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« Absolute pleasure speaking to Jera. His insights into my life were so true. Remarkable. Thoroughly recommend  »
  • Rey28
    On 20 March 2023

    Absolute pleasure speaking to Jera. His insights into my life were so true. Remarkable. Thoroughly recommend

  • Circle11466898
    On 21 March 2023

    Brilliant reading,shocking what the future holds as it’s Life Changing! In my Dreams !Jera is so accurate about POI .He immediately tuned in ,very insightful.Pity we got cut off in the middle and phone line was cutting out after but got the messages Loud and Clear .

  • Circle12414978
    On 17 March 2023

    Sorry I don’t know what happened but I got cut off, but thank you for your guidance as always.

  • Pallavi
    On 10 March 2023

    It’s always so so so wonderful speaking to Jera! His readings are incredibly accurate and tuned in, and his guidance is always given so gently and kindly. HIGHLY recommend!

  • Circle11996718
    On 09 March 2023

    Thank you so much, my reading ended without me being able to say goodbye and thank you. You have really helped me separate and understand my thoughts. You were spot on throughout with my situation and I can’t wait to see the predictions appear throughout the year.

  • Circle_11584268
    On 01 February 2023

    Jera is my go to reader now. He is incredibly talented and always helps me whatever the situation. He is also very intelligent and we work through together whatever the problems are. I highly recommend him

  • dfchang
    On 26 January 2023

    Great talking to Jera always connects immediately.

  • anitamo8
    On 27 December 2022

    Enjoy Jera’s readings and his ability to predict the outcomes years before it even happens . Look forward to the next set of predictions.

  • mejuli
    On 17 December 2022

    I had not spoken to Jera for over a year and, as always, he remembered me straightaway and went into the reading with such accuracy. I have spoken to him over many years and he is consistent and has given me hope when I found life difficult. Everything has happened as he forecast. His insight is incredible. He has such a gift and The Circle are lucky to have him.

  • MarieLo
    On 11 December 2022

    I have been speaking to Jera over many years and a lot recently as I suffered a massive loss in my life. From the onset, Jera's soothing voice relaxes you. he then proceeds to update you with everything past, present and future in your life. No need to say anything. Pure talent. Merci Jera. Always. Mxx

  • Circle_11584268
    On 03 December 2022

    I had another reading with Jera tonight. He is just so insightful and reads the situation in a very kind way, so well. I highly recommend him.

  • Circle_11584268
    On 22 November 2022

    Just had another reading with Jera. He is so understanding and feels what I feel. WE do not always agree but we do not need to. He always calms me. He is so talented. Do have a reading with him. You will not regret it.

  • Circle_11344188
    On 17 November 2022

    Utterly Wow!!! Jera got everything bang on and it flowed beautifully as alway. I was in a cloudy state and now I can see what's happening!!! Picked up on the past, present and future. Confirmed my thoughts on the present situation, calmed my thoughts and reassured me massively. I can't Thank you enough, i really cant!! Thank you and take care !!!

  • Circle_12536448
    On 16 November 2022

    A great reading, it answered all my questions and made so much sense. Thank you

  • Circle_11584268
    On 11 November 2022

    Although we discuss serious subjects, Jera is a joy. He is warm and caring. Very empathic but states his point. He is extremely skilled. I highly recommend him.

  • Circle_12446138
    On 25 October 2022

    Despite the 10-year gap, Jera, you have been a palpable pleasure to speak with this morning. Wonderful to hear your beautiful voice. Completely accurate reading. Thank you. Rob

  • Circle_12521828
    On 11 October 2022

    Really good reading. Great advice, just made me feel better in General, certianly hit all the ponits without asking me all background questions first. I would recomend Jera.

  • Circle_11249868
    On 09 October 2022

    A very special human. I didn’t say anything about my situation, he picked up on it and hit the mail on the head. I want to thank you again as I was lost, losing faith , exhausted and sad. You gave me hope, probably saved me actually, thank you Jera, may God bless you for all of your days for what you did for me today. Will call again

  • Circle_12406858
    On 26 September 2022

    Jera is INCREDIBLE!!!!! This is the second time I have spoken to Jera, and Ifound him to be remarkable. He answered all my questions with ease, plus he tries to go into detail to give you a better understanding of what is going on. I would highly recommend that if you have the opportunity to speak to him give him a call.

  • dfchang
    On 22 September 2022

    I first started my journey with Jera from 2006/07 and everything he said would happen has always happened. A very gentle spirited and kind person. I've been privileged to have had his counsel for all these years.

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