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« Absolutely amazing. Poppy has been helping me for some weeks now and is airways spot on with accuracy. I really love our calls thank you so much for your guidance x »
  • Circle12519318
    On 13 March 2023

    Absolutely amazing. Poppy has been helping me for some weeks now and is airways spot on with accuracy. I really love our calls thank you so much for your guidance x

  • Joanne
    On 12 March 2023

    Excellent reader!

  • Circle12519318
    On 13 March 2023

    Always amazing xx

  • Circle_11152168
    On 17 February 2023

    A remarkable reading. Poppy knew so much about my work situation without me having said anything. Because of this I have belief in the great predictions she has given me for the future. Poppy is lovely to talk to as well.

  • Circle_12238938
    On 12 February 2023

    Poppy is truly a blessing! Before my reading I was literally a mess and in only a few mins she has helped me with the questions I had and provided me with the information I was searching for! I’ll be back for another reading very soon :)

  • Circle_11152168
    On 15 December 2022

    Poppy has some great predictions for me for next year and some interesting insights too.

  • Circle_11150728
    On 13 December 2022

    Thank you for being there always. Thank you for knowing even when we don’t talk. Thank you for wrapping your energies around me Your my angel Love Val xxx

  • Circle_11714958
    On 23 October 2022

    First time reading with Poppy, she connected instantly and gave me facts which I could validate. She provided me with guidance and predictions but best of all she brought me some messages from mum and dad. I will definitely return again x

  • Circle_11150728
    On 17 October 2022

    thank you so much for your continued support and guidance in your readings. poppy you are a treasure you have been reading to me for many years and you are an important part to balancing my life. love val Xx

  • Circle_11152168
    On 10 September 2022

    Another great reading with Poppy with lots of predictions for the future.

  • Circle_12002718
    On 03 September 2022

    Very kind and lovely lady but no actual predictions. More of a pep talk she was very considerate and kind. I guess I just like to call up for predictions not general

  • Circle_11152168
    On 03 August 2022

    I've just had an absolutely amazing reading with Poppy. She picked up on so many things in my life without me saying a thing.

  • Circle_12091718
    On 26 July 2022

    Is a genuine psychic, tunes in quickly and a natural. Packs a lot of in-depth details & assessment of the situation/person. All readings are bang on ACCURATE. I’m gobsmacked every single time & wonder “how does she know that?”. All readings I’ve done are delivered in a compassionate & thoughtful way. Whats special is how & the way she looks after & check in post-the-readings based on the issue/situation discussed. All emails are being replied to on time, with tips/suggestions/ advice- What a ge ...

  • Circle_11587608
    On 04 July 2022

    Poppy and her guides were spot on. The accuracy was amazing and so glad I came across her profile. I would absolutely come back for a reading in the future

  • stream_1016
    On 08 June 2022

    Poppy gave me an amazing reading , and was accurate with timings. A lovely, warm and caring lady, and the reading just flowed. She helped me through a difficult time, and brought my Mum through. Thank youx

  • Circle_11343238
    On 02 June 2022

    Honestly can’t put into words how wonderful a reading it was. So much insight, I have come away feeling so much more empowered and at ease. The information just flowed. Thank you.

  • Circle_12091718
    On 08 May 2022

    I JUST LOVE Poppy! Honestly, I cannot thank Poppy enough for being the most amazing reader of ALL time. The in-depth information about the situation, deep understanding of the person she's reading about and how she tunes in very quickly and makes perfect sense as to why things happened the way it did. She has such a lovely way of explaining everything. Accurate, sensitive, very caring, honest, and no-nonsense. Always enlightening and uplifting speaking to her. Truly gifted, and very much apprec ...

  • Martin C
    On 14 January 2021

    Lovely caring reader and so helpful with insights and advice.

  • Circle_11150728
    On 05 January 2021

    Poppy has an amazing ability. I have known Poppy for years. I can always expect so much information. So much guidance and so much clarity. Love you lots for getting me where I am. Val x

  • Circle_11150728
    On 01 November 2020

    Thank you so much for everything you do to help me go forward. Your support and guidance is amazing!!! Love Val xxx

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