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« It is always a joy speaking to Jamie, he has a really good way of explaining the situation and puts you at ease. Thank you Jamie ???? »
  • Circle11983418
    On 21 March 2023

    It is always a joy speaking to Jamie, he has a really good way of explaining the situation and puts you at ease. Thank you Jamie ????

  • Amanda78
    On 15 March 2023

    Thank you for lovely reading and reassurance. It was great talking to you.

    Response from Jamie on 15 March 2023
    You are very welcome, Good Sister! Light and Blessings and I have faith from what came through that there is so much to fight for. Blessings always!
  • Circle12519318
    On 15 March 2023

    Always so helpful and accurate thank you so much!

    Response from Jamie on 15 March 2023
    Thank you so much, Good Sister! I affirm that what we discuss and looked into comes to fruition according to your desires. Light and Blessings!
  • Circle12414978
    On 16 March 2023

    Thank you Jamie for your kindness and honesty as always..always someone I can count on and a great spiritual and gifted reader.kaz.

    Response from Jamie on 20 March 2023
    You are very welcome! Light and continued blessings to you!
  • Mas
    On 12 March 2023

    Ive had readings with Jamie for so many years. We all look for someone who is real and truthful. Jamie is all the above. Jamie has been on a journey with me and may I say everything he said does happen. He truly has the gift. Jamie is the best . Jamie thank you from my heart xxx

    Response from Jamie on 13 March 2023
    Light and Many Blessings to you Good Sister. It's been a blessing to be on this journey with you and we affirm that your dreams will come to pass. Love and Light to you, Always!
  • Jetfuel27
    On 07 March 2023

    Amazing reading, got cut if due to my bad Internet. Accurate as always

    Response from Jamie on 08 March 2023
    Thank you so much Jefuel! It was a blessing to be connected to you again, and I affirm light and success in the areas we looked into!
  • Circle12530918
    On 07 March 2023

    I have had many reading with jamie. His first prediction came to pass as my POI reached out . He has been helping me. Hopefully he is right this time as well. He is mind-blowingly accurate with things, you couldn't have guessed. Highly recommend him ?

    Response from Jamie on 08 March 2023
    Thank you so much Blessed One! Light and Blessings to you and we affirm that everything will materialize along the path of your desire/ Stay Blessed!
  • stream_1259
    On 27 January 2023

    Jamie is an incredible psychic. Kind. Warm and has a good sense of humour! He was able to help me find the light at the end of the tunnel giving me reassurance and helping me feel empowered for the future regading relationships and the POI. I wanted to walk away from the situation as there's been no communication for over 8 months! He's kind, emphaphetic and has an amazing gift! Keep up the amazing work. Jay ????

    Response from Jamie on 06 March 2023
    Thank you, Stream1259 for your blessed and wonderful feedback, may all of your hopes in these areas materialize for the highest good! Light and Blessings to you!
  • Circle_11189888
    On 20 January 2023

    Jamie is always very positive and sensitive All his predictions have come true! I highly recommend his very honest and caring readings! Love&light Jxx????????

    Response from Jamie on 06 March 2023
    Thank you so much! Light and blessings to you and may all of your hopes in these areas continue to manifest! Light and blessings to you!
  • spookychic
    On 20 January 2023

    Jamie is an excellent reader, honest & caring. Have had many reagings with him over the years & have found him to be extremely accurate with his predictions & timings x

    Response from Jamie on 08 March 2023
    Thank you so much Spookychic! it is always a blessing to be connected to you. It is an honor to read for you and I wish you light and blessings in every area, including the ones we read over.
  • logans
    On 19 January 2023

    Excellent and honest reading . I'll definately be back

  • Circle_12550858
    On 17 January 2023

    She is awesome the best as they come

  • Circle_11973418
    On 15 December 2022

    I always love my readings with Jamie. He always gives a lot of detail, insight and honest readings. He’s always kind in his manner and I feel the care from him

  • MarieLo
    On 11 December 2022

    Sorry it took me a while to leave this review. This last reading tuned into mediumship. and OMG. the validations, the connections were indeed- out of this world. I loved my reading with Jamie which confirmed and proved many beliefs . Soothing, we spent over an hour as I wanted to hear more on that incredibly deep subject and to connect further. Thank you a million times. You are very very tuned in and talented psychic and medium Jamie. Wowwww. Speak soon, Mxx

  • Vidhia
    On 09 December 2022

    Jamie has been reading for me for a while now, he is brilliant at delving into the issue and providing as much detail as he can. He delivers messages kindly and with a sense of humor. Thanks for your guidance Jamie!

  • jill1251
    On 08 December 2022

    Thanks Jamie????

  • Circle_12530918
    On 30 November 2022

    Jamie is amazing. Highly specific and best so far. Always on point. He is the best. He gets into the details which will match your real life so fast.

  • Circle_12164028
    On 23 November 2022

    Exceller and spot on insights about my current situation- relevant visions and explanations with lots of information to reassure me and help me through this tough time. A wonderful person to boot! Thanks Jamie ????????

  • Circle_11983418
    On 21 November 2022

    Jamie is always on point with his readings and has never changed what he has always said to me but he always does it with a in-depth description which always gives me clarity

  • Circle_11222948
    On 21 November 2022

    Thank you for being a spiritual soul.

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