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« Amazzzing , insightful and super accurate . Thank you ????  »
  • Marielo
    On 13 September 2023

    Amazzzing , insightful and super accurate . Thank you ????

  • Cari
    On 19 August 2023

    Amazing and friendly reading! Always makes sure you understand!

  • Circle16star
    On 02 August 2023

    Very attuned and direct, just what I needed, thank you ✨️

  • Circle11621158
    On 27 July 2023

    Great, really direct but lovely & doesn't waste time. Thanks Trishie

  • A1968
    On 13 July 2023

    Spur of the moment call as things were playing around in my head, and Trishi immediately put it into order for me. She linked into my issue without me really even saying a word. Amazing. I love that she says it how it is but with outstanding clarity and care. She was spot on with the person concerned and was able to really dig deep to give me further understanding. I called Trishi because I trust her judgement from previous conversations. I arrived confused and uncertain but left clear and determined. A great, clear and accurate quick call. Thank you Trishi ???? xx

    Response from Trishie on 19 July 2023
    Glad have been able to help you see a way forward with your situation
  • Circle12188728
    On 30 June 2023

    Trishie is straight to the point and tells you as it is !!! Wen speaking to her 3 years. Very good. Xxx

  • Circle12498868
    On 12 June 2023

    Excellent! Straight to the point , no waffling???? exactly what’s needed!

  • Circle16star
    On 09 June 2023

    Very reassuring, really appreciate your time.????✨️

  • Circle11186918
    On 09 May 2023

    Great, clear, detailed and insightful reading with Trishie. She hit the nail on the head with the dynamics of the areas of my life She looked into. She was also straight to the point which I really appreciate. Will definitely come back.

  • Circle_12049118
    On 10 January 2023

    Reading was good, my questions were answered without wasting time although I do feel that the answers were more experience based rather than spiritual based. Don’t get me wrong, Trishie was right but my mum could have told me the same about men without charge haha. Nice lady, can have a laugh and she was helpful but there was no spiritual input that day… probably wasn’t needed but even so…

  • Circle_11118038
    On 14 November 2022

    Trishie is such a lovely, lovely lady. I only really had one point of interest and Trishie could link in with such clarity and accuracy, which is quite remarkable. She got my situation and the person of interest down to a T! She didn't ask any questions, but was able to quickly get to the root of the matter. So worth a call to this wonderful lady. Thanks Trishie x

  • Circle_11504078
    On 02 October 2022

    Trishie, gave me a lot of accurate information about the past and very detailed information about the future including descriptions and dates, so let's see what happens, could be very interesting times, thanks for the insight, look forward to letting you know what happens...Many Thanks

  • Circle_12515968
    On 26 August 2022

    Hit the nail on the head. I will follow your advice

  • Circle_12218058
    On 26 March 2022

    Very informative reading. Highly recommend

  • Erica374
    On 17 March 2022

    Trishies readings/predictions are always excellent and come true. Thank you Trishie

  • Erica374
    On 26 February 2022

    Another excellent reading with Trishie. This lady always gets things right. Thank you Trishie xx

  • Erica374
    On 27 November 2021

    Had a very good reading with Trishie a few days ago, and as usual her predication came 100% true within 2 Days. Thank you so much Trishie xxx

  • Circle_12139738
    On 22 November 2021

    I don’t know how she does it, but she does. Trishie gets into the ins and outs of the situation, and confirmed everything I suspected was happening- all for my benefit and good. I am so grateful for her and her gift, which is there for us all, so do yourself a favour and have a reading with her. Thank you so much Trishie ????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Erica374
    On 30 September 2021

    I have had many readings with Trishie and her predictions always come true. She is always straight to the point and dose not waste time. Trishie is a lovely person to speak with and I highly recommend her. Trishie put my mind to rest yesterday with the reading. Great big thank you Trishie, love and light xx

  • Circle_12139738
    On 16 August 2021

    I love this lady, Trishie. So down to earth, honest, direct and so on point with everything - how she picks up on things that only you know is truly amazing!Even though I have doubted how things could possibly work out, I believe in her predictions, and have faith in them that they will. Highly recommend having a reading with her

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