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Client reviews (506)

« Thank you Marie for the clear reading and your excellent guidance. I will take it on board and let you know how I get on. Best wishes to you  »
  • Joanne
    On 24 November 2023

    Thank you Marie for the clear reading and your excellent guidance. I will take it on board and let you know how I get on. Best wishes to you

  • C1973
    On 17 November 2023

    Marie leaves no stone unturned. You may not like everything that she says but you can be sure that it's accurate. Marie will always give you the truth but delivers it with compassion and love. So many predictions have come to pass which is why I always return to Marie. She is has it all - accuracy, compassion, non judgemental, understanding, warmth, strength and most importantly she is never wrong. Occasionally a prediction may take longer to come to pass but if Marie gives it then it will come true.

  • C1973
    On 30 October 2023

    My goodness, Marie is amazing. She sees everything even your darker side but she never judges, just guides you on the right path. I absolutely adore Marie because she is so good and the one person that I listen to.

  • Ladyh1304
    On 12 September 2023

    Always amazing with Marie a voice of reason and comfort in her guidance x

  • C1973
    On 02 August 2023

    I can only say that Marie is like no other. One of a kind, unique. Quite simply, the absolute best

  • Ladyh1304
    On 15 July 2023

    Always amazing thank you !

  • LadyH
    On 15 July 2023

    Marie is an absolutely amazing lady. Super talented, warm and friendly straight to the point. She’s articulate approachable and incredibly accurate! I’ve had readings with Marie for 10-15 years + now she’s the only reader I’ll go to.

  • Circle11332308
    On 06 July 2023

    Very genuine lady, friendly and honest Gave me hope for the future Thankyou so much Marie x

  • J24
    On 27 June 2023

    Lovely and honestly amazing! Picked up on my situation really quickly and gave great advice. Looking forward to her predictions coming into play and updating her xxxx thanks so much Marie xxxx

  • William
    On 23 June 2023

    As always brilliant x

  • Stream21510
    On 30 May 2023

    Absolutely amazing what a wonderful reading thank you Tracey xx

  • Circle12049118
    On 19 May 2023

    Thank you for a calming and honest reading. Marie just gets the situation and tells you exactly how it is. Marie has been correct before and I have no doubt she will be correct this time. Recommend a reading.

  • C1969
    On 17 May 2023

    Amazing as always xx????????

  • Amik
    On 12 May 2023

    Apologies we got disconnected. Just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely reading and how you tuned in right away! You were spot on about everything and I’m looking forward to the outcomes :) thank you again

  • C1979
    On 05 May 2023

    Wow that was incredible. Such an accurate reading. So lovely to connect with Marie.thank you so much you had everything so spot on about the people involved. You read everything in my mind and heart one hundred percent! X

  • Circle_11222578
    On 30 September 2022

    Marie predicted that a new job would start at the same time as a house purchase would complete. At the time this didn’t seem realistic because the house sale was due to be completed in March and the application form for the job had only just been sent off and several rounds of interviews expected. The house move is happening on Friday and the new job starts the following Monday. What an astonishingly accurate prediction which thankfully has come 100% true. Blown away. Thank you

  • Circle_11193298
    On 29 August 2022

    Thank you Marie for an incredible reading as always. We got cut off xx

  • Circle_12507278
    On 28 July 2022

    I'm very pleased with Marie's reading. She made me aware of the situation "behind the curtain" and also told me about a promising future. I'm very grateful.

  • kaldeep
    On 28 November 2021

    Thanks Marie for your readings over the years and your support. Its been accurate, encourageing and supporting. I would recommend. Thanks

  • Circle_11222578
    On 17 November 2021

    Marie listens carefully and answers with compassion. She will always get to the root cause and help you find direction and answers. Absolutely fantastic. There are far too many bad readers who are full of ego whereas Marie speaks from the heart. C xxx

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