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« Amazing as always »
  • Mary
    On 21 September 2023

    Amazing as always

  • Circle11189888
    On 21 September 2023

    Amazing! Thank You so much I feel more re-assured with all your support and positive vibes and Good Luck to you!xxJxx

    Response from Tricia on 21 September 2023
    You are more than welcome. Always happy to help whenever possible. x
  • N1985
    On 20 September 2023

    She is nice and explained me very well

  • Helen
    On 19 September 2023

    So loving and helpful! Tricia really gave me a lot of specifics which is what I was really hoping for. I’ll pop back on and keep you updated when it all unfolds. Thank so much!

    Response from Tricia on 19 September 2023
    You are more than welcome. Always a pleasure to chat to you. Blessings.
  • Circle11920148
    On 19 September 2023

    Tricia is spot on EVERY TIME! very straight forward and accurate, straight to the point. No beating around the bush. Thanks so much !

    Response from Tricia on 19 September 2023
    you are more than welcome.. So happy to have been able to help. take care.
  • Paul
    On 10 September 2023

    Many thanks for reading

    Response from Tricia on 12 September 2023
    You are more than welcome. Blessings.
  • Mary
    On 20 August 2023


    Response from Tricia on 21 August 2023
    Thank you for your wonderful feedback.
  • Jo
    On 13 August 2023

    Very helpful and true to life

    Response from Tricia on 13 August 2023
    thanks for your wonderful response. Always here, remember that. Blessings.
  • Circle12547648
    On 11 August 2023

    Not sure why we got cut off but thank you for the reassuring chat. I just hope you are right! X

    Response from Tricia on 11 August 2023
    So sorry for the cut off. I'm not sure what happened but for some reason the messages were coming back as message not sent. I will take this up with Customer Services. Best Wishes
  • Anaalvestheworl
    On 07 August 2023

    I must admit that I came to talk to Tricia a bit upset after another reader in a sister platform was rude to me but hey ho perhaps my fault for sharing too many details so I came to Tricia with an open mind asking a not very specific question per se and she was spot on at describing it as well at the lifestyles, no judgements and understanding, I have my theory about the person/s in question and I think if their relationship/strong friendship had no purpose I doubt it would happen, he is where he is let him have fun and I’ll wait patiently but without illusions. Thank you Tricia:)

    Response from Tricia on 07 August 2023
    Bless you. That must have been disheartening to say the least but rest assured that on this service you should be offered the best possible professional service achievable. I'm so happy that you were able to take a lot way from the reading that I gave you. Rest assured that I am right here if you ever feel the need to chat again. Best Wishes.
  • Circle11194678
    On 04 August 2023

    Always a pleasure to be read by Tricia. So supportive x

    Response from Tricia on 04 August 2023
    Thank you for this wonderful feed back. So appreciated.
  • Circle11277648
    On 31 July 2023

    Reassuring and good at putting one's mind at rest. Thank you so much.

    Response from Tricia on 31 July 2023
    You are more than welcome. Always here whenever you are looking for clarity to life situations.
  • Mary
    On 30 July 2023

    Amazing absolutely great reader, and so wise

    Response from Tricia on 30 July 2023
    Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback. So appreciated. Best Wishes Tricia x
  • Mee
    On 29 July 2023

    Tricia has been my rock for years. Always accurate, supportive and non judgemental. Highly recommend! Thank you for everything Tricia xx

    Response from Tricia on 29 July 2023
    You are more than welcome. Always such a pleasure to connect with you. I'm right here whenever you feel the need to talk or chat. Blessings. xx
  • Circle12556128
    On 28 July 2023

    Perfect sound advice, really appreciate your insights & knowledge ✨

    Response from Tricia on 28 July 2023
    Thanks so much for this positive feedback. I love this work, so amd so pleased that you were able to take some much away from this reading.
  • Circle12454028
    On 21 July 2023

    Trying to make sense of the few readings over stretches of time I've had re POI, initially POI had to get another women out of system then it was seen we would be in regular contact by July this year and suggested I could reach out as a friend, recent reading showed contact but in few months and not recconecting via me. I know timings can be off but regular contact has thrown me off Vs recent view. A bit confused re POI outlook but generally told they have their own issues and not sure what they want.

    Response from Tricia on 21 July 2023
    These are complex readings that you have had whereby the other person of interest is confused and uncertain over what it is that he actually wants. Better to step back & give him time to work out what it is that he wants from his life. But the other POI did show up loud and clear. Blessings.
  • User11613640
    On 21 July 2023

    Great guidance. Tunes in so quickly and always provides comfort. Predictions made, crossing everything they come true. Thank you

    Response from Tricia on 21 July 2023
    Lovely to talk with you again. I'm right here whenever you need to talk or chat. Take care. x
  • A1968
    On 20 July 2023

    If you want a straight-talking, right-to-the-point reading then Tricia is your go-to! She is so amazingly tuned in and delivers with clarity with many, many validations. I have had a few calls with Tricia and the reason I will come back time and time again is because she can really dig deep into the many layers of a situation or person. She nailed so many things on the head - it is like she is in that head!! Gorgeously compassionate, wise and knowledgeable, a beautifully accurate and very connected soul. Thank you Tricia xx

    Response from Tricia on 20 July 2023
    Thanks for this wonderful review. It's always a pleasure to connect wtih you. Blessings x
  • Mary
    On 19 July 2023

    Amazing reader

    Response from Tricia on 19 July 2023
    thanks for your wonderful feedback. so appreciated. Blessings x
  • Marielo
    On 16 July 2023

    Looooooove my chats with Tricia. Honest but always so positive and hopeful ! Predications made ate always accurate too. Merci ?

    Response from Tricia on 16 July 2023
    It's always such a pleasure to do readings for you. Right here whenever you feel the need for another. Blessings.

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