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Client reviews (1022)

« Told me things with out being promoted,so she knows her stuff, just waiting for the out to come now, fingers crossed  »
  • P
    On 10 June 2024

    Told me things with out being promoted,so she knows her stuff, just waiting for the out to come now, fingers crossed

  • Kaldeep
    On 10 June 2024

    Great reading Thanks

  • Fionabbb12
    On 07 June 2024

    Absolutely fabulous really gifted clairvoyant and medium xx

  • Kaldeep
    On 31 May 2024

    Great reading thanks

  • Kaldeep
    On 29 May 2024

    Great reading . I have consul;ted Marya often and its allwys been accurate and uplifiting Thanks

  • Stuart
    On 27 May 2024

    WOW. What a review and so accurate with so little prompting. Utterly amazing and i really hope that your projections about my significant relationship do come true after things calm down. Thank you so much.

  • Circle11277648
    On 15 May 2024

    Honest, supportive, straightforward, and helpful insight/advice, which is much appreciated and reassuring. Thank you so much.

  • Carol
    On 21 April 2024

    This lady is fantastic

  • Sahrish
    On 17 April 2024

    Very Very nice conversation.She give the very clear picture and help me to find the peace and make me relaxed.

  • Ori
    On 16 April 2024

    So wonderful, I really felt very connected to everything Marayah was saying, thank you so much xxx

  • R1975
    On 14 April 2024


  • Ke
    On 10 April 2024

    Thank you for the reading. I will update you.

  • Laura
    On 09 April 2024

    Marayah was spot on and incredibly helpful. Gave me some clarity and some advice I needed to hear

  • Annie
    On 20 March 2024

    Love my chats with Marayah Rose so insightful and great advice especially when I'm so emotional. Very caring and calming xx

  • Circle12433948
    On 14 March 2024

    Lots of interesting, specific predictions . Thank you . X

  • Ami
    On 29 February 2024

    Marayah gave me an amazing insight and clarity thank you so much ????

  • Mambajamba01
    On 29 February 2024

    She’s amazing! Extremely Accurate, very kind. Book !

  • Lisa
    On 27 February 2024

    Amazing! Lots of guidance and help!

  • Circle12076288
    On 22 February 2024

    Listened to Mariah’s advice a few years back and she was right, reassuring to speak again thanks for the reading

  • Zac
    On 21 February 2024

    She is the best here

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