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« Nicola is a wonderful reader and have never known her to be wrong. Nicola has helped me in my journey with my soulmate and destiny. Thank you so much xx »
  • Stevie
    On 17 September 2023

    Nicola is a wonderful reader and have never known her to be wrong. Nicola has helped me in my journey with my soulmate and destiny. Thank you so much xx

  • Circle11414778
    On 16 September 2023

    Thank you so much Nicola it was good to speak to you and you are right about everything and I need to just focus on me it was good to speak with you .you are very great reader and you picked up on everything .I will be back .thank you so much

  • Circle11416838
    On 10 September 2023

    Excellent Reading to the point and cleared up my confusion about a situation that Nicola described accurately.

  • Stevie
    On 01 September 2023

    Nicola is a wonderful reader and so very accurate with her predictions. Nicols is very insightful and full of compassion. A very lovely genuine lady who really cares for her clients. Thank you Nicola. Much love, Stevie xx

  • Innocentlover
    On 27 August 2023

    Excellent reading

  • Stream4009
    On 14 August 2023

    Good advise thanks xx

  • Innocentlover
    On 13 August 2023

    Extremely accurate

  • Innocentlover
    On 12 August 2023

    Super… and connects so well to my situation as always

  • Innocentlover
    On 11 August 2023

    Excellent as always

  • Thank you
    On 30 July 2023

    Thank you for your reading today Nicola.

  • Innocentlover
    On 30 July 2023

    Nicola C stays consistent with her insight on my situation and a couple of predictions have passed ref football possible opportunities. Hopefully romance will also go as she has felt

  • Circle12523078
    On 28 July 2023

    Love chatting to Nicola she’s so direct and supportive really helping me Thank you

  • Nadine
    On 22 July 2023


  • Innocentlover
    On 16 July 2023

    Nicola C strong connection to my situation and waiting for what she saw to unravel in the next few weeks or so

  • Nadine
    On 16 July 2023

    Thanku so much

  • Innocentlover
    On 11 July 2023

    Nicola C is the best on thecircle and everything she said thus far in every situation has been sooo accurate! Highly recommend Nicola … she’s brilliant!

  • Circle12553258
    On 09 July 2023

    Nicola is a wonderful reader and one of the best on this site. She is very honest and insighteful, always accurate with her predictions. Thank you lovely, for helping me on my journey. Love Stevie xxx

  • Stream1259
    On 02 July 2023

    Brilliant reading from Nicola C. Nicola is an amazing psychic. Shes kind, emphaphetic and non judgemental! She's one of the best psychics on the circle. She was able to tune into relationships and the POI. Her insights were spot on and very accurate. I felt very uplifted after having a reading with her. I always feel like I'm being comforted from afar with a great big hug. Thank you Nicola from the bottom of my hesrt and keep up the great work. Jas xx

  • Circle11368498
    On 01 July 2023

    Great dream interpretation, thank you! ?

  • Circle11368498
    On 01 July 2023

    Amazing reading. Quick, straight to the point and new what was happening. I look forward to the predictions :)

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