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Client reviews (79)

« Saren is hands down the best reader there is. I have been coming to her for years and she never lets me down. I'd be lost without her! »
  • Circle11784788
    On 22 March 2024

    Saren is hands down the best reader there is. I have been coming to her for years and she never lets me down. I'd be lost without her!

    Response from Saren K on 16 May 2024
    Thank you so much for your kind review- it’s always a pleasure to read for you
  • Circle11621158
    On 25 February 2024

    Thank you so much Saren, it was so lovely to speak to you after such a long time, & your support & advice are very much appreciated.

  • Circle11621158
    On 06 September 2023

    Such a wonderful reader, Saren picks up on so many things unsaid, she's been reading for me for years & her advice & support have proven to be invaluable.

  • Circle12547648
    On 03 September 2023

    Great reading! Lots of exciting predictions made - excited to see them unfold x

  • C1979
    On 03 April 2023

    Such an accurate reader the level of detail known about people involved is outstanding. Thank you so much!

    Response from Saren K on 03 April 2023
    It’s a pleasure-lovely to read for you, Saren
  • Circle_11614498
    On 12 February 2023

    Saren is a great reader, really intuitive and gives lots of information. However I haven't given five stars as I felt like the reading was dragged out with extraneous information and unnecessary explanations of concepts. This meant that it was a more expensive call than it should have been compared to other readings I've had. Saren is very spot-on though with what she does pick up psychically.

    Response from Saren K on 02 April 2023
    Thank you for your feedback and I’m glad that you found the reading helpful. Relationship readings can be quite in-depth-this particular reading was 30 minutes and I looked at more than one connection for you. It really depends how much detail and information each client would like, thanks, Saren
  • Circle_11621158
    On 23 September 2022

    I've been speaking with Saren for a number of years now & she is just brilliant, spot on, & a genuine pleasure to speak with. Thanks so much Saren

  • Circle_11621158
    On 02 May 2022

    Thank you so much Saren

  • Circle_11784788
    On 28 March 2022

    It's hard to know where to start as Saren has been my rock over the last couple of years. Saren's readings are accurate and grounded. She has a true gift. I can't rate Saren highly enough, she is my go to reader.

  • Circle_11186918
    On 09 January 2022

    Thank you - loved the connection and truly appreciated the manner in which you went about sharing the info. It was a really valuable time and settled my mind fully. Thank you.

  • Circle_11621158
    On 10 June 2021

    Saren is so wonderful, I've been speaking to her for ages, & she is spot on in so many respects, & just lovely to chat with, thanks so much Saren!

  • Circle_11621158
    On 10 June 2021

    Thank you so much Saren

  • Circle_12237508
    On 15 May 2021

    thank you Saren

  • Circle_12216518
    On 26 April 2021

    Thank you Saren for the detailed informative reading

  • circle_11194828
    On 05 April 2021

    Saren connects quickly to any situation and gives an honest reading. I always feel comforted after speaking with her. Excellent reader!

  • Circle_11621158
    On 17 January 2021

    I have had many readings with Saren and she is always on point. Her readings go into great depth and are full of valuable information and honest advice. A genuine reader who is always a great pleasure to speak with, highly, very highly recommended. Thank you Saren

  • Circle_11614498
    On 29 November 2020

    I can't rate Saren highly enough. She tunes in so quickly and accurately and goes into such detail about situations and people. She gives you layer upon layer on insight and understanding, as well as looking at things from a soul, karmic and/or past life perspective where it shows. An incredible help and true psychic. The real deal.

  • Circle_11126038
    On 08 October 2020

    Saren read for me earlier in the year and her latest reading was consistent which is reassuring. She offered information which was accurate without me asking and her comments on a particular person’s thoughts and situation rang true. I highly recommend a reading with her.

  • Circle_11906788
    On 02 October 2020

    Saren is a remarkable reader, and AMAZING. She will read you, your situation, the people in your life like an open book. She will give you great insights into your life, the people around you, their motivation, their hidden fears. ETc. Get ready for something amazingly spiritual and insightful. You walk away with so much clarity and guidance.

  • Circle_11603098
    On 07 August 2020

    Sarin-k was brilliant, she picked up my situation very quickly with very few questions, other than for clarification. Truthful and insightful, didn't just tell me what she thought I wanted to hear. Really great reading, thank you x

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