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« Really accurate about people involved thank you so much »
  • Chatkate
    On 19 March 2023

    Really accurate about people involved thank you so much

    Response from Val M on 21 March 2023
    Lovely to chat to you C and thank you so much for the lovely comment and rating you gave me. It was a pleasure to read for you. Val M xxxxx
  • Dreya
    On 19 March 2023

    Thank you Val! Great reading, packed full of unusual details, and an uncanny recognition of the POI's personality, connecting along various lines and really understanding the situation without any prompting. She has a variety of talents, but call Val with a question, and if the reading was like mine, you won't be disappointed. Appreciate it Val, very helpful. Andrea x

    Response from Val M on 19 March 2023
    Its great to hear from you Andrea and do your reading for you. Thank you so much for the kind words and wonderful rating. I really appreciate it. Val M xxxxx
  • Circle11161958
    On 19 March 2023

    Amazing reading. She’s super accurate

    Response from Val M on 19 March 2023
    Great to hear from you and thank you so much for your lovely comments. Love and light xxxxx
  • Circle11368498
    On 20 March 2023

    Great reading, very informative and very appreciated the advise. Thank you

  • Circle11389228
    On 16 March 2023

    It was my first reading with Val M and I can say that she is a good reader. The information came very quickly, there was lots of detail given and I felt optimistic at the end. She was a pleasure to talk too. Would recommend.

    Response from Val M on 16 March 2023
    Thank you so much, I really appreciate your review and cant wait to hear all your news. Wishing you a wonderful future. Val M xx
  • Circle11846918
    On 03 March 2023

    I didn't get quite what I was looking for but it wasn't a bad reading.

    Response from Val M on 16 March 2023
    Hi there Circle11846918. I will always do my best in all of my readings and wish you well for the future. Love and light from Val M x
  • Circle_11821018
    On 24 February 2023

    love val

  • Circle_11200398
    On 08 February 2023

    Thank you Val as always you’re amazing. It was lovely talking to you again. Lots of love N

  • SharonH1
    On 04 January 2023

    I will be back Val thank you so much. Val was very quick to respond, clear, honest and tuned in on my question wish i had more time but I will be back x

  • Circle_11193298
    On 09 November 2022

    Great reading

  • Circle_12433948
    On 04 November 2022

    Great reading and timescales for future predictions !

  • Circle_11312428
    On 28 October 2022

    Predictions have been spot on! What more do you want? Book a session! x

  • Circle_12530058
    On 28 October 2022

    She picked up on exactly what the issue has been about my situation. I hope the time line predication comes to pass. Really helpful thank you

  • Circle_11312428
    On 28 October 2022

    Val tunes in immediately, she is forthright about the differences in timing impact on readings, and she links in immediately with clear advice. Highly recommend!

  • Circle_11356698
    On 27 October 2022

    Read my situation correctly, insight was very helpful, some of which I was already aware of. Predictions given so looking forward to all of it unravelling. Thank you Val ????

  • Stream_5424
    On 16 October 2022

    Amazing reader

  • Circle_11312428
    On 16 October 2022

    Val picked up immediately with minimal inputs on the context and provided advice - I have mentioned earlier that her predictions have come true previously which is why I keep coming back. Today's reading was no exception. I cannot recommend Val enough. I've been on The Circle since 2013, btw.

  • Circle_11160528
    On 09 October 2022

    I had my first reading with Val I am so impressed. I had a gerneal reading. val picked everything up on me without me saying a word thank you Val for sharing your amazing gift. I will have another reading soon. Thank you. Xx

  • Circle_11312428
    On 09 October 2022

    Earlier this week, I connected with Val. It was after a while - in the past she has been eerily accurate with predictions.(I had been trying to get to her but she is very much in demand and booked!) - This time I deliberately provided little detail beyond the question; however, she picked up on context and defined the work and people situation and key stakeholders, immediately. Believe it or not, her predictions have started to unfold - even a skeptic like me can see it. Highly recommended.

  • Circle_12524798
    On 02 October 2022

    Highly recommend

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