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« What a wonderful person Eve is. She got me immediately and knew things no one else could have ever known  »
  • V
    On 29 May 2024

    What a wonderful person Eve is. She got me immediately and knew things no one else could have ever known

    Response from Midnight Eve on 29 May 2024
    Hi V! Thank you for your review! I'm glad you felt seen and safe during your reading today because it enabled deep healing to enter, and you will now start to notice the positive effects of this healing almost straight away. This will continue to unfold to feel like a gentle and joyous awakening to your true power and creativity, and that you are now more than ready to be seen, heard, validated, loved and celebrated for all that you are. Sending love, light & bright blessings your way, from Midnight Eve xx
  • K
    On 25 May 2024

    Brilliant as always I will take on board everything you have said, I’m already pulling my energy to neutral like you said in regards to no name lol I wanted to ask but we ran out of time do you see we come through this it feels like we already are nearing the light at the end of the tunnel I can feel the energy changing and even tho the person is still around it’s so much less it feels like slowly they are being removed by him?, so I will continue and put into practice what you said also

    Response from Midnight Eve on 25 May 2024
    Yes I see you coming through this! And yet hearing this, I don't want you to become complacent at this stage, you're making good ground, don't let yourself assume you are past the finishing post yet, double down on your commitment to this right now, as it would slow your progress if you had to go over ground you have already gained by not keeping focussed on the hear and now. Follow the advice you received and stay centred throughout., You've got this! Sending love, light & bright blessings to you and your loved ones xx
  • Miche
    On 25 May 2024

    Really good reading tuned in straight away. Uplifting will follow your advice.

    Response from Midnight Eve on 25 May 2024
    Hi Miche! This makes me so happy to hear! And remember, you have me and Immanuel providing you with spiritual support and guidance. This is an importantly pivotal year for you where amazing things can happen for you from this point. Give yourself the best chance, the most loyal support, the most healthy options when faced with decisions and you will propel yourself into the brightest future possible. All other things, and people, will then work hard to have you by their side again. Trust in you and believe in the messages you received from us. Sending love, light & bright blessings your way. And thank you for the review, I really appreciate it! xx
  • Circle12554928
    On 23 May 2024

    An amazing reading once again. When I felt like the world was on my shoulders and not knowing what direction to take but Eve gave me great guidance and helping me with a massive decision for me. Hope everything works out

    Response from Midnight Eve on 23 May 2024
    You have made a courageous decision today, and it is the right decision. And yes, this will all work out for you. It might feel uncomfortable at times but remember the messages you recieved from my spirit guide today, and remember you have us on your side. During your reading today I drew a few tarot cards which enabled Immanuel to show me, through the Four of Swords card, that Now is a time for you to REST after some gruelling and punishing physical experiences. This is a time of recovery and healing. This was followed by the Hermit and Temperance cards, which affirmed that the very best way to progress for the next month is though time spent alone, and spending that time with yourself Patiently trusting that all will be well. So remember during this time to reset, and be like nature, because as a wise sage told us, nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. Sending you love, light, healing, and gentle blessings xx
  • Circle12100878
    On 21 May 2024

    ???? Brilliant. Lovely reading and on point.

    Response from Midnight Eve on 21 May 2024
    Thank you, I felt I was in the presence of a kindred spirit and the warmest of souls when I heard your voice, with your profound yet feminine power and wisdom shining through. This is an auspicious time for you and I sense you manifesting many enjoyable and profitable projects, or 'personal passions' coming to fruition, and leading you to a great new connection that you can enjoy and feel inspired by. Sending love, light & blessings xx
  • Katie
    On 18 May 2024

    Everything you said to me this morning, I heard and it has helped me understand through the bigger picture. I am sitting here now with tears of joy Because. You see me. I have been seen. That’s the best gift to receive. Thank you thank you dearest Eve Thank you. xxxxx

    Response from Midnight Eve on 18 May 2024
    Not only do I see you, I love what I see! Sending you heartfelt love, light & blessings dearest Katie xxx
  • Donna
    On 15 May 2024

    From the moment the call is answered, Eve instantly gives so much validation, predications & comfort. Absolutely amazing, she does not tell you what you want to hear but what you need too. Brilliant ❤️

