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Client reviews (673)

« Thk u sorry got cut off didn’t see the last message.  »
  • N1964
    On 21 July 2024

    Thk u sorry got cut off didn’t see the last message.

  • Summer2013
    On 21 July 2024

    Thank you

  • Cuddlepugg
    On 13 July 2024

    Amazing got everything spot on. I will wait to see how things go. Thanks again. Fully recommend.a reading from this lady has put my mind at ease

  • Paul
    On 03 July 2024

    She's good, it's like she's knows me and my partner personally, now for the prediction to come true aswell

  • Alice
    On 18 June 2024

    Thank you! ????

  • Circle11836198
    On 17 June 2024

    Thank you for all your advice it just shut off now but we were ages too needed everything you said today thank you so much. For me this lady is not only accurate she is an advisor, counsellor listener who is funny too and real. My favourite all time ever X

  • Circle11138068
    On 12 June 2024

    Thank you Serenity for a lovely reading. Really appreciated the personal elements you brought through - very good evidence and very accurate with the illnesses.

  • Circle3168
    On 10 June 2024

    Fabulous reading really enjoyed our chat & validation tuned in very good to situation

  • Princess22
    On 10 June 2024

    Thanks Serenity, a brilliant reading as always.

  • Princess22
    On 27 May 2024

    Thank you so much Serenity, it was so nice to connect with my boy on his birthday. As always you are spot on with what’s going on in my life. Thank you!

  • A1952
    On 21 May 2024

    Excellent reading and so true.

  • Daisy
    On 18 May 2024

    Very lovely and accurate reading from Serenity. It aligns with other readings I got recently so I trust her predictions. Unfortunately, the call ended and I'm unable to reach you cause you've been attending to others. There's so much more I would like to discuss with you. Thank you thank you ❤

  • Princess22
    On 16 May 2024

    Absolutely love Serenity, she is such a nice lady. I’ve had readings with her for about 15 years now, and she has been spot on with her predictions and understanding of situations and people in my life. She is absolutely a five star reader.

  • Blue
    On 07 May 2024

    Brilliant reading thankyou

  • Caleb
    On 07 May 2024

    Serenity is fantastic. On point and very connected. Will definitely speak with her again

  • A1968
    On 04 May 2024

    Thank you serenity. As always a spot on reading. So many validations with lots of clarity. You’re always so tuned in. I truly appreciate your connection. Thank you. Xx.

  • Circle11836198
    On 03 May 2024

    I just love her nothing more to say the best ever ❤️?❤️

  • Sd
    On 15 April 2024

    Amazing Reader, quick to tune into and the information flows. Waiting for some predictions to unfold. Couldn't find the reviews on the builder, not sure what was picked up or where to find the reviews to take a screenshot. Perhaps you can let me know what this is. Highly recommend this reader. sorry money is very tight due to sorting the errors. Thank you and speak soon.

  • Afia
    On 29 March 2024

    Very accurate on current events. Unsure about future predictions as they never appear to be accurate with most of the psychic readings on here.

  • Circle11138068
    On 25 March 2024

    Thank you for a positive reading - will look out for the job.

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