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Client reviews (283)

« Always a pleasure to chat with Paul. The written chat format was a surprise to me but Paul's caring came through none the less.. . Thank you Paul.. »
  • N1956
    On 16 July 2023

    Always a pleasure to chat with Paul. The written chat format was a surprise to me but Paul's caring came through none the less.. . Thank you Paul..

  • Circle12553258
    On 16 July 2023

    Paul is a wonderfully gifted reader with great insight and he has helped me in my journey with my soulmate. Thank you Paul, Stevie

  • Circle12536748
    On 18 June 2023

    Always amazing to speak with Paul!

    Response from Paul G on 18 June 2023
    And it's always good to hear from you too! Many blessings xx
  • James
    On 17 June 2023

    Thank you

    Response from Paul G on 17 June 2023
    Any time, always here for further support when needed.
  • D
    On 11 June 2023

    Positive, kind, caring, straight to the POI, no questions asked either. Fantastic reader x

  • Circle12414978
    On 10 June 2023

    Lovely to see you back.. I have had several readings with Paul his insight and ability to see the bigger picture is amazing and his predictions are always consistent. Lovely man Karen.

  • Stream1016
    On 14 March 2023

    Paul is an exceptional reader. Look forward to predictions happening.

  • Stream4009
    On 13 March 2023

    Paul is lovely and hopefully what he says comes true. I shall speak to you again soon xx

  • Circle11194678
    On 11 March 2023

    Thanks for a reassuring reading and advice / prediction. It’s always great to get your perspective on things.

  • Circle11189248
    On 03 March 2023

    Paul tuned in straight away and gave good insight to the POI and the direction of travel. I would definitely speak with Paul again

  • Circle12536268g
    On 02 March 2023

    Always positive. Felt uplifted and given the strength to carry on. Thank you

  • Circle_11664948
    On 27 February 2023

    Thank you paul you have helped me calm down and look at things in a positive light.

  • Circle_11654968
    On 25 February 2023

    Paul was very good answered my questions honestly and gave so E good insight now we just need to see .

  • Circle_11175018
    On 23 February 2023

    Paul always provides a very sympathic reading especially when it's needed.

  • Circle_11150728
    On 19 February 2023

    Great reading and Paul always helps me Thanks for your great gift Val x

    Response from Paul G on 02 March 2023
    Always a pleasure to hear from you and we've connected a lot of the years. Many bright blessings to you xxx
  • Circle_11175018
    On 07 February 2023

    Very honest and helpful. Thank you

  • Circle_11175018
    On 30 January 2023

    As usual really considerate reading. Than you Paul.

  • Circle_12512358
    On 27 January 2023


  • Circle_11230248
    On 26 January 2023

    Very peaceful and reassuring chat definitely chat to Paul again nice to have a man read for me for a change

  • Circle_11175018
    On 25 January 2023

    Paul has always been honest and to the point. Totally reliable

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