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« Great reading with Natasha. Gave good advice, She connected very well to my situation and I look forward to her prediction. »
  • Circle11921278
    On 20 March 2023

    Great reading with Natasha. Gave good advice, She connected very well to my situation and I look forward to her prediction.

    Response from Natasha on 21 March 2023
    J! Thank you for your LOVELY feedback. You are always a delight to read for and we end up talking like old friends over the pro's and cons of certain situations. You know I will always explain the reasons why I say what I say and especially when it is not what you want to hear. That way you can understand my reasoning, where it comes from and make your own informed decisions to empower yourself. Or to bide your time and capitalise when the time is ripe. I have to say, again, I am so pleased for you, I'm thrilled things are moving in the direction that we have been working for so long to attain. I am beside myself with joy for you and very much looking forward to 'watching this space' with you and how life will unfold. As always I wish you the purest and deepest of happiness in your life and send you my heartfelt thanks for being a wonderful and valued customer. You are a precious gem in my working life! Bright Blessings, Tash x Ps.... do I still have to roll my eyes at you???? :)
  • Circle_11175018
    On 27 February 2023

    Absolutely brilliant. Incredible reading.

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    It pleases me no end to see that you found your psychic reading useful and it gave you the answers that you both needed and wanted at the time. I wish you the best of luck moving forward. Keep in touch and let me know how things progress for you. Grateful thanks and bright blessings to you. Tash x
  • mygift
    On 18 February 2023

    Thank you for the lovely reading. It was very insightful and uplifting and has given me much food for thought going forwards. New ideas..brilliant!

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    I am thrilled, I thoroughly enjoyed our reading together and it is wonderful to know that you left feeling better than you arrived. That means I did my job right for you today, thank you for letting me know that. I hope the insights allow you to make the positive step forward and empower you towards your happiness. Keep me updated! Love, light and happiness, Tash x
  • Circle_11843328
    On 21 January 2023

    Wow , the light at the end of the tunnel, we all need that, bless you for the reading, the love , the care and the inspiration, you have lift up my day x Eternally grateful

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    You made me smile so much and still do, the information you gave me is now part of my daily routine and so a small bit of you is with me everyday, bringing ME joy and making smile. I hope that I was as much a blessing to you and you are to me! Happy Day, Happy Life! xxx
  • Circle_11560958
    On 17 January 2023

    Clear and practical.

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    Fantastic! Just how I aim to pitch a reading with clear and practical direction that can be USED and acted upon. Thanks for the feedback, it is always gratefully received. Bright Blessings to you, Tash x
  • Circle_12530918
    On 13 December 2022

    Though my connection has dropped twice. I love her. Absolutely smashed it. The best of the best. So well intuned. Read to my person right away. Told me exactly what path I can choose. And aligned to my personality. So sorry again. Nat...but I am coming back again soon.

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    WOW _ I am really looking forward to you coming back to me. It brings me joy and a smidge of pride to know that you not only enjoyed your reading with me, but it offered you a road map of the paths that lay in front of you. It is now up to you which one you choose. But with all the insights shared between us, it will make that choice a whole lot easier. Thank you so much for such wonderful feedback, I am humbled. Bright Blessings, Tash x
  • Eternity
    On 06 December 2022

    Natasha is absolutely brilliant ! I highly recoomend a reading with her. She is clear, honest, and to the point. She is able to convey complex psychic messages in digestable, straighfroward and understandbale ways. I learned so much in this reading about the why and what of many things I was trying to get psychic answers to. THANK YOU Natasha for the long reading!

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    What fabulous feedback, thank you so much. It is so wonderfully constructive and really helps other clients to define if they want same! We certainly did drill down into some very complex issues and managed to gain some acute insights to move you forward. We were there a long time but sometimes we do need a bit more time together to explore issues that are complicated and deep rooted. Thanks again for such constructive and positive feedback, much gratitude and many thanks. Bright Blessings, Tash x
  • User_111147982
    On 05 December 2022

    Thank you for my reading, hard to hear for sure but rather hear the truth, has given me much to think about

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    Bless you, yes, some things are hard to hear but you heard them with dignity and grace and for that I thank you and for having an open heart and mind. The insights given by spirit are sometimes acute, but they always have the ability to move you forward and empower you towards your best life if you act upon them. I am a reader that will support and guide you through the things that are hard to hear. Always here for you at the touch of your phone. Bright blessings and many thanks for taking on the hard stuff too. You are epically AWESOME!
  • Circle_11720548
    On 17 November 2022

    Natasha is a superb reader, she sees so much, it is mind blowing, thank you for you keeping me on the right track :) xxx

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    What lovely feedback! It's great to be able to blow your mind, what fun! However, what gives me utter delight is to hear the insights gleaned are putting you on the right track and helping you make the best decisions for you. Thank you for leaving me such positive feedback, it was a joy and a privilege to read for you. Bright Blessings and much gratitude, Tash x
  • Circle_12535988
    On 15 November 2022

    She was so lovely and supportive and made me feel heard. The reading was also so accurate and she opened my eyes with a lot of things

