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Client reviews (985)

« Very good reader »
  • Jinu
    On 29 September 2023

    Very good reader

  • Circle11752898
    On 24 September 2023

    Thank you as always John for the clarity given. Always to the point and always correct.

  • Amanda
    On 11 September 2023


  • Circle11156478
    On 16 August 2023


  • Cat
    On 31 July 2023


  • Danni
    On 27 July 2023

    Answered alot of questions

  • Susie
    On 26 July 2023

    Very good reading x

  • Zainab
    On 24 July 2023

    The reading was different form the others, he didn’t tell me exactly what to do but just encouraged me to follow my heart which is nice to hear aswell. He’s very detailed in his response I’m hoping his prediction comes true

  • CP
    On 22 July 2023

    A great reader. Tunes in fast and is always accurate.

  • Ishtar
    On 18 July 2023

    Amazing reading! John is very very good and love the reading

  • Circle11621158
    On 09 July 2023

    Honest, open & genuine, thanks so much John

  • Circle11194678
    On 06 July 2023

    I have had chat readings for years with John and value his wisdom greatly but the readings on the new website / platform seems slower than the old website , with more delay in getting responses and also more cut-outs / disruptions which break the flow. (Seems to be a problem with the technology)

  • J1996
    On 04 July 2023

    It was my first reading with him and he was amazing awww

  • Circle12223848
    On 30 June 2023

    John is amazing. He truly has a gift. He has helped me so much with the clarity I needed.

  • Circle11312428
    On 25 June 2023

    John is greatand intuitive, my only concern is that he takes very very long to type and talks in a bit of an abstract manner unless you probe for a specific answer.

  • Circle11132578
    On 20 June 2023

    Very thorough in responses. Would call again

  • Circle11362068v
    On 15 June 2023

    Very good connection - let’s see! Julia x

  • Momo
    On 08 June 2023

    John is a good solid reader.

  • Sara
    On 28 May 2023

    Love john

  • Sarah
    On 23 May 2023

    Very good reader

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