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  • Circle_11630478
    On 02 August 2022

    Fantastic reading with Stella

  • Tabitha50
    On 13 January 2022

    Time will tell about predictions but Stella is always good to talk to. Thank you Stella

  • Circle_11273038
    On 03 December 2021

    happy to recommend this reader, and would happily go back for another in the future, and get more guideness from well as claification. thank you Stella and I will let you know of the outcome.

  • Tabitha50
    On 31 October 2021

    Stella gave me a down to Earth reading which made a lot of sense. Time will tell if predictions come to pass but she was very kind & said I should contact her again to update her next year. Thank you very much Stella.

  • Circle_12326928
    On 05 August 2021

    Stella was very kind and Truthful, got me thinking of many my whole thought process

  • Circle_12049078
    On 16 July 2021

    Another positive and understanding reading with Stella. Love this lady! A

  • stream_20787
    On 09 June 2021

    Stella's reading was reassuring, her advice was helpful and her voice warm and compassionate. I felt so much better after listening to her.

  • Circle_11704668
    On 20 May 2021

    Stella is brilliant, I couldn't understand why I was feeling a certain way about going into a new relationship with someone that was offering me everything I wanted but something did not feel right. Stella immediately made it clear to me what my gut feeling was telling me. I was then able to make a clear confident decision...

  • Circle_11885368
    On 04 February 2021

    Ive had several readings with Mat and he is always on the mark. I look forward to updating you ;)

  • Circle_11232288
    On 19 January 2021

    Stella is a very nice reader and she was very welcoming to put my mind at ease

  • Circle_11277648
    On 12 December 2020

    A pleasure to chat to/with. Straightforward, honest, good insight, and gives good supportive advice. Thank you.

  • Circle_11639158
    On 16 September 2020

    Thank you so much

  • Circle_11909468
    On 01 September 2020

    Stella was quick to home in on my situation. Clear and concise in her views. I would definitely recommend a reading with her.

  • Circle_12109078
    On 23 August 2020

    To the point great insight thank you

  • Circle_12105038
    On 07 August 2020

    She's very sweet, accurate, and honest ❤ thank you

  • Circle_12003198
    On 16 July 2020

    Lovely reading thank you

  • Circle_12087468
    On 12 July 2020

    have helpfuly caring

  • Circle_12086528
    On 10 July 2020

    Was good and caring

  • Circle_12049078
    On 02 May 2020

    Loooong time no speak. Good to catch up for a reading with someone who I consider one of the best - not just in terms of psychic readings, but Stella's also a great person. Take care, and stay safe like we discussed. All the best, M

  • User_111144082
    On 20 February 2020

    sympathetic, understanding and accurate reading

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