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« Perfect reading abs resonated perfectly with my life currently »
  • Daisy
    On 13 March 2023

    Perfect reading abs resonated perfectly with my life currently

    Response from John P on 13 March 2023
    Thank you for your review, it was lovely to read for you, I look forward to reading for you again. Bright blessings. x
  • Circle12459128
    On 11 March 2023

    Thank you

    Response from John P on 11 March 2023
    You are welcome, it was lovely to read for you. Bright blessings. x
  • E1967
    On 06 March 2023

    Excellent reader - got right to the heart of my questions and worries!

    Response from John P on 06 March 2023
    Thank you for coming to me for a reading, it was great speaking to you, there is more we can cover another time. Bright blessings.
  • Circle11843328
    On 04 March 2023

    John is just amazing all the time spot on !

    Response from John P on 05 March 2023
    Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed the reading. Looking forward to reading for you again.
  • Circle_11175018
    On 25 February 2023

    John was absolutely honest with his reading. Really appreciated.

  • Circle_12558938
    On 23 February 2023

    My apology I hit disconnect chat by an accident. But reading was detailed!! Thank you

  • Circle_11296258
    On 14 February 2023

    Wondering reading with John, he is very insightful, picks up on situations accurately, definitely worth speaking with him. Thanks ????

  • Circle_11843328
    On 14 February 2023

    Thanks so much x

  • Circle_12238938
    On 30 January 2023

    John was very detailed and provided so much insight into my situation. I’ll be back for another reading for sure

  • Circle_12062868
    On 26 January 2023

    Consistent, informative and realistic. Thank you, John!

  • Circle_11591888
    On 16 January 2023

    Very thorough and accurate

  • Circle_12512248
    On 08 January 2023

    The reading was very descriptive and every detail resonated.

  • logans
    On 08 January 2023


  • Circle_12517858
    On 06 January 2023

    Very good, spot on and detailed

  • Circle_12547098
    On 03 January 2023


  • Circle_11267038
    On 30 December 2022

    Answers with truth and sincerity and professionalism. I loved John’s delivery and responds with a warm hearted nature to all questions. You have been fantastic and have soothed any worries and insecurities I had. J

  • logans
    On 27 December 2022


  • mariTob
    On 17 December 2022

    He said the wrong gender and didn't have much information to the questions which was asked

  • Circle_11312428
    On 09 December 2022

    As above

  • Circle_12214318
    On 07 December 2022

    Fast response and lots of information

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