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« Thanks Soulstar, we covered a lot, i really get a lot from your insight and guidance xxx »
  • Circle11808718
    On 27 May 2024

    Thanks Soulstar, we covered a lot, i really get a lot from your insight and guidance xxx

  • Circle11150728
    On 14 May 2024

    Thank you for the wonderful reading. So much given with I believe true guidance. Bless you my dear soul sister xxx

  • San
    On 14 May 2024

    Sorry I got cut off but thank you for a wonderful reading xx

  • Circle11150728
    On 09 May 2024

    Always a 5 star reading from lovely Soulstar. Thank you for what you get in my behalf. Thank you for the guidance . Bless you my soul sister xxx

  • Shane
    On 06 May 2024

    I love you Soulstar. You're great xxx

  • Tr
    On 02 May 2024

    Absolutely amazing lovely lady fast typist and voice notes

  • Daisy
    On 29 April 2024

    You are amazing. So much respect for this reader ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Circle11150728
    On 26 April 2024

    So good to chat to you this morning. I asked a lot of questions and you answered everything and gave me guidance to help me going forward. I will do what you suggested with so much love back to you xxx

  • Circle11150728
    On 23 April 2024

    Such an informative reading as always. Your five star soul star xxx

    Response from Soulstar on 26 April 2024
    Thank you beautiful! Thank you for trusting in me to channel for you , keep up with your focus on you and where you are headed, its all falling into place for you ;)
  • Stacey
    On 05 April 2024

    Very thorough content via chat.. I’ll do as you suggested & hope your predictions come true x

    Response from Soulstar on 22 April 2024
    Sending you extra loving energy and support yes :) keep it up you are on your way to receiving everything you are praying for! hugs xx
  • Circle11347818
    On 04 April 2024

    GOSH!!! Thank you for resetting me ????I have become so bogged down. Amazing reading and voice clips……..your soul is beautiful ????????????

    Response from Soulstar on 22 April 2024
    Its ok darling , give yourself grace and appreciation :) sometimes we go through ebbs and flows but you are still on your path regardless ! you can trust your process, thank you for trusting in me, i believe in you !!
  • Circle11283758
    On 29 March 2024

    Thank you soo much for your guidance and the clarity. Such good advice too. Really hope the predictions come true! Xxx

    Response from Soulstar on 22 April 2024
    Thank you so much beautiful for trusting in me to channel for you ! I see you have more blessings opening up to you in the next 9days so keep on doing things to help your mind and body relax so you can stay in receiving mode more , dont fall for the anxiety , you don't have to keep giving your energy away to your thoughts, your thoughts DO NOT OWN YOU , so call back your power to you!! :)
  • Dreya
    On 27 March 2024

    I've been tuning into Soulstar for a while now, her readings are always really uplifting, empowering, quite coaching in their style. She has such a lovely unique voice and strong insight, encouraging and focused on how I can really believe in myself. I feel a really strong connection with Soulstar, and the sessions we have together are always super invaluable. Mostly on chat using voicenote.

    Response from Soulstar on 29 March 2024
    Hello beautiful :) aww thank you so much! I am so appreciative of you i see that there is so much extra inner power charging up and activating inside you right now , you are ready to take that leap of faith in yourself i see you are gonna be blessed alot these spring summer months, keep trusting in yourself! you got this xxx
  • Circle11150728
    On 26 March 2024

    Lovely reading from Soulstar. So much information in the little time I have with her. I trust in what she says as her predictions come to pass. Her guidance is always appreciated as I know from using Soulstar for a few years now that she has a great connection with the Universal energies. Thank you for always guiding me to a smoother road xxx

    Response from Soulstar on 29 March 2024
    Thank you wonderful darling for all your trust and all your love and i am so happy and appreciative of being a part of your journey ! :) you are soooo DESRVING of the BEST and i see that shortly after some more paper work and some mind expansion you are gonna truly see how amazingly supported you are! Keep on nourishing yourself during this process, all these steps you are taking are leading you to your dream self! xxx
  • Circle11150728
    On 23 March 2024

    Great reading with Soulstar. I am never disappointed. So much given with balanced guidance. Thank you my friend xxx

    Response from Soulstar on 29 March 2024
    Thank you so much beautiful i appreciate you and you are on the right path for your success, keep reminding yourself of that when you get overwhelmed. Hugs xxx
  • Shane
    On 22 March 2024

    Brilliant reader, very helpful. Always helps me Thankyou Soulstar xx

    Response from Soulstar on 29 March 2024
    Thank you so much for your kind words and for trusting in me to channel for you, sending you loving energy xx
  • Circle12004928
    On 21 March 2024

    Soulstar always gives such detailed readings. And her predictions are always spot on. So grateful for the time she takes to listen and see, she really does care for her clients. Thanks again xx

    Response from Soulstar on 22 April 2024
    Thank you my darling soul :) you are so deserving of the happiness you are wishing on, keep reminding yourself that you deserve it all and you deserve it all to fall into your lap easily, let go of the beliefs that keep you thinking things 'have to be hard or long to get it' those are only limiting you and do not serve you anymore! you got this :)
  • Circle11150728
    On 17 March 2024

    When ever I get to speak to Soulstar I am given so much information. She is truly gifted and I can say 100 per cent that her predictions come into fruition. Xxx

    Response from Soulstar on 22 April 2024
    You are so sweet and loving darling , thank you! I am sending you extra support and love to you , you are being pushed to fly beyond your previous believes about yourself and love and fufillment, let yourself surrender the thoughts and emotions that are not serving you for your happiest life in you! Its all falling into place xxx
  • Circle11150728
    On 24 February 2024

    I can always expect a reading with lots of information and guidance. Thank you so much yet again. Love Soulstar please give her a try. You won’t regret it xxx

    Response from Soulstar on 22 April 2024
    You are beyond amazing and soo beautiful! I see your beautiful energy and love shining ,you just have to allow yourself to see it and embrace it more! You are about to soaaarrrrr :)
  • Circle11150728
    On 09 February 2024

    Another informative reading. So much information and guidance. You are truly a star ????with a beautiful soul. Love xxx

    Response from Soulstar on 22 April 2024
    Thank you beautiful soul :) you are beyond ready to be in your fufillment! I see you will have some emotional triggers come through in the next week, let yourself be more gentle patient and understanding to you! Its helping you build up yourself for your new chapter !

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