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« I always feel very grounded during my readings with Merle. She is very on point and predictions are unfolding. Thank you for your time. »
  • Roosters2wi
    On 26 September 2023

    I always feel very grounded during my readings with Merle. She is very on point and predictions are unfolding. Thank you for your time.

  • Circle11524908
    On 25 September 2023

    Yes I really enjoyed my chat and readings.. Has definitely helped my thoughts and hopefully I feel more positive in life.

  • Circle11524908
    On 25 September 2023

    It was good Thankyou but I got cut off to Soon.

  • Roosters2win
    On 24 September 2023

    Sound career advice and picked up on exactly what I have been thinking myself.Thanks very much for confirming and helping me feel calm and grounded.

  • Circle11674708
    On 28 August 2023

    Very nice reading, and lovely lady. xx

  • Circle11194678
    On 07 August 2023


  • Marielo
    On 29 July 2023

    Lovely and fast and accurate as always. Thank you :)

  • Circle11464628
    On 13 July 2023

    Great psychic hot the nail on the head

  • Marielo
    On 12 July 2023

    Wonderful- accurate and fast- as always ! Thank you

  • Circle11347398
    On 06 July 2023

    So sorry tried to carry on but they said didn’t know my request few times . It was lovely speaking to you , my mind was put at rest . I will be calling you again please anyone who needs some clear advice giveMerie H a call she lovely lady and makes you feel very comfortable I’m giving her 5* and more . Love and Light everyone ❤️

  • Circle12520468
    On 03 July 2023

    Thanks you where really kind and put me at ease definitely recommend you thank you again x

  • Circle11752898
    On 30 June 2023

    Very honest, picked up everything without asking. Thank you

  • Circle11340278
    On 21 June 2023

    Simply straight to the point with grace, thankyou Merle.

  • Stream4833
    On 16 May 2023

    Fabulous reader, spot on with background information and gave helpful, specifc practical advice. Lovely and friendly and great connection.

  • Circle11973068
    On 12 May 2023

    Thank you. We got cut off, but I decided that it was best. Just end it there. You gave me wonderful advice.

  • Circle11973068
    On 12 May 2023

    Amazing person to speak to. Very wise and understanding of history. Those two components combined with great psychic ability makes for a very deep and rewarding reading.

  • Pt
    On 12 May 2023

    Lovely reader

  • Circle11344188
    On 06 May 2023

    5 stars and more

  • Circle11630478
    On 04 May 2023

    Merle is so accurate-her predictions really come through

  • Circle11164798
    On 28 April 2023

    Merle was helpful and warm . We spoke for 20 minutes or so but it was very insightful. Highly recommended

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