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Client reviews (951)

« Really good and accurate i will be chatting with her again »
  • Sponass really
    On 22 September 2023

    Really good and accurate i will be chatting with her again

  • Circle11665358
    On 17 September 2023

    Nice reader and accurate

  • Circle11186918
    On 16 September 2023

    Thank you so very much for taking a look at what is to be over the next couple of weeks. Really needed and appreciate your insights - help to motivate me greatly.

  • Jane
    On 13 September 2023

    Excellent...picked up illness and gender

  • J1961
    On 11 September 2023

    Not impressed. It was obvious that she didn't like me and the sum total of her advice was to read self-help books.

    Response from Marayah Rose on 19 September 2023
    Dear customer, I'm very sorry that you feel this way about your life, but as the wise philospher Soctrates once said, "What we hide in our hearts come out in out speech" I do not have any hate in my heart hence I love all my callers and do my utmost to serve and aid each and every caller. I have a PhD in psychology as well as being an experienced psychic for over 40 years, you where probably not even born when I was doing readings! The word "hate" is very powerful I suggest you look inside your self to your own childhood trauma and fix your own issues before you start accusing good people who try to help you and that you don't even know of "hating' you! I wish you well and hope you find what you are searching for in life. Love and Light
  • Carina Demour
    On 10 September 2023

    Very intuned. Clear...accurate.

  • Clay
    On 09 September 2023

    To me, didn't feel like she was really trying to feel what I was saying. Instead, I felt like she was telling me what I wanted to hear.

    Response from Marayah Rose on 10 September 2023
    I'm very sorry you feel this way,however your assumptions are far away from the truth. You got annoyed because I would not logg into your YouTube channel as you where DEMANDING i go to your channel and listen to your rap music, this is during the reading, forcing me to log into your YouTube channel to listen to your Rap music, as I clearly stated I could not log into your link whilst I was doing the reading for you. If you want to make it in the music industry you will need to be nicer to people, btw I"m not a music producer, sorry you are feeling so frustrate about your career, just be nice to people it might help in your future career as a rapper, until then may be you can vent your anger in a rapp vers!" I'm gonna be what I wanna B, I'm a King Bee not a wanna be! nice title for your next song, " I'm not a wanna B"! LOL take care!
  • Joanne
    On 02 September 2023

    Excellent reader. A true psychic. Marayah will give you the truth to help you on your way. Thank you very much.

  • Circle12176018
    On 31 August 2023

    Thank you so much as always Marayah, you tune into me and my situation so effortlessly. Your words regarding a loved one have really touched me, I will stand by him xx and I know what to do now with the other one as well! So much love xxx

  • H812
    On 04 September 2023

    Many thanks for your predictions and your guides, I much appreciate it xx

  • Loo
    On 28 August 2023

    So far so good.fir the time I spent with her deffo going back when I get some money to do so

  • Circle11665358
    On 26 August 2023

    Good reader and consistent

  • B1953
    On 20 August 2023

    Excellent very accurate read . Plus great guidance and references for me. I will return!

  • G1970
    On 15 August 2023

    A very good reading this evening. Thank you Marayah.

  • Stream566
    On 10 August 2023

    Marayah is an excellent psychic medium and instantly connected with my situation without asking me any questions and gave me accurate info and validations from spirit which were v comforting. She was also able to look into the future and give me future predictions and i would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an outstanding psychic medium

  • Circle11194678
    On 03 August 2023

    Helpful reading. She gave me more clarity into my current situation . Marayah was very understanding and empathetic of my situation. Recommended .

  • Indigo
    On 01 August 2023

    Marayah is always spot on, mostly in the past telling me things I don’t want to hear ? but always in the end makes sense. Had a great call tonight: finally confirmed what I’d hoped she’s channel to me. If you want information that you NEED not what you want Marayah is great! Thanks M

  • Circle11876668
    On 29 July 2023

    Very good

  • Circle11368498
    On 27 July 2023

    Great reading as always, thank you!

  • Hels
    On 26 July 2023

    Thank you so much for my consultation. You were spot on with everything you said. Your guidance has been so helpful and can not thank you enough. I will certainly look to call you back when I get my uc xx

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