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« Superb .. she is very very good  »
  • Vinay2150
    On 22 March 2023

    Superb .. she is very very good

    Response from Skye M on 22 March 2023
    Vinay 2150. Thankyou for having such a deep reading with me today. Stay strong and keep looking. Forward. Ok. Love and lightx
  • Circle11153058
    On 21 March 2023

    Thank you Skye for your amazing connection. I am very grateful to have you and to your advice. Truly one of the kind and a beautiful soul. Love to you. K

    Response from Skye M on 22 March 2023
    Thankyou my darling for your wonderful words. We are on this journey together. Love and light❤
  • M1972 David Lau
    On 20 March 2023

    What a wonderful reader who picked up everything about me and described the transformation I am about to go energy Is changing already..All the best Aussie friend :-)

    Response from Skye M on 20 March 2023
    Dear M1972. It was a pleasure reading for you today. I'm so glad my guides were able to make a strong connection with you. You are a wonderful soul. Stay strong and focus . You will win. Love and Light Skye xx
  • Moi1great
    On 17 March 2023

    She is absolutely amazing and a real Gem

    Response from Skye M on 18 March 2023
    Thankyou for the lovely little rating. It was so wonderful catching up with you again. I will be sending blessings to you all. My loving light to you Skye❤
  • Circle_11193298
    On 20 February 2023

    Amazing, amazing , amazing ????????????????????????

  • stream_1259
    On 09 February 2023

    Skye is the best psychic medium on the circle. She was able to tune into my emotional state during January as this was a difficult month for me in more ways than one! She tuned into relationships and the POU and gave me the clarity I was looking for. She uses her skills and spirit guides to tune into any situation. She's worry every penny. I adore this lady and so will you! Get in touch with her as she'll blow you with her visions and insights! Simply the best! Love from J xx

  • Circle_11621158
    On 09 February 2023

    Skye is absolutely divine & such a godsend & a blessing. Her readings are extraordinary, she picks up on so much & delivers guidance with such amazing detail & foresight. And ... she is just so wonderful to speak with. For the help, support & genuine pleasure in speaking with her over many years, I can't thank her enough, xx

  • Circle_11297798
    On 06 February 2023

    Got hold of Skye, and she made me feel really good, it must be said! I really felt her words. She seemed to really tune in, she physically described the person I was thinking about physically (well, very tall with brown eyes - which is quite specific. She also said he has a nice face, which he does). She said I have two choices, one with blue/green eyes too. And that the choice will be mine. It seems to be a theme, this message of a choice. She is pricer than most but worth it! Give her a try!

  • Circle_11193298
    On 12 January 2023

    Amazing as always ????????????

  • Circle_11143908
    On 26 December 2022

    Skye , is just an incredible woman, what clarity , loving intent and support , super talented and incredible information I cannot wait to speak with her again , a true friend x

  • Circle_11193298
    On 24 December 2022

    Another amazing reading by Skye. Thank you x????????

  • Circle_11249978
    On 23 December 2022

    Thank you Skye, you are a truly accurate and special reader. Just like all the previous reviews have said, they are all true. I look forward to catching you again sometime and hope you have a great 2023 yourself. Heres to letting it unfold for Jonny ;) Hugs xx

  • stream_1259
    On 22 December 2022

    Skye is an amazing psychic. I was trying for weeks to get a reading with her, She's so good and always in demand,that I was so happy to get through to her! She tuned into relationships and the POI. Told me there were delays in communication but there would be contact in the new year. She doesn't sugar coat things and is very honest and straight to the point! She's the best psychic medium on the circle. Get in touch with her as you'll be blown away by her insights and visions. Jas xx

  • Circle_11153058
    On 17 December 2022

    Thank you Skye for continuous support and vision. The best in here and grateful for having you for consultation. I have peace of mind that talking to you will give me some clarity. Many thanks K x

  • Circle_11274818
    On 15 December 2022

    There is no doubt,Skye is the best reader that I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to. The level of detail she is able to provide to you,in relation to your inner most thoughts, fears, wishes is extraordinary. Skye leaves you with a renewed confidence & assurance that whatever your struggles, fears are, whatever your aspirations are, you will achieve this. The accuracy of what she tells you, that you can confirm as being correct leaves you with absolute no doubt her predictions are accura ...

  • Circle_11143908
    On 14 December 2022

    I love speaking with Skye , just outstanding!

  • Circle_11189888
    On 09 December 2022

    Thank You So Much ???????? Your Readings Are Always Amazing! xx

  • Circle_11621158
    On 17 November 2022

    And a sheer delight to speak with! I have had readings with Skye over many years. She is spot on, & the amount of information that comes through unbidden is extraordinary. I feel so lucky to have her guidance & support, and besides, she's so much fun! My heartfelt thanks Skye

  • Circle_11193298
    On 17 November 2022

    Thank you Skye for the most incredible reading xxx

  • CircleIn_112124
    On 30 October 2022

    My first time talking to this beautiful gifted lady. I was blown away by her accuracy. So spot on about the person in question and answered all my questions. What a beautiful soul Skye is she made me feel so much better and I loved my reading. Thank you so much! Xxx

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