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    This feedback made me have a little weep actually. It is so touching and means so much to me that you felt HEARD. It is such an important balance in a reading to listen to you as a client and impart the information, that often for me, comes from so many directions it can be hard to keep up lol! It please me no end to know that you left feeling heard and as though you had gained new insights. Hopefully, you have been able to take those insights and turn them into steps forward to your best life. It does me good to be humbled, so thank you for that, my grateful appreciation to you. Bright blessings, Tash x
  • meggiemae
    On 10 November 2022

    Natasha was brilliant at tuning in to my dilemmas. Very encouraging and truthful. Lovely to chat to and gives clear concise information. If you are needing direction and clarity, chat to her. She is amazing

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    What epic feedback, positive, constructive and so thoughtful. I am blown away, thank you so much! I am pleased that you felt encouraged, because when we feel encouraged it leads us to empowerment. Armed with clarity and a sense of direction I am sure you are off and running and whipping those dilemmas into shape. It was a joy chatting to you too and I look forward to doing it again soon and catching up on your progress. Many thanks and bright blessings, Tash x
  • stream_1724
    On 21 October 2022

    Thank you for another amazing reading. Natasha always manages to tune into the situation with such accuracy and she gives amazing insight and appropriate advice to help me. She is always so professional and thoughtful with her words. Thank you so much xxxx

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    How thoughtful you are to leave so wonderful feedback for me. I am always humbled with feedback like this. It is so helpful for other clients to see what you enjoyed and what you found useful. It pleases me to know that the advice struck the right note with you and that you can take it and turn it into tangible change to improve the way forward. I always aim to be be professional but remain approachable and friendly and it seems we hit the right chords together, so thank YOU, because it takes two people to make a reading into something useful and fit for purpose. My grateful and heartfelt thanks and gratitude. Bright Blessings, Tash x
  • User_111147982
    On 21 October 2022

    Such a lovely lady who kindly walks with me in life, her readings are informative and truthful. Love and light xx

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    Takes one to know one, your light shines through leaving such lovely feedback. It is always a privilege and honour to walk your path with you and illuminate the hidden and reveal the invisible to enable you to navigate life's challenges. Your road is not always an easy one but you travel it with grace and a beautiful heart. I know sometimes the messages from spirit feel acute but you always take it onboard with dignity and an open mind. Our readings reveal so much when we work together focusing on the issues you have and the solutions you both want and need. You are a precious jewel indeed. Many thanks and bright blessings, Tash x
  • Claudia
    On 15 October 2022

    Natasha is really good at reading energies around you. I always come to her. She has assisted me in understanding hidden feelings and energies around me and this has empower me into taking more confident decisions. Thanks!

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    C, darling! What more can I say to that? Such positive, informative and constructive feedback, my eternal and heartfelt thanks to you. Your readings always make me smile and connecting with your bright, bubbly energy is always a joy. I do love our readings together. There has been plenty of uncertainty to navigate of late and we have been able to drill down into some of the complex emotions surrounding this issue and reveal new insights each time. The story keeps unfolding and new chapters are being written each day. My grateful thanks for your continued custom, you are a delight and I look forward to chatting with you some lovely lady. Bright Blessings
  • Circle_12151788
    On 29 September 2022


    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    Aw.. you are a star! Thank you so much for leaving a rating and some positive feedback, it is is always so gratefully received.
  • Circle_12297768
    On 24 September 2022

    Thank you

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    THANK YOU! Without you, the client, I would not get very far, so thank you for your custom and for the honour of allowing me to read for you. x
  • Circle_12107118
    On 22 September 2022

    Thank you for your ongoing support and readings throughout a difficult period. Always really useful takeaways from the reading which I appreciate massively :)

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    D, you are more than welcome. You are rising like a phoenix each time we connect. Rising above, striving for better and fighting for what is important to you. Your courage and ability to keep going is a lesson to us all. It has been an absolute privilege and an immense honour to be trusted to support and guide you at this incredibly difficult time. Navigating you through this is so important to me and I truly value your trust and your custom. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you D. Onward, upward, keep going you are NEARLY there. Brightest of Blessings to you, Tash x
  • Circle_11296298
    On 21 September 2022

    Really enjoyed my reading thank you so much, connected well and provided good clarity and foresight. I would recommend a reading with her xx

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    Thank you so much for your recommendation, how lovely of you! I enjoyed our reading together too and I am really pleased to have given you both clarity and foresight that you can now take and turn into something realistic and tangible to move you forward. It's an absolute joy to be able to do that for you. Bright Blessings, Tash x
  • User_111147982
    On 20 September 2022

    Natasha has been reading for me for a little while and has been supporting me through a tricky relationship, she has been a source of advice and her readings have been informative, she has been truthful, reassuring and comforting. Natasha has kept in contact and step by step my life is improving again, however I know the road ahead is long. Love and Light xx

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    Bless you M, it has been a long road, but one that you travel with an open mind and a willingness to take on the advice and insights offered. In doing that you have seen changes and improvements and that is credit to you, so well done M. YOU have moved yourself forward, situationally and psychologically, you should be proud of yourself. It has been a blessing to bring you comfort and support at this time in your life. Head up my lovely, you're doing GREAT! Love and light and the brightest of blessings right back to you. Tash x
  • User_111141581
    On 06 September 2022

    Amazing reading

    Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
    Wow! So pleased that you were satisfied and enjoyed your psychic reading with me. Thank you so much for leaving positive feedback, it means so much. Bright blessings, Tash x

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