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« Nice first reading, hope the predictions come true »
  • Circle11377198
    On 01 October 2023

    Nice first reading, hope the predictions come true

  • Jinu
    On 28 September 2023


  • Juliaw
    On 17 September 2023

    James is a wonderful reader & a gentleman, plus a ‘gentle man ‘let’s see what transpires. Give him a call.? Julia xx

  • Nadine
    On 12 September 2023

    Thanku for giving me hope

  • Circle11332308
    On 11 September 2023

    Thanks James fingers crossed for the predictions Nice chap

  • Atipghosh
    On 05 September 2023

    James is always a delight to be read by him. A++++

  • Circle12362978
    On 30 August 2023

    Very helpful and kind words.

  • H1992
    On 23 August 2023

    James is a very fast communicator on chat and always stays true to the point and doesn't waffle on. I know i need to believe in myself and have faith that things will truly turn out in the way that i really want, deep down. James always knows how i am really feeling even i do say or think otherwise, lol. And i do still hope and pray that the guy in question will eventually come forward like predicted , even though now it seems not possible. I'm really going to try to trust the process and let things unfold naturally and in the meantime whilst waiting enjoy my life to the fullest without holding back. Thank you for being there for me and hope to come to you soon with the news I've been long awaiting for.

  • Stream823
    On 14 August 2023

    Excellent caring reading from James. Very accurate and helpful.

  • Circle11843328
    On 13 August 2023

    Excellent reading , Thanks a lot James , you left me super hopeful and with trust on the path

  • Stream566
    On 11 August 2023

    James tuned v quickly into my situation and was able to give me v accurate info from his spirit guides as well as future predictions. He is v honest and caring in his manner and i would recommend him to anyone looking for an outstanding psychic medium who is v genuine.

  • Juliaw
    On 10 August 2023

    James is a great reader! So reassuring. He was right earlier on in the year about something! Let’s hope he is this time. He is very empathetic & connected. Give him a call. Julia x

  • Bobby
    On 08 August 2023

    As always James is an awesome reader and straight to the point. Well recommended A+++++

  • Lc
    On 03 August 2023

    Kind and compassionate and very helpful reading

  • Circle11147298
    On 02 August 2023

    clear and concise

  • Circle12472078
    On 29 July 2023

    James is a great reader who made some strong predictions :)

  • Dino2874
    On 28 July 2023

    James is always a please to speak with, he is defiantly one of my favors, with great insight.

  • Atipghosh
    On 27 July 2023

    Lovely predictions and very reassuring. Would recommend ?

  • Circle11921938
    On 27 July 2023

    Highly accurate as usual ❤️

  • Circle11414778
    On 17 July 2023

    Excellent reading by James .I love going to him and he is such a gifted guy who have an amazing gift and I always get clarity .I will be back .I highly recommend this reader

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