 May 2022

      I really enjoyed my reading with Salem, she was accurate and I did have a dream that night as you predicted! The reading was realistic and the validations were correct. Salem is also a really nice person to speak with. My only criticism for a chat reading was that the typing was a little slow but, I haven't knocked off a star because the reading itself was accurate.

    • Circle_11439348
      On 17 May 2022

      feeling veryt positive about my last reading

    • Circle_11950188
      On 02 March 2021

      Positive reading

    • Circle_11931708
      On 18 February 2021

      There wasn’t really anything about what I asked for it was more about angels and spirit and guides but I don’t know whether I see any good coming. I don’t think I got the reading that was worth today. Perhaps maybe soon I shall see ...

    • CircleIn_111250
      On 09 February 2021

      Salem connected with me straight away and answered my questions clearly and compassionately. Well worth a reading with her.. will be back xx

    • Circle_12172568
      On 09 February 2021

      some good and enlightening suggestions. Very positive and kind overall.

    • Circle_12186588
      On 28 January 2021

      She was very on point accurate and did not need any details.I will call her again.

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