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Client reviews (820)

« Love her, always straight forward but amazing and just like talking to a friend. »
  • Dino2874
    On 11 July 2024

    Love her, always straight forward but amazing and just like talking to a friend.

  • Paul
    On 26 June 2024

    She's great ,she gets everything spot on ,just hope I hear from my ex partner soon aswell

  • I1952
    On 21 June 2024

    5 star - thank you - right to the point.

  • Circle11277648
    On 16 June 2024

    Very kind,, supportive, down to earth, helpful and positive insight, and straightforward. Thank you so much. xx

  • Paul
    On 16 June 2024

    Great reader ,so straight with out being complicated,she knows stuff with out asking, just waiting for her prediction to come now, please be correct Nicola ????

  • P
    On 10 June 2024

    Very responsive and caring, just waiting for the out come to come true, fingers crossed ????

  • Circle12523078
    On 06 June 2024

    Love our chats so reassuring and calming always thank you xx

  • K
    On 05 June 2024

    Omg what a pleasure it was speaking with you ❤️ you honestly don’t know how much you helped me today I’m going to really keep working on me and really try to lean into that trust to hopefully move things forward. I didn’t get to say thank you before I lost you but thank you so much, it was lovely to actually talk to you ❤️ I will be back to update you xxx

  • Circle11580008
    On 03 June 2024

    As always very impresive reading ,thank you for all your support ,it was a plasure talking to you ,talk soon ,highly recomended <3

  • Circle11277648
    On 02 June 2024

    So straightforward, down to earth, kind, supportive, thoughtful, and encouraging. A really good friend. Thank you so much. xxx

  • D1974
    On 01 June 2024

    Amazing thank you.

  • Stuart
    On 01 June 2024

    A lovely reading and Nicola picked up on my situation and read it very accurately. I was given caring advice and confirmation of the honest connection i have with my amazing girl. Thank you our conversation will give me strength .

  • Nicki
    On 31 May 2024

    So blunt and honest and quick to the point! Thanks so much Nicola for a great reading to put my mind at ease!

  • Prad
    On 31 May 2024

    Thank you for a lovely reading. You have put my mind at ease

  • Stuart
    On 31 May 2024

    An amazing chat with Nicola. Calm, caring and reassuring that i'm doing the right thing.with my girl. Thank you for the guidance and support it means a lot on a very difficult day.

  • Nav
    On 21 May 2024

    Thank you like always

    Response from Nicola C on 26 May 2024
    Thanks ????????
  • Shane
    On 18 April 2024

    Always nice to speak to you Nicola thankyou xx

    Response from Nicola C on 18 April 2024
    Thank you ????????
  • Circle11652068
    On 18 April 2024

    Very insightful and kind. I highly recommend Nicola ❤️

    Response from Nicola C on 18 April 2024
    Thank you so much for your kind comments xx
  • Vere
    On 31 March 2024

    Thank you so much. Helped me so much.

    Response from Nicola C on 31 March 2024
    Your so welcome always here xxx
  • Afia
    On 30 March 2024

    Slow replies, & reader had a bit of attitude. Reader was relaying things that I had already shared. For example I said there is no communication with POI and I. She then confirmed there is lack of communication. Then said we had an argument she then said how can you argue with someone you aren’t communicating with. We argued and that’s why we are no longer communicating. We pay for these services, the duration of the chat was not pleasant. I wish she had some decorum in the way she conducted herself throughout the reading. Won’t be returning.

    Response from Nicola C on 30 March 2024
    I'm so sorry you was disappointed with your reading sadly I'm not here to tell you what you want to hear just what I see however I do understand this can be disappointing I wish you all the best moving forward Nicola c

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