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« I loved my reading! If you’re looking for insight or guidance, you’re gonna get it and then some! »
  • Circle_11905438
    On 23 February 2023

    I loved my reading! If you’re looking for insight or guidance, you’re gonna get it and then some!

  • Circle_11175018
    On 11 February 2023

    Very quick and to the point. Absolutely amazing. Thank you Jo.

  • circle_11194828
    On 28 January 2023


  • Circle_12482478
    On 31 December 2022

    Really good spot on with everything. I come away from this feeling so much better and it was so honest. Jo was definitely born with a gift x

  • carolinepark
    On 18 November 2022

    Honest, fast and accurate. Does not pry with questions, just reads it as she sees it.

  • Circle_11584268
    On 25 October 2022

    Not only is Jo lovely, she is gentle and kind. But strong! She tells the truth. Whatever that is and it is what makes her such an amazing psychic. I had a fabulous reading with her tonight and I highly recommend her. Thank you Jo.

  • Circle_11584268
    On 08 October 2022

    Had a readin g with Jo tonight and she was so right about what we spoke about. Gentle, softly spoken and understanding. But so good at what she does. I felt so much better after to speaking to her. Do have a reading. I can highly recommend her

  • Circle_11414778
    On 24 August 2022

    great reading with jo and lots of info and help regarding my matter .She tuned in straight away and gave me lots of encouragement .Thank you so much xxx

  • Circle_12341028
    On 18 August 2022

    Really amazing reader

  • Circle_12367788
    On 13 July 2022

    Not to sure what to think about the reading .. it’s my first with this reader .. for an answer but felt confused ????… maybe I will try again next time … thank you

  • Circle_11612018
    On 06 July 2022

    thanks Jo. hope your reading comes true! will be in touch

  • Circle_11347818
    On 29 June 2022

    Quick to type and tune in to good detail. Has a good connection to spirit. Good experience and expertise ????

  • logans
    On 05 May 2022


  • stream_1259
    On 26 April 2022

    Awesome reading. Jo was spot on with her insights and predictions. She tubed into relationships and gave an accurate portrayal of the guy in question. I was so impressed with her visions. Keep up the good work.. Best wishes and regards. Jas xx

  • stream_1259
    On 06 April 2022

    Jo tuned into my situation with ease. Spot on and very accurate. Gave good advice and was very empathetic. Keep up the good work Jo. Best wishes Jas xx

  • Circle_11860148
    On 27 March 2022

    Brilliant reading with Jo! So accurate and detailed x

  • Circle_12425938
    On 03 March 2022

    Answered all my questions quickly and honestly. Thank you

  • Circle_12341028
    On 26 February 2022

    So amazing

  • louise321
    On 21 February 2022

    A good insightful reading

  • logans
    On 18 January 2022


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