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Client reviews (57)

« So much detail and so accurate about the situation and people involved. A gifted reader. »
  • Cristina
    On 29 May 2023

    So much detail and so accurate about the situation and people involved. A gifted reader.

  • Circle11194678
    On 28 May 2023

    Top notch! A Truly excellent reader . Great detail; all his past predictions came true and he is able to analyse situations so well.

  • C1979
    On 26 May 2023

    So accurate thank you so much

  • AimE
    On 09 May 2023

    I’ve had a few readings with Michael and things have happened the way he has advised they would. I find Michael to be a thorough and accurate reader that has understanding and empathy. Definitely recommend a reading.

  • Circle11843328
    On 27 April 2023

    Michael is an amazing reader, and every time I connect is spot on and predictions come true. Bless you Michael for the care you put in your words and work, you are a amazing talented human being.

  • Circle11821018
    On 24 April 2023

    Always amazing

  • Circle12002718
    On 18 April 2023

    Money ran out. Thanks so much for your insight and straight to the point answers. I will hold on tight to what you say and keep busy

  • Circle11194678
    On 16 April 2023

    Super reader. So precise and exact

  • Circle11194678
    On 12 April 2023

    Simply brilliant

  • Circle11161958
    On 06 April 2023

    Amazing. Super accurate

  • L1984
    On 06 April 2023

    Great reader

  • Sally
    On 21 March 2023

    Enjoyed my reading, it brought home simple truths , good guidance , will keep you updated Thankyou

  • Lun412
    On 17 March 2023

    Thanks so much for your help. Sorry we got cut off. You were fantastic! I will let you know how things go x

  • Logans
    On 16 March 2023


  • Stream1016
    On 13 March 2023

    Michael is an incredible reader, who tunes in fast and provides detail. He is very gifted

  • circle_11142578
    On 15 February 2023

    Very good reading. To the point and insightful.

  • stream_1259
    On 15 January 2023

    The second time I've had a reading with Michael as I was so impressed by reading comments from his reviews and I decided to get in touch with him and he didn't disappoint! He's kind, emphaphetic and tunes into any situation using his tarot cards. He's given me the clarity I was looking for regarding relationships and the POI. He's amazing and will leave you feeling empowered for the future!

  • Circle_12139738
    On 25 November 2022

    WOW! What an incredible reading. Michael is outstanding in his ability to give such detailed and accurate information. His reading of the poi and the situation was bang on with the things that I do know, and things he told me that I didn't know were the missing pieces of the jigsaw, and all makes such perfect sense now. A million thanks Michaelxxxxx

  • Circle_11782858
    On 21 September 2022

    Wow! I am simply gobsmacked at Michael’s incredible gift. Having spoken with him a few times, he is by far the best reader on The Circle. His ability is astounding and he gleans details that are so accurate. Thank you Michael for your amazing gift.

  • Circle_11782858
    On 04 September 2022

    Michael has a unique skill for honing in on such accurate and informative details about individuals and situations. He is a reader who goes above and beyond and really looks at the finer details. His insights are profoundly on point and I am always blown away by his abilities. An amazing talent and I look forward to updating on predictions once they continue to pass.

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