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Client reviews (68)

« I've waited and looked forward to Linnie returning to the circle and talking to her this morning was like reconnecting with a dear friend. She has the insights of a great psychic but also an amazing ability to communicate all.that she senses with a deep and caring passion that is so very genuine »
  • David7
    On 02 June 2024

    I've waited and looked forward to Linnie returning to the circle and talking to her this morning was like reconnecting with a dear friend. She has the insights of a great psychic but also an amazing ability to communicate all.that she senses with a deep and caring passion that is so very genuine

    Response from Linnie on 03 June 2024
    I am honoured to receive such a beautiful review. Indeed it was like reconnecting with a dear old friend and I can not wait to chat again, to see it all unfold, and you living your fullest life. You deserve everything beautiful coming your way... Keep all those doors open and stay true to your adventurous soul. Linnie xx
  • Circle11757108
    On 02 June 2024

    So, so glad you're back and we could catch up today. Wonderful as always I feel so blessed to have your guidance, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sending much love xxx

    Response from Linnie on 02 June 2024
    What can I say more than that the privilege is all mine to be invited to walk this journey with you...I sent you a message earlier. Speak again when the time is right. You have my deep admiration. Linnie xx
  • Circle11757108
    On 15 March 2024

    Wonderful Linnie, thank you, you're fantastic and your wise words always keep me grounded. Looking forward to another early Sunday morning chat xxx

    Response from Linnie on 17 March 2024
    It was just so lovely to connect with you this morning again. You are an amazing woman and you've got this. I will send you that email with the points later today xx
  • Circle_11757108
    On 12 February 2023

    Talking to Linnie is like talking to a most beloved and wise friend who patiently helps me unravel the confusion and doubt around me. Thank you Linnie for connecting with me again this morning your energy is so beautiful, sending much love, speak again soon Mx

    Response from Linnie on 26 January 2024
    Wonderful soul... I have had to be away for a while but I am back now. I want to give you a gift of 10 min. You around this Sunday? L xx
  • David7
    On 10 January 2023

    I had already set some changes in motion when I spoke to Linnie and she picked up on adventures ahead with some excitement. No spoilers but apparently it looks good. Thanks Linnie I can honestly say you feel like a good friend

    Response from Linnie on 26 January 2024
    Wonderful energy you have. I think and feel you often. I am so sad that I had to go away for a while and not keep up with your new adventures we spoke of. I am happy to be able to give you 10 minutes catch up. I will be around this Sunday Lxx
  • Circle_11186918
    On 02 January 2023

    Thank you for the deep chat about how things are currently and how they need to change to effect a good outcome. I appreciate the insights and guidance and am determined to take on your advice. Many thanks - will update in near future.

  • Circle_11621158
    On 01 January 2023

    I've just had the most extraordinary reading with Linnie. She got to the crux of the issue immediately without any prompting & provided grounding & supportive advice in view of future realisations. Highly recommended. Thanks so much Linnie xx

  • David7
    On 27 December 2022

    Linnie sees an opening up of positive opportunities with a number of welcome choices ahead. Whilst not overly specific the point is to leave my options open so I remain in charge of the changes as they present themselves. Certainly feels right for where I am right now.

    Response from Linnie on 18 February 2024
    Thank you so much. It was a pleasure to connect this morning (18/02/24) and I will send you another email tomorrow to follow up on the summary and the last question you had. You are in a good place to see things from a different perspective and to let the energies do their thing. Love, Linnie
  • Circle_11143908
    On 14 December 2022

    We picked up from where we left off , just amazing , beautiful insight and intuition!

  • Circle_11257448
    On 11 December 2022

    Linnie is amazing, highly recommend

  • Circle_12049118
    On 24 November 2022

    I love my readings with Linnie, compassionate, honest and full of empathy. Linnie’s readings have happened for me and I greatly appreciate her guidance.

  • stream_1016
    On 18 November 2022

    Linnie has an amazing gift. She is kind, and thoughtful, and the reading just flowed. She instantly tuned in and helped to guide me in a difficult time in my life. Get in touch with her for an amazing reader. Thank you Linnie xx

  • Circle_11143908
    On 16 November 2022

    What an amazing woman , I’m so grateful for the spiritual information Linnie shareD with me , she was so amazing to speak with, a beautiful soul in every way ,absolutely blown away with the information brought forward . It will be a privilege for me to speak with Linnie again soon

  • Circle_12049118
    On 20 October 2022

    Linnie has a fantastically positive energy and she is extremely kind and caring. I have never felt judged by Linnie and whatever the question, Linnie makes you feel validated. She always cheers me up :) Linnie’s predictions are playing out exactly as she said! A genuine lady in this field.

  • SanFran
    On 12 October 2022

    Was wonderful to reconnect with Linnie after more than a year. She picked up on my person's energy very well, and delivered a realistic but kind message. It was quite a deep reading. Very much look forward to talking about updates. Thank you so much

  • Circle_11846898
    On 03 October 2022

    Always so uplifting speaking to Linnie. Provides great validations and information is always consistent!

  • stream_8902
    On 31 July 2022

    I had not spoken with Linnie in a while, and decided to book a call & catch up with her the morning. As always, talking with Linnie for me is like talking to a best friend, extremely down to earth, caring & emphatic reader, whom imparts generous amounts of spiritual wisdom, understanding & advice, without ever judging. Superb reader, and one of the best on this line. Linnie your great!!

  • Circle_12049118
    On 24 July 2022

    Linnie is so kind and generous with her time and energy. Her readings are filled with correct information… my last reading with Linnie played out exactly as she said it would :) Linnie gives you the reading without any kind of opinion or judgement and she sees the deeper meaning behind a situation. Her readings are honest and realistic. Fantastic, would definitely recommend. Thanks Linnie xx

  • Circle_11846898
    On 21 July 2022

    Such an insightful reading! Linnie is able to see so much and she was able to validate so many things which I could resonate with! I can't wait to speak to you again! Defs would recommend a reading with Linnie if you want something honest and extremely insightful and accurate!!! xx

  • Circle_11400408
    On 13 March 2022

    Once again excellent reading fromLinnie.

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