    Response from Midnight Eve on 16 May 2024
    Wow, thank you for taking the time to review your experience of the readings you have had with me, I really appreciate it. I'm exceptionally lucky to have a wonderful Spirit Guide, Immanuel by my side, who helps me uncover hidden truths, specific guidance, and spiritual healing to anyone in search of answers. It brings me so much joy to read for you and to connect you to your highest potential as I know you will really make the most of everything, and this will bring you love, fulfilment in your life, joy, true happiness and connections that will restore your faith in others, as they begin show up for you as they should. Love You! Midnight Eve ❤️ xx
  • S1974
    On 14 May 2024

    Midnight Eve is one of the best readers on the circle. You will always be guarded to your true path with honesty, care and support. Absolutely amazing

    Response from Midnight Eve on 15 May 2024
    It's so lovely to hear validations of how your experiences of your readings with me have helped. Your kindness, love, devotion, light, and lovely humour are I feel blessed to have experienced whilst reading for you and delivering your messages from spirit. You will continue to inspire and shine and the love you give will return to you many times over! ❤️ xx
  • D
    On 14 May 2024

    Fantastic reader. No time wasting, honest, kind & non judgmental. Amazing connection with spirit.

    Response from Midnight Eve on 15 May 2024
    This is such a beautiful message to start my day with, thank you! ❤️
  • Penny
    On 11 May 2024

    Nice lady, talked a lot and gave lots of information and advice but sadly no predictions to specific questions I wanted to ask. My time run out after 28 mins and i got the message to look after myself etc but nothing about the future.

    Response from Midnight Eve on 11 May 2024
    Yes you received messages about your future, and of course, this being your first reading with me, I showed you that I could see all of the trauma, deciet, trechery, and fights for justice you have been embroiled in. And as these situations have not yet fully ended you also received validation from my spirit guide that we can see your pain and hold space for you, in love, safety, and healing. Your messages gently remind you how to take care of yourself because this is the necessary first step towards the next phases of positive future events unfolding, and it cannot be side-stepped. The advice was given for you to follow, as a means of breaking through the stagnant energy keeping you currently stuck. The messages and healing you were given today will continue to sooth, help, and guide you to the events and better times I saw for you. Now you, along with all who come to me for a reading, will be always brought to mind in my 7pm evening prayers and, where requested, healing meditations. Sending love, light & blessings to you during this time of transitions, Midnight Eve xx
  • Circle12066908
    On 09 May 2024

    Great as always… sorry credit ran out!! Got most of what you said at the end!

    Response from Midnight Eve on 09 May 2024
    Lovely to hear from you today! My spirit guide showed me increasing positivity around new beginnings for you soon. During our reading I pulled Tarot cards of pentacles and wands which combined strongly with my psychic visions, showing clear indications of new opportunities relating to a house move, and to gain benefits in workplace settings by using your initiative in bold and imaginative ways! Let your angels inspire and guide you now. Sending love, light & many bright blessings your way xx
  • N
    On 07 May 2024

    From the moment the call connected and Eve started talking, before I had said anything myself, I was amazed by how much she knew about my personality and my current situation. Time will tell if events will come to pass as she said they will but she was bang on about the backstory and my own past. Our call largely focused on one aspect of my life at present and I didn’t have time to continue the but I will be calling back to hear what insights she has about the other areas of my life she touched upon.

    Response from Midnight Eve on 07 May 2024
    You have been in my thoughts and prayers since we spoke and you continue to benefit from having your prayers heard and answered by my guide. Simplify all of your tasks right now and choose to be responsible only for your wellbeing and the little one. It is your task to be well rested in your mind, body and spirit now, make this your priority. All else that can become more healthy, loving, strong, and supportive will then manifest around as and when you need. Trust. Let go of anything that is not your responsibilty right now, and reconnect to yourself and your self care routines. Sending love, light and bright blessings your way, Midnight Eve xx
  • Sam
    On 06 May 2024

    Pleasant, straight forward and clear. Great session!

