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Client reviews (139)

« Shari's reading was amazing! She covered many areas of my life with lots of happy predictions and messages from spirit. It was great! »
  • Circle_11152168
    On 31 January 2023

    Shari's reading was amazing! She covered many areas of my life with lots of happy predictions and messages from spirit. It was great!

  • pparihar
    On 29 January 2023

    I still have goosebumps, Shari picked up on accurate details that I didn't mention at all, straight away. She even mentioned the NAME of someone (untriggered by me) who I didn't bring up at all, and recognised they were someone I had feelings for - even though I've never told anyone else this! HIGHLY recommend

  • Circle_11291278
    On 25 January 2023

    She is wonderful!! Highly accurate

  • Circle_11291278
    On 07 December 2022

    She is a must call

  • Circle_11712408
    On 09 September 2022

    Good reader. Straight to the point

  • Circle_11291278
    On 26 August 2022

    Give her a call. She's amazing

  • SandyB
    On 22 August 2022

    Prediction did not come true unfortunately

  • Circle_11684028
    On 14 August 2022

    Brilliant reading very clear it what is going to happen and what happened in my past would recommend

  • Circle_11291278
    On 18 July 2022

    She is a must call!

  • Circle_11152168
    On 16 July 2022

    Shari's reading was very helpful. It covered many areas and she gave me lots of great predictions for the future.

  • Circle_11291278
    On 04 July 2022

    She is the best

  • Circle_11504078
    On 04 July 2022

    Shari, tunes into the situation very quickly and senses the emotion feelings and problems from all involved, doesn't try to give you along drawn out response, straight to the point, and affirmed everything that my intuition and personal experiences had been relaying to me, it's a very definitive and accurate response, more of a No-nonsense approach, spot on answers which worked well for me...

  • Circle_11291278
    On 29 June 2022

    She is excellent!!

  • stream_1259
    On 11 June 2022

    Shari was amazing during my reading and gave me the clarity I was looking as I was feeling very stressed! She tuned into relationships and the POI and gave me information regarding his feelings. She also gave me an important date 17th June. So I'll have to see what happens on that date for one of her predictions! So I'll see how it pans out. Keep up the good work. Best wishes Jas xx

  • Circle_11161478
    On 02 June 2022

    Always lovely! Lots to look forward to! Thank you xx

  • Circle_12398858
    On 13 May 2022

    Thank you so much for the reading. So on point and so accurate. It was lovely and talking to you made me feel like I've released a huge burden and have been able to see things with much more clarity!

  • MarieLo
    On 06 May 2022

    Spot on, previous predictions happened with very accurate descriptions of the people in question and their intentions. Uncanny. I love my readings with Shari. Consistent, honest , direct and kind at the same time. Speak soon ! M :)

  • Circle_11152168
    On 17 April 2022

    Shari quickly brought in messages from family members and amazing predictions. It was a great reading!

  • jillfares
    On 04 April 2022

    Quick and definite in my question with specific predictions. Of course I donot know yet if the prediction will come to pass so maybe I shouldn’t give a 5 but Shari is confident tobe specific so let’s hope

  • Geoffrey
    On 08 March 2022

    Picked up on my situation quite quickly, seemed to understand the situations asked of her. Hope she is right.

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