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« Tuned in very well to my situation. Picked up on important issues of mine right away and gave me clarity and practical guidance to help me find my way forwards. I throughly recommend. Very impressed.  »
  • Circle_12560198
    On 28 February 2023

    Very warm and understanding. She really knew what to say and offered so much guidance and insight. I feel so much less anxious since speaking and appreciate her patience as we talked things through.

  • Circle_12048318
    On 26 February 2023

    Tuned in very well to my situation. Picked up on important issues of mine right away and gave me clarity and practical guidance to help me find my way forwards. I throughly recommend. Very impressed.

  • Circle_11905438
    On 26 February 2023

    Pretty straightforward reading, got all the insight I needed, lovely reader!

  • Circle_11378318
    On 18 February 2023

    Do not feel there was a connection with this reader

  • Circle_12248888
    On 14 February 2023

    After a year and many readers, Marayah was the only one who turned out to know the truth. She doesn't need tools or make inferences as she's a natural and genuine reader. Her information is spiritually nourishing so she gives the right information rather than quick fix good/bad news. She was consistent and adamant over several readings about a necessary future job move. Despite my best efforts, destiny miraculously and unavoidably unfolded as she'd said. At the right time rather than expected ti

  • Circle_11584268
    On 05 February 2023

    I had a reading with Marayah Rose today. She was able to help me see the positives in a difficult situation and her spiritual abilities are wonderful. I recommend her to anyone.

  • Circle_12487718
    On 06 January 2023

    Marayah Is very insightful and her reading was very useful and nurtured my own natural intuition. The details helped me unravel a delicate situation and offered an opportunity to visualise a pathway to progress

  • Circle_11504078
    On 04 January 2023

    Marayah has fantastic feedback and great client base, my reading went against the grain to her usual feedback unfortunately, found it difficult to connect to my situation and didn't really pick up or give any insight, but I'm sure this was a 1 off going by her feedback, and possibility it could have been down to a phone disconnection at the very start of the reading. Which was a shame because I had hand picked the reader on her fantastic feedback..sorry but will maybe a try again in the futur ...

  • Circle_12546778
    On 01 January 2023

    Brilliant reading

  • Circle_11267038
    On 31 December 2022

    Thank you for help and clearing areas I needed x

  • Circle_12498468
    On 29 December 2022

    Just awaiting to see if the predictions given will come true but mostly accurate about my situation

  • Circle_12530918
    On 18 December 2022

    Unfortunately connection got disconnected. But what an amazing read. I loved her accuracy. Gave me what I needed to hear.

  • Circle_12110648
    On 13 December 2022

    Great reading and very informative

  • Circle_11836198
    On 06 December 2022

    only contact marayah, she is correct, quick, accurate and picks up on everything without much detail, and i feel she is honest x

  • Circle_12539118
    On 28 November 2022


  • Circle_12530918
    On 24 November 2022

    As much as I felt heart broken. I know she was right somewhere. She is true to the D with her intuition.

  • Circle_12390728
    On 23 November 2022

    Thank u

  • logans
    On 23 November 2022


  • Circle_11712408
    On 19 November 2022

    She’s super on point and very accurate without saying much

  • Circle_11345728
    On 03 November 2022

    A very good helpful and valuable reading.

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