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Client reviews (1227)

« Really great, each & every time, thanks so much Suzi »
  • Circle11621158
    On 09 April 2024

    Really great, each & every time, thanks so much Suzi

  • Kim
    On 07 April 2024

    Hope it all comes true

  • R2w
    On 25 March 2024

    Excellent and quick card reading showing the situation and feelings of others. Highly recommend!

  • User111141581
    On 18 March 2024

    Awesome as always.

  • R2w
    On 17 March 2024

    Excellent card reading as usual. Can't wait for the update!

  • Circle11343858
    On 11 March 2024

    Thanks again for wonderful reassurance!!

  • Circle11343858
    On 08 March 2024

    Thank you Suzie for a reassuring and in depth reading. It all made perfect sense! Sadly ran out of time! :-)

  • R2w
    On 02 March 2024

    Thank you Suzi for today. Excellent card reading.

  • Cherry
    On 01 March 2024

    Thank you!

  • Circle11312428
    On 26 February 2024

    Beyond amazing. Try a reading with a Suzi and you’ll know what I mean. Prepare to be blown away by the accuracy as she links in quickly, and watch how her predictions come to life.

  • R2w
    On 17 February 2024

    Suzi's excellent card readings have helped me unfold an ongoing situation which has finally resolved. Thank you Suzi..

  • Stream5424
    On 17 February 2024

    Amazing ?

  • R2w
    On 15 February 2024

    Prediction came through! Thank you Suzi.

  • Jay
    On 13 February 2024

    Great read…creating reality instead of keeping me in a fantasy that I’ve created myself.

  • Jo Sadler
    On 13 February 2024

    Absolutely fantastic. But my time ran out and i wasn't aware it was going to so i never had a chance to thank Suzi for her help and guidance. Thank you Suzi.

  • R2w
    On 10 February 2024

    Thank you Suzi for your advice.

  • Danielle
    On 09 February 2024

    Suzi is brilliant ????

  • R2w
    On 07 February 2024

    Thanks so much Suzi for today. I'll let you know when it happens. Thank you for your guidance..xx

  • Circle11621158
    On 03 February 2024

    Such a godsend, Suzi is just great!

  • Stream5424
    On 01 February 2024


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