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« One of the best readings, instant connection, validation Molly was really spot on, a feeling of clarity that I’m on my right path A lovely empathic, fun reader  »
  • Carol20
    On 20 September 2023

    sorry reading i had here from 3 diff people gave 3 diff answers..

    Response from Molly on 21 September 2023
    Good morning, yes i can imagine this can be very frustrating. please remember that having to many different readings from different readers can create confusion, as we all have different guides and with that can give you different angles of your situation. Allow things to unfold. Molly x
  • Emily
    On 17 September 2023

    One of the best readings, instant connection, validation Molly was really spot on, a feeling of clarity that I’m on my right path A lovely empathic, fun reader

    Response from Molly on 21 September 2023
    Hello, thank you so much, what a great review and im so pleased you enjoyed my style of reading. Molly x
  • Circle11218018
    On 14 September 2023

    yes Molly has helped me through a very difficult time over the past 2 years. She has been accurate and empathic. I would highly recommend her.

  • C1979
    On 14 September 2023

    Mollys predictions were exactly spot on again! Thank you so much xx

  • Circle12414978
    On 13 September 2023

    Amazing molly!, so insightful this journey is like a jigsaw puzzle and every time we connect you hand me another piece thankyou beautiful soul. Kaz x

  • M1968
    On 13 September 2023

    Just wonderful x

  • Circle11283758
    On 11 September 2023

    Thank you for the reading! It was helpful but a little confusing! Nevertheless I am feeling hopeful that the POI will come back into my life. Although you never really answered my question as to approximately when will him and I reconnect? Xx

  • Circle11619798
    On 09 September 2023

    Molly is absolutely a superstar ! You must give her a go. All her predictions come true and she is able to explain the situation clearly and without a fluff. Very encouraging and absolutely spot on.

  • C1979
    On 08 September 2023

    The information Molly gets just leaves me speechless. So completely spot on!! Thank you as always for your guidance xxx

  • James
    On 05 September 2023

    Absolutely brilliant. Thanks very much Molly. Extremely insightful and delivered in an authentic way.

  • Circle12414978
    On 02 September 2023

    Thankyou beautiful soul for your amazing insights and keeping me on the right path x kaz x

  • C1979
    On 02 September 2023

    Thanks Molly so helpful as always speak soon xx

  • M1968
    On 28 August 2023

    Great to catch up with molly ,looking forward to the next reading x

  • C1979
    On 26 August 2023

    As always great to chat with Molly. Thank you so much for your always accurate insights xx

  • Anon
    On 15 August 2023

    Thank you Molly for your guidance, Incredible insight and reassurance. The Sandman ????

  • G1975
    On 13 August 2023

    Best reader out there

  • C1979
    On 11 August 2023

    Always amazing thank you so much xxx

  • G1975
    On 10 August 2023

    Brilliant connection

  • C1979
    On 02 August 2023

    Molly has been spot on for me. Always immediately gets what’s going on with people and so detailed. So unbelievably accurate. Past predictions have also come true and things have gone how Molly has seen. Thank you so much for always helping I will keep the faith! Xx

    Response from Molly on 03 August 2023
    hello, oh thank you so much. i love our chats and i love being able to see little visions a long the way to help you and guide you xx
  • Circle12454028
    On 02 August 2023

    I've had a couple of readings now, first one I felt more sympathy for POI rather than me, prediction didn't materialise which made me curious for a second one but not much further insight with that either. I found the readings more about feelings felt rather than any validations or insights. I guess anyone can feel any feeling. I went in with high hopes seeing reviews but sadly haven't felt the same and don't feel value for money given charge unfortunately. Sorry.

    Response from Molly on 03 August 2023
    hello. im so sorry you felt this way. having the gift we have can be very hard for others to understand and we always have to go where are guide takes us, so you can have the best reading. Feelings are very important as our guides need you to understand the situation, predictions are wonderful but they can not always be the main factor in readings. understanding and guiding you is the most important so you can make the right decisions. if predictions did not materialise that normally only happens when you have waited to see it and thought to much about this. i suggest the next time you have a reading, write it all down and place it somewhere to forget about it so you can allow this to all unfold. x

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