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Client reviews (100)

« Great reading thankyou Smitty »
  • Shane
    On 11 April 2024

    Great reading thankyou Smitty

  • Circle11595438
    On 07 August 2023

    Got straight to the point really connected

  • Circle11161958
    On 22 May 2023

    The best by far

  • Pparihar
    On 16 May 2023

    I've never left a bad review on the circle before, but I'm so angry and disappointed with this call. He took 13 minutes just asking questions and tuning in, and then ended the chat, and when I connected back in (having paid for 13 minutes and got nothing in return!) I had to wait another 5 mins so he could "retype", and then finally gave me NO insight into the situation whatsoever.

  • kaldeep
    On 05 December 2020

    Smitty has allways been very accurate. He is great to talk to. No time wasting. Many predictions have been correct. Thanks Smittty

  • Circle_11136518
    On 12 April 2019

    All Smitty's divinations have been accurate, and he has not hesitated to tell the truth - even if it was painful. He does not waste time, connects fast, and works hard to get answers to what I am asking clarity or advise on. He is also very engaged and enthusiastic. Thank you always

  • Circle_11819598
    On 29 January 2019


  • Circle_11199648
    On 13 November 2018

    love smitty he is such an empathetic kind guy and always tries to help and give hope. xxxxxx

  • stream_3383
    On 21 October 2018

    Readings with Smitty are always detailed. Predictions have come true in the past and I am sure will again.

  • rcha5494
    On 15 October 2018

    Wonderful and friendly.. picked up and connected so well!

  • Circle_11526828
    On 24 August 2018

    Readings have been always accurate and helpful.

  • Circle_11624818
    On 06 December 2017

    It got cut off! Will talk again soon

  • Circle_11575868
    On 06 June 2017


  • falegh
    On 24 September 2016

    always happy with his readings

  • Circle_11419858
    On 11 July 2016

    So amazing and full of interesting info. I could have talked all night. ☺

  • Circle_11377578
    On 14 June 2016

    His predictions did not come true, he even said that he had spine chilling feelings, which is something he does not get ever and nothing that he said came to pass. Left me feeling really disappointed.

  • Circle_11371808
    On 15 May 2016

    ... No Idea what he was talking about - tried my best to keep track but the whole reading was all over the place for me, maybe next time...

  • Circle_11425518
    On 02 April 2016

    Always love talking to Smitty. He;s very quick & predictions come true.

  • gourdy1
    On 02 February 2016

    slow to get to the point. Lot'd of ecextraneous information and a little rambline - sorry smitty

  • Circle_rosacasa
    On 31 January 2016

    My goodness! This was the most enjoyable reading I have ever had at The Circle. Smitty was such a divine pleasure to speak to. A very in depth reading, with a lot of detail and he did not ask for much information at all. He just got it! If you want value for your money, call him!

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