    Response from Midnight Eve on 07 May 2024
    The messages you have been given from my guide will continue to resonate and make sense to you on a deep and meaningful level as the coming days arise. Current challenges are a gift for you to complete to a standard you can feel content with, and THEN you will be ready to make your move. Make your peace with what you truely can achieve now, given the limitations you face, then your energy will have the magic needed (self belief) to hit the right spot as you apply for something new that you feel excited about, in the near future. Sending love, light and blessings your way! xx
  • San
    On 01 May 2024

    Thank you so much Eve really helps and connects so much x

    Response from Midnight Eve on 01 May 2024
    The light, love and beauty you eminate fills me with joy and I know a special someone will also be affected by your unique radiance too, to feel healing, love and a strong desire to love and honour you as they should have done earlier. So happy to hear of all your self care practices, I hope you continue to enjoy the many benefits from these wonderful new habits of yours. Sending love & light, Midnight Eve xx
  • Stream25830
    On 28 April 2024

    Great insightful reading and inspiring as always. Thanks MNE !

    Response from Midnight Eve on 28 April 2024
    It's my absolute pleasure is to read for you! You are a visionary of an exceptionally high order, and you will prove to be a gift to the world in terms of innovation, creativity, and applications. To reach your highest heights you are advised to retain elements of solid & secure foundations, as discussed today. This choice, you will later realise with hindsight, will have been the needed sanctuary, stability and the bedrock of your breathtaking successes. Sending you lots of love, light, & many bright blessings! xx
  • Amy
    On 27 April 2024

    Thank you ever so much for the different perspectives, that was so helpful. I’m going to take myself off to the gym, steam room and take my book with me for a coffee. Your readings are the absolute best when I need something inspiring to think about. I’m pleased I’m on the right path with my “I am/I’m not” thinking. Didn’t even need to tell you. Can’t recommend Midnight Eve enough for the times when you need some self reflection and guidance on how to do it. You need to listen and be honest with yourself for a reading with Midnight Eve I feel. Fantastic always x

    Response from Midnight Eve on 27 April 2024
    What a beautiful little blast from the (not so distant) past, hearing from You today! And what awesome messages you received from Immanuel for your current situation, and how you can find the light, the joy, and the gifts in your very special connection! Sending you love, light and many bright blessings ❤️ xx
  • Katie
    On 21 April 2024

    Thank you Eve I very much appreciate your support Thank you xx

    Response from Midnight Eve on 21 April 2024
    Always! ❤️ xx
  • C1979
    On 18 April 2024

    Thank you so much for your recent reading. I did not want to hear what you said at the time but on reflection I so needed to hear it! I feel like a light switch has finally been turned off and was desperately needed. I hope I am finally taking on board all your guidance and for the first time I really understand all you have been saying and guiding me towards. Thank you so much for all your help. Amazing reader x

    Response from Midnight Eve on 18 April 2024
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience of your readings with me here! You are an exceptionally likeable woman with amazing qualities that people will love about you, and be drawn to throughout your life. People will be blessed to count on your support, love, friendship and advice. Hopefully you have come to realise this is true through your readings and the messages you have received from my guide about your circumstances. You will continue to go from strenght to strenght, awakening deeper into to your power, and relaxing over the decisions that You Choose for You. Sending you love, light & many blessings ❤️xx
  • D
    On 17 April 2024

    Beautiful Eve thank you for sorting me out this morning. I knew I needed to speak to you so you could guide me back & explain everything that is happening. I feel so much love & gratitude towards you and your guides. Forever humbled by your amazing ability, heartfelt love, support, honesty & genuine care to help me towards my soul’s purpose ❤️

    Response from Midnight Eve on 17 April 2024
    Always here for you my Angel! You are on the right path now, and that can mean only one thing, that you are not on the wrong path! Being on the right path you can not miss any of the right opportunities coming your way! And so delays will also vanish because delays are manifestations of the wrong path. Focus on you and your lovely little family right now, the rest will come and find you❤️xx
  • Katie
    On 16 April 2024

    Fantastic. Fantastic Honest thank you xxxx

    Response from Midnight Eve on 16 April 2024
    Love & light to you my dearest one! And many, many bright blessings ❤️ xx

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